Andreas (Manufacturing Process Engineer, Vicor Corporation) - "Looks great! Thank you."

Sal (Project Architect, Core States Group) - "Thank you for this. Overall I am very pleased! This is exactly the type of resume change I was hoping for. Thank you."

Cathy (Merchandiser, Spar Merchandising) - "Thank you so much for the resume and cover letter, everything looks great. Thanks again."

Heidi (Category Manager of Powersports Products, Land 'N' Sea Distributing) - "Hi Matt, Wow...this looks great. Thanks."

Siddharth (Procurement Manager of Energy and Utilities, Bayer US) - "Hi Matt - I just read my resume thoroughly and your choice of words and sentence is impressive."

Melania (Revenue Manager/Sales & Event Manager, Mirage Fashion Hotel) - "Wow…to be honest…I wasn’t expecting this to be so good :)) Absolutely love it!! Thank you!!"

Robert (Territory Manager, Praxair Distribution) - "Looks awesome!! Thank you!!"

Louis (Instructional Systems Design Manager, Cubic Corporation) - "Looks great! Thanks again."

Tammy (Integrative Behavioral Health Life Coach, Ellis Coaching & Consulting) - "Hey Matt, Thank you!! Can you create a 2nd resume and cover letter? I liked these so much! Thanks!"

Tiffany (Sr. In House CRA/Site Manager, Syneos Health) - "Thank you."

Melissa (HR Administrative Assistant, Key Benefit Administrators) - "WOW!!! The company I am currently work for always talk about wow customer service. I think you did just that. I’m blown away by the cover letter and resume you put together for me. At a glance it’s way better than I could have done alone and for that! THANK YOU!"

BJ (Events Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod) - "Thanks for your efforts to make me look amazing!"

Cody (Aspiring Luxury Assisted Living Management Professional) - "Looks great!"

Ali (A/V and Web Development Executive, Mavi Creative) - "Thank you so much for the resume. I think it is great. You did a much better job than I did in the original. "

Patricia (Clinic Manager, University of North Carolina Hospitals) - "Everything looks great. Thank you."

Darwin (Operating System Administration Lead, Emory College) - "Thank you for the awesome resume. I got an interview with the company I applied for."

Whitney (Dental Hygiene Coordinator/Front Desk Receptionist, Center for Periodontics & Implant Dentistry) - "What a great job! Im very happy with these & I do not see anything that I really think needs revising. Thank you!"

Mia (Project Manager, Fulton County/Veterans Home Service) - "They look great! I am hopeful that they will help me to transition back into a corporate role. Thank you."

Bianca (Nuclear Leadership & Organizational Development Associate Instructor, Duke Energy) - "Looks great."

Chris (Technical Solutions Specialist, BoomTown) - "Matt, these are amazing!!! Thank you so much! Thanks again Matt!"

Jefferson (Technical Support Analyst II, Jackson Thornton) - "Thank you so much, everything looks awesome. Wow was the first thing that came to mind while reviewing everything."

Cole (Sales Manager, Fabtech Solutions LLC ) - "Thank you very much for the documents. They look great. I was excited for the cover letter. That will be a great addition to submit with a resume. Thanks again and have a great week."

David (Owner/CEO, USA Smart Buy, LLC) - "Looks good."

Kaitlyn (Community Relations Assistant, Madison County Sheriff’s Office) - " I read through both documents and they look great! I could not have asked for a better product. Thank you so much for your hard work, I appreciate it very much and will not be needing any revisions. Please let me know if there is a place to give positive feedback about your services! Have a wonderful day!"

Renee (Corporate Accounting Assistant Manager, HIG Capital) - "These look great! Thank you so much! Really amazing job!"

Deborah (Director, Nursing & Patient Care Services Diversity Program, Massachusetts General Hospital) - "This document looks wonderful! I’m impressed with myself now 😊 Thank you so much for being prompt with this."

John (Federal Contracts Manager/Project Manager, Howard Technology Solutions) - "Everything looks great. Thanks so much!"

Cindy (Office Manager, J.A. Keston Law, PLLC) - "These resumes make me sound awesome! Thank you for everything."

Josh (Process Development Manager, Humacyte) - "Thanks again for the help. Let me know if I can provide a reference for your excellent work."

Victoria (Contract Trademark Researcher/Museum Curator, Corsearch, Inc.) - "Thanks for your prompt turnaround. I think the resume and cover letter look fantastic! You did a great job. Many thanks!"

Rick (Vice President – Global Corporate Card Project Lead, Citibank Shared Services) - "Matt – Dude…I am humbled by your artistry. Unbelievable. Thank you Soooooo Much!!!! Thanks again."

Jordan (Marketing Manager/Office Manager, Thrivent Financial) - "This looks amazing! I am beyond thankful for your expedited service."

Dennis (General Manager, Republic Services) - "Matt, this looks awesome and exactly what I was looking for. I greatly appreciate the final product and quick return."

Patricia (Store Manager, Burlington) - "It looks really good. Thanks."

Clayton (Early Career Wealth & Asset Management Professional) - "I think it looks really great. I really think the new resume will greatly improve my chances of getting hired. Thanks."

Scott (Southeastern Regional Vice President of Facilities Services, Aramark) - "These look good. Thanks!"

John (District Manager of South Carolina & Georgia, Staples) - "Thanks Matt, it looks great! Thank You."

Meredith (Director, Educational Technology & Desktop Services, Fashion Institute of Technology - SUNY) - "Thank you! Great job. Many thanks!"

Katherine (Staff RN, Medical-Surgical/Telemetry Units, Kendall Regional Medical Center ) - "Thank you for assistance and the creation of the documents. Thanks again for your help."

Valencia (Communications & Social Media Specialist, Paramount Hospitality Management) - "That was so fast! Thank you so much I’ll definitely look it over. I’ve already referred you to a few people who were really impressed with your process and what you’ve done with my resume so hopefully they reach out to you soon. Thanks for your time."

Julia (Multi-Unit Director of Operations, Pubbelly Sushi Group) - "Everything looks great and thank you so very much!"

Simon (Staff Accountant, Triangle Accounting) - "I have reviewed the documents you sent me and I think the resume and cover letter are both great."

Melanie (Director of Digital Marketing, Movement Mortgage) - "Thanks Matt. These look great! Much appreciated. Truly appreciate what you've put together for me here."

Austin (Mechanical Engineer/Production Engineer, Miura America Company, LTD) - "Hi Matt. I just wanted to let you know that I have recommended your services to my cousin and have given him your information. Also, since I had your help to revamp my resume I have found another job. You are amazing! I have been recommending you to lots of people in need services like yours. Thank you, again."

Laura (Environmental Safety Specialist, Moses Cone Health System) - "Things look great! Thank you so much…looks fantastic. I am very happy to give you high Kudos! I have already received an unexpected job offer. They praised my resume... Thank you!!"

Jared (Early Career IT Help Desk Agent/Technician & A+ Certified) - "Thanks. It looks great!"

Matt (Marketing & Advertising Consultant, Mumpower Marketing) - "Thank you!"

Thomas (Enterprise Technical Support, Spectrum) - "Looks great! Thank you."

Georgia (Administrator/RN, Comforcare) - "Thank you so much!! I appreciate your efforts more than you know!"

Joe (Data Engineer/Cloud Architect/IT Manager, The Baldwin Group) - "Thank you for the resume/cover letter. Thanks."

JB (Sniper SME/Heavy Weapons Instructor, Metis Solutions, LLC) - "Thank you I will give it a look over, by glance it looks great. Much better than I prepared in the past. That is why you do what you do and the job I do. Professional in trade skill set."

Jennifer (UNCW Auxiliary Parking/Parking Enforcement, Lanier Parking, University of North Carolina at Wilmington) - "Great news!!I I want to thank you again for all your help!!! Got the job!!!! Thank you!"

Nelly (Branch Manager/Environmental Scientist, LandScience, Inc.) - "It looks great! Thanks for your help. Hopefully in the near future I'll be needing a writer for a letter of resignation 😁"

Candace (Remote Case Manager of the Case Management Resource Center/Utilization Review Nurse, Glendale Adventist Medical Center) - "This looks great. Thank you."

Chiyoko (Payroll Specialist, Peninsula Family Service) - "Thank you! Looks good I have never looked better, thanks again."

Jeremy (Field Supervisor/Rapid Service Manager/Hydraulic Fracturing Consultant/Completions Consultant | Pumpco Energy Services) - "Fantastic work! I look forward to recommending that people utilize your talents."

Jasmine (Financial Service Officer II, State Employee Credit Union) - "Perfect, great resume work. Thank you!"

Keisha (Early College Coordinator & Liaison, University of North Carolina at Wilmington) - "Everything looks great! You really captured what I was looking to say."

Nicholas (Armed Security Officer, Boeing) - "The cover letter and resume looks good!!"

Catalin (Sales Manager, Warren !mpact Graphics) - "Very good morning Matt. Everything looks amazing, thank you so much for your assistance. Was a real pleasure to work with you and definitely I will recommend your services to everyone."

Javier (Warehouse Operations, Target Distribution Center) - "Everything looks great! Thank you so much!"

Saika (Senior HR Specialist, Sheltair Aviation) - "Thank you! It looks great!"

Paul (Director of Cost Accounting, Health First, Inc.) - "I love the resume and cover letter because they add the personal touch and human interest factor that my basic list of jobs and duties didn’t convey. Thanks again and I am very happy that I sought this essential service from you."

Darryl (Vice President of Global Technology Solutions, GA Telesis) - "This is fantastic, you have definitely mastered the art of writing and humbled that I had the opportunity for you to grace my personal brand! Again thank you for your incredible service!"

Jennifer (Executive Administration, Global Wealth Management) - "This looks great! Thanks!"

Chris (Senior Enterprise Cloud Consulting Architect, IBM) - "Thanks for sending! I think this looks pretty good. I like the changes in content. They certainly are something to grab attention."

Vince (Early Career Financial Analyst) - "You did an excellent job! I had high expectations going in but you definitely exceeded them. Both documents go far beyond anything I could have put together, and for that I greatly thank you. Overall I think you nailed it! It almost perfectly reflects me, which I am very pleased about. Thanks again!"

Patrick (Program Manager/Project Manager, Systems Applications and Solutions, LLC) - "Wow Matt, great work! I'm very happy with the documents, thank you for helping me with this."

Rita (Associate Attorney, Lane, Reese & Summers) - "Thanks for the quick turnaround. Thanks for your help and for getting this back to me so quickly."

Schephatia (Certified Nursing Assistant, Cambridge Hospital) - "Thank you!! I appreciate it"

Jeremy (Quality Manager, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin) - "My main focus was a nice format for the resume and a jumping off point for the cover letter which you provided. Thank you so much."

Kevin (Production Coordinator, Southwest Offset Printing) - "This is really good and very professional. I don't feel it oversells me either as it is all stuff I've done or am super familiar with. Just what I was looking for. Thanks again for your help."

Dennis (Tracs Operations Manager, Snider Fleet Solutions) - "The resume looks great. Thank you for taking the time to work on this for me sir."

Elvira (Compliance Analyst, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) - "Thank you for the attached they look great."

Mike (Senior Operations Analyst – Equities, Merrill Lynch ) - "Everything looks great. Thank you for the quick turn around time! I am very impressed with the professionalism and the format of the resume, also the cover letter really sells my experience. I agree, removing PeopleFluent and NGA from my employment history was the right move. The 3 positions on there have made the biggest impact on my career so far and I am happy you recognized it.All of the skill sets listed and key contributions are excellent. I am very happy with this result.Thank you so much for everything, I can’t wait to continue my job search with this version!"

Andrew (Gift Planning Officer, Oxfam America, Inc.) - "I'm impressed with your writing style. Thanks!"

Alan (Team Lead-Onboarding and Integration, Contact At Once!, A LivePerson Company) - "Both of these look amazing!!! Way better than mine (or anything I could've put together). They both look great. Thanks for the super-fast service and I'll let you know how they do!"

Dixie (Owner/Operator, Salon and Spa) - "Wowzy wow wow! Very impressive!"

Rebeca (Legal Analyst, Eck, Collins & Richardson) - "Thank you very much for your work! I loved it!! Thanks for everything!"

Michael (Kitchen Designer, Bluebell Kitchen) - "Everything looks good. Thanks!"

Joseph (Senior International New Editor, CNN) - "Looks good! The documents are great. Thank you."

Mia (Aviation Management Professional/Private Pilot, Miami International Airport) - "Everything looks great! Thank you."

Javier (Regional Marketing Manager, Hilton Corporation) - "Looks great! Ready for LinkedIn! Thanks Matt!"

Nelson (Independent Distributor of Orthopedic Devices, Portspine/NRL Medical) - "Looks good! Resume looks great. Much appreciated."

Karthik (Early Career Full Stack Developer/Web Developer/Front End Developer, ATI Specialty Materials) - "Thanks for such a great work. I like how my new resume looks. Appreciate your help."

Brian (Reviewer/Approver, Bank of America) - "Everything looks great and thanks for the quick turnaround."

Katie (Area Manager/General Manager/Restaurateur, Chipotle Mexican Grill) - "I just read through everything and it looks great! Thank you for getting back so quickly. Again, thank you for your time.

Caylin (Nurse/Staff Nurse of Emergency Department, US Navy) - "I love what you did."

Todd (Organ Recovery Coordinator, Southwest Transplant Alliance) - "Everything looks good in these revisions. Thanks Matt!"

Eva (Technical Software Support Engineer, Qlik) - "Thanks so much! I really appreciate the time and energy you put into this for me. Thanks so much again!"

Jason (Community Banking District Manager, Wells Fargo Bank) - "Looks good."

Ryan (Senior Diabetes Care Specialist, Novo Nordisk ) - "Thank you very much. Those look amazing and I am confident they will help move me forward into the sales role I am seeking. I love your wording and everything looks so much better and easier to follow than the way I had it. I think we are good to go as far as I am concerned."

Julian (Director of Materials Management, The University of North Carolina System) - "Everything looks great. Thank you!"

Scott (Traffic Control Journeyman, Capitol Barricade) - "I read over the draft you sent me and it looks really good. Thank you!"

Andrew (Early Career Software Engineering Professional) - "Thank you Matt! I have received the documents. They look great. I have read through the resume now and it looks great. Again, thank you for your time and the additional review!"

Asmaa (Senior Public Relations Specialist, WSP) - "Thank you so much for the documents. I really like the resume a lot. It captures all my experience and it is very neat too. Thank you also for the cover letter. I think it has some great elements. Thanks again."

Chelsea (Social Media and Online Sales Specialist, Web-Don) - "Excuse my french but these look badass. The bio screams me! The cover letter is amazing too."

Matt (Sales and Operations Manager, OTRS) - "These look great, thank you very much for your help."

Afua (AcariaHealth) - "I really love what you have done with the resume and the cover letter. Thanks for your help."

Alyse (Federal Contractor, Department of Defense/Director of Operations & Programs, Massachusetts 9/11 Fund) - "You make me sound very important and this looks really good!!!!"

Marvin (Sustaining Software Engineer/Fast Impact Team Lead, Gilbarco Veeder-Root) - "This really looks good. I'm very impressed! Thank you."

David (Director of Software Engineering, Sears Home Improvement) - "Thanks for the resume. It looks great. Thanks."

Nabeel (Final Process Technician, Federal Mogul Powertrain & Photographer/Videographer, NFJ Photography) - "Thank you so much it looks perfect. I appreciate you so much."

Jili (Teaching Assistant/Marketing Specialist/Media Production Assistant, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) - "Everything looks good. Thanks a lot."

Laurie (Medical Delegate/Pediatric Nutrition, Nestle Nutrition Corporation) - "Thank you, for the cover letter and resume. It looks great. I feel you have capture my skills, experience and future career direction."

Gloria (Bilingual Human Services Clinician/MSW/LCSW, Daymark Recovery Services / Youth Development Volunteer, PeaceCorps) - "I think it looks good! The first part on the resume actually made me cry a little because I feel like that's me in a nutshell. You captured it so perfectly without ever having met me...Thank you!"

Pamela (Operations Manager, Modern Industries Heat Treat Division) - "This actually looks really good. On first and second glance, I do not see anything that I would think needs changed. I, again, appreciate the help!"

Rebecca (Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor, Los Angeles Unified School District) - "Both the resume and the cover letter look phenomenal."

Jeff (Senior Operations Manager, Ameriasourcebergen) - "Love it, awesome job!! Very clean and on point."

Adrian (HQ Buyer/Procurement Manager, Millicom) - "Very nice."

Lori (General Manager, Charlestowne Hotels) - "Thank you for all your hard work! Thank you."

Allen (Assistant Superintendent, Tx-Morrow Construction Inc.) - "You have out done yourself. These look fantastic! Thank you again for your time. Can’t wait to send these out!"

Catherine (Team Leader NCO/NCOIC, US Army) - "The resume is wonderful. I love it! I love how the resume is actually me and stuff that I really did. It really made me feel like I can and deserve to hold a senior position in the civilian sector. I really was second guessing myself especially with the resume I had. I actually had help with that one too lol. I am looking forward to my new career and this resume will help me achieve it. Thank you so much."

Christonna (SQL Developer, Delta Airlines) - "Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my resume earlier this year. As a result of that re-write, I secured a new role with an increase of $20,000 annually."

Tommy (CHB Manager/National Trainer, Kuehne and Nagel) - "Well done Matthew! Thanks."

Luigi (Sales Manager, Village Auto Group) - "It looks great. It looks awesome! Matt that is more than I expected, you nailed it. Thank you."

Ashley (Business Development Manager of Southeast Region, National Medication Management) - "Those look great! I really appreciate you updating my resume! Thank you!"

Kevin (Director of Clinical Systems Transformation, Cerner Healthcare) - "Nice Job! Thank you."

Elena (Biobank & Research Program Manager, UT Southwestern Medical Center) - "I think it’s excellent."

Dwayne (Manager of Client Technology Services, Emory University) - "Thanks for the doc. Looks good. Thank you!"

Clare (Accountant, BCBSSC) - "Both look good."

Milijana (Recruiter Specialist, Culturalink) - "I really like the resume and cover letter."

Kim (VP/Senior Manager of Business Information Resource Group, American Funds Service Company) - "Thanks so much for getting these documents to me before the deadline. The resume and cover letter look great!"

Courtney (Institutional Consultant - Administrator Telephone Center, TIAA-CREF) - "I like it!!!"

Adam (General Manager, Guess?) - "The resume/cover letter look great, thank you very much. Thank you again for your help."

Nick (Risk Manger/House Manager, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity) - "Just finished looking it over. It looks great and really professional. I’m quite happy with it. Thanks a million."

Christopher (Multi-unit Leader/Store Director, Love's Travel Stops) - "Thank you for getting this back to me so quickly. Thank you again."

Sagan (Learning and Development Specialist I, Delta Community Credit Union) - "This looks great! Thank you."

Danielle (Government Audit Contractor Program Manager, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System) - "Thank you so much for completing this so quickly! Thanks again for your help - it is greatly appreciated!!"

Nancy (Business Process Lead of Planning, Procurement & Product Development, PPG Industries) - "Thank you a lot for the big effort! Thank you so much!"

Hayalsu (Communication Manager/Apple Music Writer and Coordinator, Dakni Productions) - "Thank you for the delivery, it looks great! :) Thank you so much."

Laura (Director of Store Operations, Micheal Kors) - "The resume looks almost perfect. Thank you once again for all your time and help!"

Justin (Regulatory Technical Lead, Duke Health Technology Solutions) - "Thanks Matt! Looks great. Appreciate your hard work!"

Grant (Chief Operating Officer, EMS Consultants) - "Good afternoon!  I trust that you are doing well.  In response to your resume and cover letter, I am pleased with the product.  I might have a few other folks to send your way in the next few weeks."

Andrea (Courtroom Clerk II, Clark County 8th Judicial District Court) - "I've reviewed the documents. They look great. Truly appreciate it."

Jen (Major Account Manager of Strategic Solutions, Verizon Wireless) - "Looks good, Matt!"

Devon (Lead Lineman & Wireless Technician, VCI Construction LLC) – “Thank you, it looks amazing!”

Christopher (Associate Director of Global Platform Services/Principal Data Center and Virtualization Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions) - "Thanks for the work on the resume, looks great and I am extremely pleased."

Tim (Emergency Technician, Wake County NC – Department of Emergency Medical Services) - "Everything looks great."

Eric (Director of Marketing and Communications, Compass Management & Consulting) - "Thank you Matt. These look terrific."

Alexander (Purchasing Agent, OEM Connect) - "Thank you for the help and the changes. It looks great, I can definitely see the places where I needed to add or retract and I think this is a good tool to learn from, as well as an asset for job opportunities. I really appreciate the work you do and will look forward to implementing this in my current situation. Thanks again."

Christina (Scheduling and Facility Coordinator/Curriculum Scheduler, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College) - "Thanks so much!"

Shanice (Remote Course Product Development Manager II, Pearson OBL (Connections Education)) - "Thank you Matt! I won’t have time to review until Thursday but upon first glance, wow :) I would have never thought to spin my existing resume in the way you did. I’ll get back to you shortly."

David (Sales Consultant, Chesaco RV) - "Thanks for putting the resume' and letter together so quickly for me! Thanks for all of the thought you have put into this as they look great!"

Lyndsey (Sales and Marketing Manager, Modop/Veritas Digital) - "Thank you for this. I think it is good and I am pleased. It definitely is different from my primarily design based precious resume so I am hoping to see better reviews from this type. Thank you."

Nekasia (Finance IT/General Insurance, AIG) - "I love the resume and cover letter."

Lawrence (Process Improvement Project Manager, Delta Airlines) - "Thanks Matt. The resume looks good. Thanks again."

Alison (Marketing Manager, Douglas Elliman) - "Thank you!"

Patrick (Realtor, Caldwell Banker) - "Thank you Sir, everything looks great!"

Leyla (Senior Human Service Program Specialist, Florida Department of Health) - "Hi Matt and thanks for revamping my resume. It definitely received a facelift. Thanks."

Lynne (Regional Sales Manager, Johnston & Murphy) - "I love the resume! I appreciate your focus on training and development, while listing other skills that I’ve been proficient in for a long time. Thank you!"

Lesley (Graduate Assistant/Curriculum Developer, Barry University) - "Thank you so much! I absolutely love both documents! You are so talented and I am so thankful you have the gift to articulate my experiences! Again, thank you so much! I am honestly blown away by how amazing both documents are and am so happy I invested in your services! Thank you so much!"

Susan (Store Operations Manager, Sprint) - "This looks great - wow, I sound good."

Kent (Owner/Publisher, Travel Media Publishing Inc) - "Many Thanks. I think you did a great job. Many Thanks."

Bond (Total Loss Coach/Central Operations, Southeastern Grocers) - "I just wanted to let you know that I finally landed a spot. I wanted to thank you for assistance and to inquire about moving forward with potential updates. Thanks!"

Melissa (Non-Technical Project Manager, Legal Department, Fannie Mae) - "MATT! These look AWESOME! Many thanks!"

Danilo (Freelance Translator/Copywriter) - "Thank you Matt! Thanks again for the speedy service!"

Natalia (Regional Director of Operations, UST Logistical Systems) - "Thank you. Both look really good!"

Clement (Public Communications Specialist of University Temporary Services, North Carolina State University) - "Thank you so much for everything. This looks impressive."

Anna (Operations Manager, ReAuthorization Department , One Call Care Management) - "A friend of mine used Matt for resume writing last year and when I told her I was looking to update mine she pointed me to Matt. I am so glad she did! He was so easy to work with and gave me updates on his progress since I contacted him around the July 4th holiday. I’m happy to say that after sending out my new resume written by Matt I have been offered a new position in my field! Thanks again Matt!"

Dirk (Senior Service Representative/AML Specialist, LPL Financial) - "This is AWESOME! I really appreciate your time and patience throughout this process. Here's no doubt that I'll be able to secure a position with a firm in the financial services industry in the six-figure range. I'll be sure to send anyone who is interested in having their resume done your way. Additionally, let me know if there's anything that I might be able to help you with. It looks really good! I really appreciate your work on my resume."

Herbert (Registered Personal Banker II/Brokerage Associate, Wells Fargo Bank) - "Nice job Matt. You nailed it! very nice."

Jennifer (Backup Shuttle & Trolley Driver, University of North Carolina at Wilmington) - "Hello! Looks great! Omgracious!!! Fantastic!! Thank you so much!!"

Eric (Executive Director, Miller-Motte College) - "Thanks for getting back to me within your original estimated timeline. Overall, I think the cover letter and resume look great--a major upgrade over what I had previously. Again I think it looks great. Thanks again!"

Scott (Electric Power Generation Project Manager with the Carolina Tractor & Equipment) - "I got a new job. Thanks to you. I start 9/1."

Nenad (Physical and Soft Tissue Specialist/General Manager/Personal Trainer, ORTOFitness, LLC) - "Great! Thank you! It’s excellent!"

Marjorie (Operations Manager of IT/GIS, City of Ocoee) - "I can't thank you enough for your help! I so needed someone to simplify all my technical jargon. I hope you have a lovely evening! I'll let you know my progress and if I could use your help with future applications!"

Heather (Owner/Event Logistics Consultant, Mercury Direct Events, LLC) - "Thanks Matt, I like this a lot better! Really appreciate it! Thanks again."

Alfredo (Legal & Compliance Consultant, Avila Consultant & Management Group) - "Both documents look great. I have no changes to the Cover Letter. I really like the font and presentation."

Karen (Automotive Service Manager, Carmax) - "Looks great Matt, I'm excited. Thank you."

Vanessa (Intern/Researcher, New Earth B) - "I liked the documents."

Ken (Vice President of Pharmacy Contracting Services, Leesar, Inc. – Cooperative Services of Florida) - "Looks good, tells the story."

John (PR Manager/Championships Manager, PGA of America) - ""Assuming you could make it, tickets to the 101st PGA Championship at Bethpage Black next year on me… even if I leave golf, due in part, to your mad skills constructing resumes. Thanks for your efforts on this. Glad we connected."

Claudia (Office Administrator, Medina Law Group, P.A.) - "Matt, thank you very much!! That was such a quick turn around and the docs look amazing!! Sooo much better than my old one. Now lets get me that job!"  

Alex (Lead Designer, Jazwares) - "Great job! I think the resume came out awesome. I will keep your info for future needs."

Anna (Operations Manager, ReAuthorization Department, One Call Care Management) - "Hi Matt! I wanted to let you know that I sent out the resume you built for me and this week I was offered a new position! Thanks again!"

Macy (Administrator/CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Passion) - "These look great! I am so grateful for your help, thanks again!"

Jessica (Associate Director, Office of Student Affairs, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine) - "Thanks so much, these look great! Thank you!"

George (Vice President – City Program Management Council, Governance and Standards, Citigroup Technology) - "I like the documents a lot, so thanks for a job well done! Thanks."

Jodeci (ROI Customer Service Representative, FirstHealth of the Carolinas) - "Thanks so much for the speedy work! I think everything looks great and I appreciate how you were able to thoroughly able to summarize my experience all while keeping it 1 page."

Edward (Freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director, Tharp Designs) - "Overall I'm very pleased."

Aaron (Operations Support, US Air Force) - "I think it looks great. I really appreciate everything so far though man it's looking great! Thanks a lot!"

George (Systems Engineer, Verizon) - "Matt great news, I was hired by a large corporation that I wanted to work for. They said 'Once we reviewed your resume we wanted to talk to you immediately'."

Kechia (Project Manager for Professional Education Development, Allscripts) - "This looks really good. Thank you."

Bob (Associate – Product Control: Debt Securities Transaction Accounting, Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc) - "Both documents look very good, thank you and nice work. Again nice work."

Mohamed (Research Assistant/Data Scientist, Georgia State University) - "Thank you so much again for your input and help, I love the resume overall and have already started to use it."

Jeremy (Early Career HR Professional) - "Thanks for the files."

Jeannette (Senior Instructional Designer/Senior Trainer, DS Services America) - "Thank you for being prompt with the resume. I like it. Thank you."

Rob (Executive Risk Management Consultant, Sageworks) - "This looks great!"

Stedman (Enterprise Project Manager Associate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina) - "I am very pleased with the resume and cover letter. All is good Matt. Thank you!"

Veronica (Customer Experience Management Director – International Operations, General Motors Financial) - "Thank you so much for creating my resume and cover letter. I really like this. Thank you so much."

Bob (Product Owner/Business Analyst, Florida Virtual School) - "This looks excellent. Thank you."

Michael (Financial Analyst | Houlihan Lokey) - "Thanks for sending this over so quickly. I think it looks great. Thanks again for your help on this!"

Chad (Director of Communications, Vidant Health) - "Thank you for these two documents. You did an outstanding job. In fact, I had two different SVP's review. One said, 'This is one of the strongest resumes I've seen. It's packed with accomplishments.' Well done!"

Cedric (Program Manager - Business Performance, Federal Employee Program (FEP), BlueCross BlueShield) - "Great job Matt!"

Adam (VP – Environmental Health & Safety/VP of Safety, The Boeing Company) - "Thanks for working on these, I appreciate it. Thanks again."

Chad (Materials Program Manager, GE Aviation) - "Looks really good Matt! Resume and cover letter were great. Thanks."

Andrew (Business Systems Intern/Sales, Waste Pro USA) - "This is absolutely fantastic. It looks incredible. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. The cover letter is perfect! Thank you."

Krystal (Independent Consultant, It Works Global ) - "It looks amazing! I love it! Thank you so much!"

Laragh (Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Reveal Mobile) - "Everthing looks great!"  

Autumn (Primary Clinical Rater, Segal Trials) - "The resume and CV look great. I appreciate your promptness in getting these documents to me. No revisions are needed. Take care!"

Ed (District Fire Chief & Paramedic, Orlando Fire Department) - "Thanks, Matt."

Scott (Electric Power Generation Project Manager, Carolina Tractor & Equipment) - "Matt. Thanks for the great work on my resume. I have a few interviews lined up for next week. Been a long time since I went on an interview. Thanks!"

Reynande (Director of Patient and Nursing Care Services Telemetry and Observation, Jackson North Medical Center) - "Thank you for your expertise."

Bob (Product Owner/Business Analyst, Florida Virtual School) - "Excellent job! I am very happy with what you have done."

Rohin (Assistant Vice President, Product Management, Wells Fargo) - "Good Morning!! First of all, thanks for sending the documents. I went through all the send documents (except completing the book) and I must say that I liked what I saw as a result. The resume, cover letter, Thank you letter etc looked professional, well written and hopefully ATS scanning proof :) Thanks."

Vinson (General Manager/Supervisor, McDonalds) - "Thanks Matt I received documents. Everything looked great. Thanks again."

Srikar (Assistant Vice President of Software Development, Marsh Clearsight) - "This looks awesome. Thanks. Resume and Cover letter look amazing. I am very impressed. The cover letter is beautiful and accurate."

Maja (UIC-Takeda Fellowship in Health Economics and Outcomes Research Fellow) - "Hey Matt, just wanted to follow up and say I’ve made a big step in my career and one of the things that helped me was the new resume and intern letter! Thank you once again!"

Terry (Senior Processor/NC Facility Lead, Nationwide Insurance Company) - "Thank you Matt for assisting me with my resume. I’m currently with the NC Rate Bureau. Started Monday 7/30. I have a career again. Excited to be part of the family."

Jeff (Field Services Manager/Oil Industry & Oil Well Completions Professional, Pumpco Energy Services) - "I’m really liking it! I have others whom need resumes professionally written!"

Joshua (District Sales Manager, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated) - "I have reviewed it and I am very happy with it! Thank you so much for your help, I greatly appreciate it."

Heather (Production Operations Analyst, Nuance Communications) - "This is absolutely amazing!  Thank you!"

Jennifer (Regional Manager – AIAN Region XI Head Start, ICF International) - "This looks amazing, and I'm grateful. Thanks."

Randall (Regional Sales Director, Swisslog Healthcare Solutions North America) - "I like all the documents. Thank you again very much."

Jonathon (Early Career IT/Development Team, Nocte Artis Studios) - "Thank you for the quick work Matt. It looks great. Thanks again."

Katie (Consultant of Social Media Strategist & Public Outreach, Katherine L. Premo) - "What a surprise to find in my email! :) The cover letter and resume look absolutely stellar-amazing genuinely the power that you leverage in helping others find the right wording for their experience! I don’t see any revisions and therefore feel the resume can be finalized and finish the LinkedIn! Thank you genuinely for the work you’ve done! It looks so sharp!"

Gregory (Commissions Analyst, Global Payments & Owner, Rideshare) - "I posted the final draft of the resume on Monster, and less than 24 hours later I got a call from a recruiter for a position right in line for what I'm looking for. I've been recommending you guys to all my passengers when the topic comes up, and sometimes when it doesn't :D Thank you!"

David (Director - Solutions and Innovations, IIoT and Data Science Solution Owner, Hitachi Consulting) - "These look really GREAT!! As a matter of fact I really like it the more I read it. Thanks."

Jacqueline (Registrar, The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham) - "Thank you very much...I appreciate you working on this, getting it all on one page is awesome. You highlighted all the right points I wanted to parlay without being too wordy (I would've been very wordy). Again, thank you and I look forward to possibly working with you in the future."

Mark (Senior Director of Implementation Operations, Zelis Healthcare) - "FYI, what you did for me was amazing. I found a new job with about 2 weeks. I'm just letting you know that I've shared your information with 5 or so friends in the last few weeks who are looking for similar services that I had done. Thanks."

Chiant (Regional Finance & Sales Representative, Nortrax, Inc. (A John Deere Company)) - "Thank you so much! This looks great and very professional which is exactly what I needed. I am hoping this will get my resume more views so I will land interviews. Thanks again."

Kim (Director of Business and Development Services, City of Mauldin) - "The resume’s looks good. Thanks."

Dawn (User Experience (UX) Designer, FIS Global) - "The resume and cover letter look great - you are quite the wordsmith!"

Maya (Product Development Lab Technician, Ingevity) - "Thank you so much for making me sound amazing!!"

Lewis (Director of Sales - Florida, Argus Dental & Vision, Inc.) - "Thanks Matt!"

Mollie (Agency Development Director, Valassis Sales & Marketing) - "Thank you for the attached.  Everything looks great. Otherwise I think everything looks great!!"

Ana (Medical Science Liaison/Consultant, Professional Disability Associates) - "Great job on the resume! The cover letter is great too. Thank you!"

Steve (Program Director, Gwinnett CASA) - "First read looks good. Thanks."

James (Early Career Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering Professional) - "Everything looks great! Thank you."

Matthew (Partner - Property Loss Division, Potts Law Firm) - "I'm very happy with the resume. Thanks!"

Jason (3D Artist/Graphic Designer, MediaLab 3d Solutions) - "Wow, I'd hire this guy over the other idiot with the tiny resume! Thanks so much. It looks like I have actually done something with my life now. Thanks is great, I totally appreciate it."

Angel (Regional Business Development Manager, Longhorn Investments) - "Looks good. Thanks."

Robert (Senior Operations Manager of Supply Chain Optimization and Performance, Tire Centers) - "I like your work. I really appreciate your time and work on the whole resume and cover letter."

Gavin (Senior Global Logistics Manager, Wirepath Home Systems) - "This looks really good and reads well. Thank you for working on this for me and I hope the resume opens doors to the next position I am looking for. Thanks again."

Matt (Senior Innovation Consultant, TIAA) - "The resume looks great. Thanks."

Bernadette (Assistant Vice President of Compliance Management Systems Analytics, CIT) - "This looks good. Thanks."

JoAnn (Vice President, Capital Markets/Debt Products Operations, Regions Bank) - "That was amazing fast turn-around! The resume and cover letter looks amazing!!! Thanks!!"

Robert (Senior Operations Manager, Supply Chain Optimization and Performance, Tire Centers, LLC) - "Thanks Matt. Looks good."

Josh (Supervisor, DZ Atlantic) - "Everything looks good. Let's work on the LinkedIn account!"

James (Prep Chef, Battlefield Park Healthcare Center) - "Your amazing bro thanks a lot I am very pleased with this 😊"

Noel (VP of International Sales, American Eagle Trade Group, Inc.) - "I am really thankful, well impressed and appreciate your professional assistance on this matter."

Ilona (Public Relations & Cultural Affairs Manager, German Consulate General Miami) - "Thank you very much!"  

Anthony (Global Validation Technical Lead, Glaxosmithkline Consumer) - "Look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I does pay to have a pro do it! Thanks so much!"

Jacob (Store Team Leader, Target Corporation) - "Thank you for your help with the resume.  I was really impressed with the final product and pleased with the outcome.  I accept the final documents and don't see any edits that are needed.  I will definitely share your name with any of my peers that are actively looking.  Take care."

Paul (Sales Representative, Hunt Electric Supply) - "Thank you very much for taking the time to work with me. The layout looks great! Thanks."

William (Vice President of Construction, Maxon Groupe) - "The letterhead and resume looks great!!! 2 pages and straight to the point!!!"

Kimberly (Senior Instructional Designer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina) - "I've looked over both documents and I have no revisions. Thanks so much for getting this completed. I'm very pleased. Thank you!"

Tyler (Program Manager/Product & Business Development - ServiceLive, Sears Holdings Corp) - "Thanks Matt. Looks much better."

Joshua (Wealth Business Support Manager/VP, First Citizens Bank) - "I like the format and my spouse and a close HR friend loved the look/key wording too. Thanks."

Joseph (Sales Executive, J&F Liquor & Bar Supplies) - "Thank you so much I love it! You did a great job thank you very much!"  

Paul (Early Career Industrial Engineer) - "Thank you, I really like them. They look good to me!"

Maria (Paralegal, The Law Offices of Samuel J. Kaufman, P.A.) - "The resume and cover letter you created look terrific.  All the best."

Lou (Independent Real Estate Investor) - "You’re a magician with the wording. Thanks again!"

Samantha (Commercial Loan Servicing Specialist, Wells Fargo) - "Hello Matt! Everything looks great!" 

Daisy (Director of Sales/Trade Shows, Grafton Products) - "I’m sorry I had not had a chance to get back to you. I also didn’t expect you to finish before the date you told me so I didn’t check my email till l Friday. I don’t always check my email everyday. Matt, you did an amazing job! I wouldn’t change a thing. The resume is perfect as it is. Again, thank you very much!"

Bryan (Comptroller, American Eagle Trade Group, LLC & Subsidiaries) - "Everything look good. Thanks."

Jason (Regional Sales Manager, Worldwide Equipment Services) - "Very pleased so far Matt. Thanks."

Wanda (Instructional Coordinator/District Science Contact, Executive Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Chester County School District, Department of Instructional Services) - "I've reviewed the documents and I am very much impressed and quite satisfied. The cover letter also looks great!I am much appreciative of your professionalism and services."

Daniel (Operations Manager, Essendant) - "Everything looks really good! Thanks."

Graham (Vice President of Business Development, Stillwater Human Capital) - "This looks AMAZING!!! I am reviewing now- you are great at what you do!"

Ellie (Member Service Representative/Loan Officer, The Southern Credit Union) - "Thanks Matt, everything is just perfect!"

Austin (Network Engineer II, QQ Solutions/Vertafore Inc.) - "WOW...I want to hire myself...this is very well written, you did an amazing job and exceeded my expectations by a long shot. This will do nicely. You did such a great job on the resume, what's the cost to do LinkedIn? Thank you."

Jack (Senior Director of Software Testing, Clinipace) - "This is excellent.  Thank you for the great resume and cover letter. I appreciate it."

Andres (Early Career Chemical Engineer) - "Thank you for being so prompt. Thank you."

Erik (Senior Director of Technology, Pittsburgh Penguins) - "These look really good.  I like how it's condensed and how it reads. Thanks again."

Kate (Lead Business Intelligence Consultant/Business Intelligence Consultant, Visual BI Solutions) - "I am good with the resume content and overall it looks good. Thank you."

Chris (Operations Manager, Mossy Creek Homes) - "Thanks for my new documents. Since I never was good at resumes I think this one is great and I can not wait to use it. Thanks."

Tammy (Lead Operations Research Specialist, Florida Power and Light) - "The resume and coverletter both look very good and I'm glad you managed to get everything on one page. I appreciate the timely completion of my package and I am very satisfied with your work.Thanks."

Lynita (Program Manager, Services Academy/Systems Contractor, Cisco) - "Thank you Matt! I appreciate your response and appreciate the follow up. On a good note I received a potential offer for a position. Not sure if I'll accept I'll need to determine the offer benefits and pay first :)"

Donovan (Shipping Team Coordinator, International Paper) - "It looks good."

Lam (Senior Engineer Support Technician/Entry-Level Electrical Engineer, Safran Electrical & Power) - "Thank you for your hard work. I appreciated that. It was beyond my imagination. Thank you. It is perfect."

Carla (Sales Representative, Red Ventures) - "I am not a resume pro but the resume looks awesome to me, and I trust your work completely. Thanks so much!!"

Mark (Independent Writer/Editor/Research Consultant/Historian/Curator, Mark J. Fleszar, PhD) - "First, thanks very much for the speedy turnaround on the revisions. Thanks very much."

Kristin (Director of Human Resources, Island Realty) - "Thanks for your work on this and thank you again for your help!"

Jeff (Director of IoT Engineering & CyberSecurity – Lighting Research & Development, Cree Incorporated) - "Matt, thanks for the message. Overall I like the re-design vs. what my previous resume offered."

TJ (PAYO Sales Manager, AmTrust North America) - "Everything looks great my friend, you did a phenomenal job!"

Ryan (Business Development Manager – Georgia, The Hon Company) - "Thanks for this. Thanks again."

Stephanie (Sales Associate, Macy's) - "Thank you so much, I feel like it much better represents my skills now! Thanks again."

Alice (Assistant Vice President & Assistant Trust Officer, Southwest Missouri Bank) - "I like it very much!"

Adam (Medical Assistant/Drug Screen Collector, Foothills Health Center & Injury Care) - "The resume is *perfect*!"

Valerie (Owner/Marketing Manager/Yoga Instructor, Calm Ambition LLC) - "AWESOME JOB!"

Michelle (Principal Programmer Analyst, Chiltern) - "Thanks so much!"

Mukesh (Technical Product Manager/Cloud Security/Principal Engineer, Calix Inc) - "Thanks a lot! This Resume looks excellent! Thanks Matt! It looks great. Thanks again for your help and I am confident this Resume will get me my dream job soon!"

Tim (Business Analyst/QA Analyst, Capgemini ) - "Thank you very much for putting this together."

David (Specialist, Plygem Inc.) - "Matt, got it. Looks great. Thank you."

Catherine (Complex Conference Manager /Access Conference Manager, Loews Royal Pacific Resoirt & Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Studios Orlando Resort) - "Wow! From first glance these look amazing. You definitely achieved what I have been looking for/need in a resume and cover letter. Thank you!"

Dana (Career Management Instructor, Dan Marino Foundation) - "Thank you very much. They look great."

Deborah (Strategic Marketing Team Lead/Corporate Trainer/Employee Engagement Manager, Solstice Benefits) - "Thanks for your help!"

Jose (Strategic Account Executive, Dell Secure Works) - "Thank you!  Looks great. Thank you again."

Ramsay (Instructor/Manager (Seasonal), Nike Junior Golf Schools) - "I have finally landed a job and will bring the clubs out of retirement! It would be a thrill to have you come out to play Eagle Point late afternoon on a Monday or Tuesday. Thanks Matt!"

Samantha (Insurance Sales Agent, All Risk Insurance Group) - "WOW AMAZING!"

Shane (Client Relationship Manager, Trader Interactive) - "Thank you for that. All looks good on my end."

Berlin (IT Portfolio Management Director, Digicel Group) - "I like the content. It looks good. Thanks."

Katherine (Program Assistant - Academic Testing Unit, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy) - "Matt, looks great!"

Christopher (Early Career Legal Professional) - "Thank you for the quick turnaround.  I am happy with both documents. Thanks!"

Bradley (Director of Customer Success Services, Fairwarning) - "Everything looks good.  Nice job."

Jeff (Senior Account Executive, Teletrac Navman) - "Everything looks GREAT. Thank you."

Brian (Project Planner, Walt Disney Company) - "It looks very good. Again, I appreciate your service and work."

Russell (Clinical Remote Services Associate I, Chiltern) - "I appreciate your time and effort on this! I think it looks great! Much better than the template I was using. Thanks for your help!"

Melissa (North America Controller, Kerridge Commercial Systems (KNC)) - "I have taken a look a the resume.  It looks great. Love the resume and all the accompanying letters, etc."

Priya (Assistant Store Manager, Mattress Firm) - "I have looked over everything and am extremely impressed and happy with the results."

Shannon (Vice President - Integrated Wound Care Community, Healogics) - "First, thank you so much!!!  It looks great. Thank you so much for your help!!!"

Christine (Associate Broker/Realtor, Sun Realty) - " You probably get this a lot, but wow, these look different! 😊 Much improved, I think. There are a couple of minor duplications and punctuation errors, but I can take care of those. Thanks for your help with this!"

Shelby (Director of Accounting, Vallen Distribution) - "I like the way the resume is laid out.  Good job! Thanks."

Jake (Operations Manager, Audit Logistics (3PL)) - "This looks really great. Thank you."

Tammy (Southeast Territory Manager, Eschenbach Optik of America) - "Many, many thanks for the prompt delivery of the resume and cover letter. The content is fantastic! I am extremely appreciative. The resume is basically spot on. Huge thanks for everything, Matt."

Deborah (Strategic Marketing Team Lead, Solstice Benefits) - "Thank you for delivering when you said you would! Thanks again."

Adam (Strategic Inside Sales Account Manager, Red Hat) - "Looks great, thanks Matt! Thanks!"

Max (Architectural Designer, Cooper Carry) - "That's fabulous work! Thank you very much."

Grant (Director of IT, Intrahealth Group) - "I like how the resume focuses more on the management and leadership capabilities rather than technical.  That’s what I was looking for.  I also like how you moved the job description points down to the bullet points where I had selected accomplishments. That makes more sense. I like the cover letter too. Thanks for all your work."

Jennifer (Administrative Associate/CP, City of Houston) - "Omg! this is awesome. I am so glad that I have invested my money into this program. It was well worth it. The resume looks very professional and good! Thank you so much for updating it for me."

Stephanie (Registered Client Administration Specialist, McCormack Financial Planning, Inc.) - "Everything looks really great Matt!"

Rita (Senior Director of Clinical Systems, Healogics) - "These are really great. Thank you!"

Andrea (Manager/Mixologist/Server, Sharia's Cafe and Pies) - "So I absolutely love what you’ve said here, and I can tell you are extremely articulate. Thanks."

Michael (Chief Technology Officer, Kintivo) - "Looks good! Thank you!"

Lauren (Early Career Marketing/Public Relations Professional) - "I think this is excellent! You have a way with words that describes me better than I myself ever could. I am extremely happy with layout, the way you gave me a personal brand, the contributions section, and the excellent writing you did on this document. Thank you again for your assistance throughout this process, I really appreciate it!"

Jeff (Executive Vice President, F&R Worldwide) - "Great work...really appreciate the quick turn around!"

Ben (Business Developer, N2 Group) - "I reviewed the resume and I think it's perfectly fine. Thanks."

Kevin (Cyber Security Analyst/Assistant Section Chief, U.S. Air Force) - "Matt, you did an amazing job!! Ty so much! GREAT JOB! I will definitely be recommending your service! Ty."

Cathy (K-5 Elementary Teacher, Michael A. Maroun Elementary School) - "I finally had a chance to look over the resumes and cover letters today. You really did manage to condense it all nicely! Thank you so much for creating the second Cover Letter! It was daunting for me to even begin this process. I now feel more confident and ready to take the next step. Thanks!"

Claudio (Director of Product Development, Global Eagle Entertainment) - "I am gladly impress with the result! Outstanding!"

Jennifer (Administrative Associate, City of Houston) - "I recently got a new job and the way you wrote my resume landed me the job I have now. SO thank you for taking your time out to help me. I appreciate it!"

Urpi (Interactive Marketing Manager, Aimbridge Hospitality) - "These look great. Thank you!"

Kim (AVP/Executive Assistant/Corporate & Board Secretary, Farm Credit of New Mexico) - "Hi Matt, I’m impressed. You made me sound pretty darn good. Haha."

Andrew (Director of Enrollment, The College Board) - "The resume and cover letter look solid."

Christelle (Personal Executive Assistant, GB Group) - "Very happy with the results. Thank you very much!"

Caitlin (Summer Intern, National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)) - "Thank you so much Matthew! This is exactly what I needed. I appreciate all of the work you did for me."

Chad (Public Information & Marketing Manager, Florida's Turnpike/Florida DOT) - "Very nice of you, Matt, to send me the interview training and salary negotiation documents. They were helpful. Everything went well at the interview. The interview was at Starbucks so I did not have to worry about food.  It ended with the partners asking if i would be agreeable to a longer session over Dinner. They were very impressed with my resume. I am thankful to you for that and the advice."

Andrew (Technical Intern-IT Security and Compliance Division, SAS Institute) - "Both the resume and cover letter look great!"

Sofia (LATAM Services Sales Program Manager, Microsoft) - "The documents looks great. The cover letter is awesome! Thanks for your kind help."

Tracy (Product Quality & Stewardship Manager, Yara North America) - "Everything looks great! Very happy! Thank you."

Janeen (HR Analyst, PQC) - "I would recommend Matt to anyone looking for a resume writer. After he wrote my resume, I started receiving serious traction from great, well paying companies. I am now happily employed with a great company and the resume and cover letter by Matt helped immensely. Thank you so much!"

Andrew (Mortgage Underwriter/Auditor/Account Manager, Provident Funding Associates LP) - "Thanks! Everything looks great."

Melissa (Certified Learning Coach/Barista, Marriott International) - "Matt, the resume looks changes."

Sanju (Sales Service Representative, Mondelēz International, Inc) - "Thank You very much Matt for a clear and concise resume. I think you have captured my contributions and strength very well."

Navar (Store Manager, TJX Company) - "I must say thank you for taking the time to work with me it is much appreciated. I believe both document were very well written. Thank you."

Mikita (Consent Decree Program Director, City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management) - "The documents look good. Thanks in advance for your attention and support."

Cecilia (Human Resources Manager, IBEX Global) - "Hi Matt! Received the Rez and Cover!!! Amazing!!! Love it!!! 💫🌟"

Neil (Immunology Sales Representative, Abbvie/Abbott) - "I actually had the opportunity to review the resume and cover letters this afternoon.  They look fantastic!!"

Sonya (Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Reporting, MarketSource/LG Mobile) - "Matt, the resume and cover letter look great. Let's proceed with the LinkedIn profile."

Claudia (Creative Services Manager, Univision Communications) - "These look great! I am really happy with these documents."  

Daniel (SEO Analyst, SayWhat Hearing) - "Thank you very much for the hard work you put into creating this resume. It's very organized and professional! Thank you again for all of your help! "

Ashlee (Special Projects Associate Intern, Swisslog Logistics) - "Matt this all looks awesome!! I don't think I would have ever come up with something like this! Thank you :)

Nader (Electrical Engineering Student, University of South Florida) - "I am very confident in the work you did for my resume. Thanks again for you amazing work."

Randy (Security Operations Supervisor, Florida Power & Light) - "These look fantastic!  Thank you for all your help! I will let you know how the job hunt goes. Thanks again."

Jamie (Director of Operations, Entertainment Retail Partners) - "Hi Matt- looks great! Thanks."

Mariajose (Regional Human Resource Generalist, Masonite Corporation) - "Thank you so much for the resume. Looks really good. Thanks!"

Rhadisha (Senior Salesforce Administrator, Wounded Warrior Project) - "Thank you for sending this. My feedback after initial review of the documents is that they look great. Thanks."

Mohammad (Graduate Researcher, Florida International University) - "Good Day! I think you have done a great job. Thank you!"

Steve (Senior Project Manager/Owner, Rutherford Media Group) - "Thank you.  I just took a quick look and I love it… also, I wasn’t asking for a cover letter but thanks but I needed a LinkedIn re-do and career coaching."

Peter (Director of Marketing, Circa Lighting) - "Thanks Matt. nice job on resume. Thanks again."

Ashley (Independent Sales Consultant, ItWorks Global ) - "Hey, Thank you so much! WOW! I never in a million years would have been able to put what I do into words like that!"

Neisha (Global Program Manager/Sales Manager Development, Red Hat) - "Thank you so much!! This looks great."

Susan (Director of Communications, Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation) - "Thanks for getting these to me earlier than promised.  I like brevity and white-space and know these are typically attributes hiring managers value, especially today and especially online -- so I sincerely appreciate your expertise when it comes to updating my resume.  I think it's thorough and interesting -- great job. Thanks for all your help, Matt. Cheers."

Eric (Franchisee/Distributor, ESAI) - "Everything look great. Thanks."

Ramiro (Senior Creative Writer Producer, NBC Universal) - "And thank you so much Matt. I'm very happy with the results."

Isaac (Vector Development Manager, Nanotherapeutics) - "Thanks Matt."

Christine (Public Relations and Social Media Manager, HistoryMiami Museum) - "Just got a job offer! Thanks again for everything :)"

Joann (Intern, The Ronik-Radlauer Group) - "Thank you soo much. It looks great just looking it over."

Jay (Sales, Premier Land Group) - "Hey Matt this is Jay Coleman. you created me a resume last week and just wanted to give you a buzz and let you know that I have an interview from the new resume. But I wanted to talk to you to try and figure out how it was able to work that good because I am dumbfounded at the effectiveness. I figured you used keywords or something that recruiters and human resource people are looking for. What’s your secret?"

Jeff (Senior Devops & Tools Engineer, Calix) - "Thanks again Matt! I used it for a series of interviews and ended up with three really good job offers. I accepted a position at Intel and will bestarting June 4. It is a senior leadership technical position reporting to a senior corporate (all Intel) director. Something newand different in some ways."

Sandra (Purchasing Clerk/Buyer, Sheraton Vistana Resort/Village) - "I really like the new format this is in. Thanks."

Tamara (Alarm Monitor Lead/Alarm Monitor, Homeland Security – PMO SEOC) - "Love it!"

Ellie (Title Administrator/Risk Manager, The Southern Credit Union) - "This is amazing! Thank you so very much!!!!"

Giselle (Executive Administrative Assistant, Florida Hospital) - "Matt you are awesome! Thank you so much for completing my resume and cover letter. The lay out and summary are just what I needed. I will be submitting my review of your work shortly, but I just wanted to say a personal thank you and wish you the very best. Thanks again."

Alisa (Regulatory & Quality Manager of Clinical Operations, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) - "Thanks Matt! Everything looks great."

Gabe (Manager of Supply and Trading, World Fuel Services) - "Finally had a chance to go through everything and I’m very happy with it. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!"

Joshua (Production Supervisor, Johnson Controls) - "The resume looks great, thank you."

Jose (Founding Partner and Manager, Roldan & Amador Law Office) - "I love the Cover Letter and Resume. Looking great! Thanks!"

Tony (Maintenance Technician, Plastic Omnium: Automotive Equipment & Waste Management Solutions) - "It does look good. Thanks for your assistance."

Michelle (Senior Manager of Organizational Readiness, TrainingiSynergy) - "Looks good, thank you!"

David (Manager of Real Estate and Facilities, Weather Group Television (formerly The Weather Channel)) - "Thank you for turning the document so quickly."

Jimmy (Public Works and Utilities Director, Town of Kure Beach) - "The cover letter and resume look great."

Munira (Informational and Analytical Officer, State Committee on Investments & State Property Management for the Government of Tajikistan) - "Thanks for the documents. Looks great!"

Srividhya (Global Implementations Manager of Program Management, Travelport) - "You have done a great job! I really love the cover letter and the resume.  Thank you for rewriting my resume and making it look great!"

Symone (District Manager, Waffle House) - "Wow everything looks great! No changes need to be made. I am so excited to use them both! Thank you so much."

Livia (Teller Supervisor, Southern Bank & Trust) - "My documents look great! Thank you so much Mr. Matt!"

Zackary (Data Analyst II, Southeastern Data Co-Op (SEDC)) - "Looks good. Thanks!"

Lynita (Program Manager, Services Academy/Systems Contractor, Cisco) - "This looks great!"

Jay (Land Sales, Premier Land Group) - "Just read it over, I think it looks great! I think I'd hire that!"

Nicole (Health Scientist/ORISE Fellow, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) - "Looks good to me. Thanks!"

Chad (HSE Specialist, Fluor) -"It looks good. Thanks."

Michelle (Senior Clinical Research Auditor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) - "This looks REALLY great! Thank you so much. Many thanks again."

Bond (Total Loss Coach/Central Operations, Southeastern Grocers) - "Nicely done! I knew I had the content, just needed someone to better articulate the achievements."

Jon (Assistant Staff Judge Advocate, US Air Force) - "Looks great, Matt. Thank you. Very happy."

Angela (Vice President/Retail Operations Manager, Regions Bank) - "Everything looks great! Thank you!"

April (Engagement Owner, Cerner Corporation) - "All looks good. Thanks."

Jason (Director of Pharmacy Operations, Analytics and Reporting, Healthfirst Insurance) - "The documents look great. Thanks."

Ned (Chief Cloud Integration Architect, Brinks) - "WOW! Awesome, looks real good."  

Patty (Planner, Cosmetic Essence Innovations) - "Thank you so much!"

Sven (Americas Regional Sales, Marketing & Business Development Director, Heinemann Americas, Inc.) - "This looks really good. Thanks."

Maria (Marketing Communication Manager, Cubios) - "Everything is fine. It looks very good, accurate and professional. Exactly what I was looking for."

Raul (Director of Production, NBC Telemundo) - "This is the resume I feel describe me the best. Thanks again Matt. Thanks for every answer and the inspiration from your book."

Jorge (Associate of Development and Investments/Project Management, Foundry Commercial) - "I initially thought there would be some back and forth and editing but they look great! These are perfect!"

Alexander (Customer Success Manager, Prevedere, Inc) - "Thank you Matt, the resume looks very good! Thanks again."

Len (Cyber Defense and Operations Manager, Ahold Delhaize) - "Everything looks good Matt. Thanks again."

Chad (Senior Business Transformation Director/Director of Operations/Consultant, Siemens) - "Looks great thanks Matt, I'm very happy thank you."

Joan (Senior IT Programmer Analyst, Florida Power and Light) - "Wow!I just took a quick read of the resume. I am floored. I'd interview me :) Awesome work and thank you!"

Tara (Director of Marketing, Iconic Marine Group) - "Thanks so much for the fast turn around and much better version of my resume!"

Tyler (Senior Controller of Air Terminal Operations Center, US Air Force) - "Wow! Both documents look great! Definitely a lot of key words that will help my resume in a search. I honestly couldn't be more happy about the services you provided. Thanks again Matt!"

April (Engagement Owner, Cerner Corporation) - "My resume looks great."

Darby (Learning and Development Program Manager, Trinet) - "I sat down to take a look at the documents attached to this email and was absolutely blown away by the quality of work that you do. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much."

Meg (Practice Manager of Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, DuPage Medical Group) - "Wow.  It's very good.  Thank you Matt!  I don't have any revisions."

Raul (Director of Production, A Visual Experience) - "Thanks so much for the good work."

Akila (Agile Program Manager, Terarecon) - "The resume looks good."

Madu (Senior E-Commerce Analyst, Publishers Clearing House) - "I am impressed by the way you have written the essay Matt."

Cassandra (Assistant Store Manager, Publix Supermarkets) - "Thank you again for my resume and cover letter Matt. I did get a good job because of it. Would you be willing to do another one for me? I have a friend that would like your help. Thank you!"

Nikki (Campaign Data Solutions Business Support Consultant 4/Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo Marketing) - "I think it looks good!"

Gaurav (Project Manager - Global Strategy Planning and Operations, Cisco Systems) - "Thank you for all the hard work. I really liked the structure of the resume. Thank you so much!"

James (IT/Project Manager Consultant, Stack Works) - "Thanks again for turning my work history into something that looks and sounds like someone who can confidently pursue some great opportunities."

Brandi (Signal Officer (2LT), Army National Guard) - "Thank you for the documents. They look really good."

Tiarre (Technical Project Manager, Apex Systems) - "The resume and cover letter look absolutely amazing!  I'm extremely impressed with what you were able to create using my current resume and the input provided to the questions."

Drake (International Recruiter of Future Leaders Exchange Program/Recruitment Marketing, American Councils for International Education) - "Wow it looks great Matt, I really like what you have done! I am satisfied with your work and I really appreciate it!"

Lauren (Director of Marketing, The Islands Development Group) - "These both look great! I can’t thank you enough!!"

Samuel (Project Geologist, Terra Pacific Group) - "Thank you very much for your help re-writing my Resume and Cover letter. It Iooks good and well written. Once again, thank you very much."

Gaylene (Account Services Management Senior Advisor – Client Services, Dell Secureworks) - "Looks good!  Thanks Matt."

Kathy (Head of Internal Communications, Syngenta North America) - "Thank you so much for all of your time and support.The resume and cover letter look fantastic! I looked it over a few times now and think it looks perfect. I appreciate your time and expertise in this area."

Linda (Operations Manager, American Nails & Spa) - "Everything looks great! Thank you so much Matt."

Fernando (Operations Strategy Director, UTC Aerospace Systems) - "I've reviewed the documents you sent and I liked the way you captured and synthesized my career experience. Thank you."

Michael (Logistics Quality Control Inspector, DynCorp International) - "The proofs for the Cover letter, Thank You letter and Resume appear very intriguing and professional. Looks good. Thank You."

Stephen (Director of Development-Foundations/Adjunct Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Claflin University) - "I was able to use the Development Director resume you fashioned for me and now have a great new job as Director of Development for the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Savannah, Georgia.  One of the best jobs I've ever had.  Thanks!"

Liz (Senior Business Development Manager, Somnoware Healthcare Systems) - "Looks great...I sound amazing :)....thanks have a great day."

Don (Chief Financial Officer & Co-Owner, Hacienda Erazul Bed & Breakfast) - "Looks great! Thanks for everything.  Awesome job."

Mark (Senior Director of Implementation Operations, Zelis Healthcare) - "This is awesome, I love it.  I'm not sure I'd revise anything.  I think this is good to go."

Jason (Senior Software Engineer, Calix) - "Thank you for the new resume! I really like the new layout and how it highlights my skills and achievements.

Lena (Director of Trade Development, Coastal-Pacific Wine & Spirits) - "Hi Matt - these look amazing! At this time, I have no further changes to make. Thanks."

Frank (IT Administrator, Arabel) - "Hey I landed a job with the resume you made."

James (Attorney, Buchanan & Land LLP) - "Matt, this looks excellent. Thank you so much!"

Mike (Medical and Health Service Manager, US Air Force) - "The resume and cover letter look great. No revisions needed. Thank you."

Wayne (Early Career Data Manager/Business Analyst) - "Matt, I wanted to thank you as I landed a job and your resume helped a ton!"

Ale (Global Business Development Manager - Emerging & Developed Markets, Ocean Spray) - "This looks very well done. Great job Matt!"

Geneva (Raw Materials Analyst, Fontier Spinning) - "Thank you so much! It all looks great!"

Ramin (Sr. Industrial Engineer/Internal Process Consultant, Robert Bosch) - "Holy crap you’re amazing at this. I love what you put together using the information I provided. You’re extremely talented. Thank you so much for your help. Those ATSs that company’s use have been a pain to deal with during my last couple job searches. Thanks again for getting this back to me in a short time. I’ll send people your way if they ever need assistance with a resume or CV."

Celina (Marketing Consultant) - "Thank you for the quick turn around. It’s a complete new resume, I like it! Thank you!"

Will (Director Demand Planning & Operations, Newell Brands) - "Hi Matt.  Looks good. Thanks again."

Josh (Construction Manager/Projects Superintendent, Oceana Gold Corp) - "I appreciate the help and quality of work you provided.  I used this resume for my newest startup proposal for consulting services and was just awarded the job to manage a large capital project out West."

CeCedric (HR Manager, DHL/Newell Rubbermaid) - "Looks Great!"

Justin (Material Management/Material Lead, Crane Merchandising) - "Looks good to me. Thanks."

Ranjay (Technology Specialist, Cognizant Technology Solutions) - "Looks good. Thanks!"

Abby (Executive Specialty Representative, Virology (Virus) Specialty Division (HIV & HEP-C), Merck Pharmaceuticals) - "Hey Matt! I have sung your praises again, here’s a dear friend of mine Sarah who is interested in your services. Please feel free to email her your packages and pricing. Thank you again you help me Land my dream job!"

Stephanie (Sales Consultant, Atma Hotel Group) - "Thank you! Looks good!"

Drew (Cure Technician, Toyo Tires North America) - "Thanks. The resume looks awesome. Looks great! I really appreciated your help." 

Rich (VP of Customer Experience (CX), Brightwave) - "This is pretty fantastic. 100% spot on."

Ginger (Graphic & Web Designer/Managing Partner, SquidMark Media Group) - "DANG!! Looks great! It's a HELLAVA lot better!"

Jorge (Senior Premier Relationship Officer, HSBC Securities USA) - "Thank you so much Matt perfect, I have a friend who's more in Marketing/international business and she would like you to help her with her resume as well!"

Jaime (Account Executive, Dex Imaging) - "Thank you for this document, it looks like my original resume was underselling me in a huge way. I think you did a great job. Thank you."

TJ (Capital Markets Corporate Banking Derivative Officer, BB&T) - "Matt- thanks! Overall looks great! I can see how I wasn’t getting hits on my resume now."

James (Director of Operations, Miami Rescue Mission Inc.) - "I’m actually quite happy with the results as is. Thanks Matt."

Dayna (Clubhouse Manager / Catering Director, Henderson Country Club) - "It’s great, thank you very much!"

Rebecca (Executive Assistant/Administrator/Junior Analyst, Success Markets Inc.) - "Matt was great!"

Tim (Global Sales Director, Investorist) - "Thanks Matt. Very happy with your work."

James (IT/Project Manager Consultant, StackWorks) - "Thanks for this. I felt a lot better about this upcoming job search before I even reached the end of the first paragraph. Thanks so much."

Neal (Service Advisor, Brandon Honda) - "Very impressive. I bet it comes natural to you! Thank you very much for your efforts."

Marissa (Staff and Development Coordinator, Coastal Behavioral Health) - "Thank you so much. I really like these documents. They look fantastic! Thanks."

Keola (Retail Store Manager, Robins Main Exchange) - "These look really great! Thank you."

James (VP Engineering, Neurotronics, Inc.) - "It looks good.  I am very pleased with the result. Thanks."

Austin (Automotive Technician, Lussier’s Auto Body & Repairs) - "Awesome job Matt, I’m very pleased with what you came up with. Now to put it to work! Thanks again for the help and speedy turnaround!"

Sigrid (Adjunct Professor of English, Augusta State University) - "The resume´ is great. No changes. I really appreciate your diligence, communication expertise, and timeliness, Matt."

Hector (Director of Technology/Manager of Technology, EngenderHealth) - "The resume overall looks well and captures all the information provided. Many thanks."

Austin (Automotive Technician, Lussiera’s) - "I finally got a chance to read over the cover letter and resume you sent me. I have to say I’m very impressed with the work, it’s definitely beyond anything I had before! I think you did a great job and overall I’m very pleased! Thanks so much!"

Jovon (Asset Manager, The Housing Partnership) - "Thank you so much, formatting and wording looks amazing! Truly impressed I really could not have done it myself. Thanks again :)"

Lisa (Business Systems and Rate Analysis Manager, Scana Corporation) - "I’m very happy with this resume.  It definitely captures the story I wanted to tell. Very happy with it. Thank you."

Darrell (Emergency Orders World Trade Coordinator, AECOM) - "The resume me created is far better than I expected."

Ponnette (Senior Manager - Benefits Extended Operations, Capital One Financial Group) - "These documents look AWESOME. Thank you so much!"

Alton (Commercial & Business Registrations Manager, Georgia Department of Revenue) - "I love both the coverletter and the resume. Great job!"

Ramsay (Sales & Project Manager, Master Pools of Wilmington) - "Everything looks great! Thank you Matt. Fantastic work altogether and I can’t wait to send this out to numerous employers next week."

Annette (People & Culture Specialist, Harper Limbach, LLC) - "The resume looks great!!! Thanks so much!!!"

Christine (IT Business Systems Specialist, United Technologies Corporation) - "Thank you for being so prompt with delivering the documents. They were written beautifully and I truly like as is!"

Kevin (Controller, COROB North America) - "Thank you for this."

Christoph (Healthcare IT Advisor & Consultant) - "Thank you for your great work!"

George (Overnight Merchandise Manager, Wal-Mart) - "I did a quick read on my cell and I am extremely pleased with the finished product. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much Matt. Now I’ll be competitive."

Joey (Commodity Sales Agent, Fieldale Farms Corporation) - "One word comes to mind when reviewing the cover letter and resume that you created for me – Wow! I am thoroughly impressed by your work. One word comes to mind when reviewing the cover letter and resume that you created for me – Wow! I am thoroughly impressed by your work."

Charles (Millwork Sales Specialist, Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.) - "Everything looks great. Thank you."

Christopher (Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Physician Assistant, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center) - "Thanks for the prompt delivery. The resume covers everything clearly. Thanks."

Joy (Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers) - "Thank you! I like what I am seeing. I am good to go with these. I must say - very impressive. Thank you!"

Morgan (Laboratory Account Specialist, Alpha Genomix Labs) - "Thank you so much! The resume looks amazing! Thank you again!"

Katherine (WINGS Leader, Wings for Kids) - "Thank you for the resume and cover letter. I am incredibly excited to start using them. Thank you."

Sulochana (Principal Software Engineer, Calix Networks/Occam Networks Inc.) - "Thank you so much."

George (System Engineer, Verizon Data Services (formerly GTE)) - "Thank you, I really like both docs, they have a professional impact both verbally and visually."

Scott (Program Manager, Addiction Services of Coastal Carolina) - "I really like the resume. Much better than my other ones!"

Debbie (Patient Service Representative/Sales Support, Kinex Medical Company) - "Thanks for working on my resume and cover letter. I think they are a great improvement. Thanks again."

Amy (Agriculture & Science Teacher, Bladen County Schools) - "Wow.  I am impressed with myself. It looks wonderful to me."

Kaia (Lead Logistics Planner, DHL Global Forwarding) - "One word, AMAZING! After trying for other positions without any result for months, I decided to turn to a professional... Matt! I wasn’t sure how to word all the things I have done in my current position! With the resume and the way it told my story I received a dream job offer within a week! I have already recommended Matt’s services to others, even my HR director has decided to use Matt!! Again thank you SO much! I recommend him one thousand times!"

Aquarius (Marketing/Operations Leader, Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce) - "Thank you for your professionalism, speedy turn-around, and assistance with upgrading my resume to truly reflect my skill set and experience! It looks great! Thank you again!"

Alec (Claims Examiner, GEICO Southeast Headquarters) - "Thank you so much! They both are unbelievable! I really appreciate your help and your time! I just read over both and see nothing that we would necessarily need to revise. Again, thanks so much, you do great work! You are awesome."

Ashleigh (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, Veterinary Surgical Centers) - "Matt this is truly beautiful work!! You make me sound so impressive, I can’t thank you enough!! Thank you thank you thank you again!"

Phiona (Staff Accountant, Foundation Partners Group) - "So..first off again. Wow...i can't believe how amazing the resume is. Thanks!"

Darren (Information Systems Director – Global Services, Sage Software) - "The resume looks great.  I would like to use your services to update my LinkedIn profile. Thanks."

Stephen (Business Analyst III/Data Management Analyst/Treasury Consultant, Bank of America Merrill Lynch) - "The resume and the cover letter looks awesome!  All I need now is to ace the interviews."

Travis (Store Manager, Toys R Us) - "The documents look great...thank you very much!"

Omil (Telecom Engineer, TJM Brokerage) - "Looks good, thanks!"

Larry (Senior Principal Software Architect, Cisco) - ""I accepted a new job this week at Cisco here in RTP, NC. It's a great opportunity. Your advice helped me tremendously work through the interviews and negotiate around the dreaded 'salary' question! Thanks!""

Sara (Certified Personal Trainer & Small Group Fitness Instructor, Anytime Fitness) - "The expression of my gratitude for the time and effort you put in on revising my new resume is long overdue. I greatly appreciate the products you were able to provide. They have helped me tremendously in being able to communicate and professionally present my skills to hiring managers. I have made several revisions to the content of my resume truly showcasing my skills and experience towards achieving a position within social services; case management, services coordinator, advocate, etc. Thank you for your time."

Jayesh (Information Sys Engineer – L3, NetApp) - "It looks good. Thanks a lot."

Alexey (Insurance Analyst, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy) - "Thanks a lot, it looks pretty good! Very different from my own version - so it's a pretty nice variation. I especially like the Resume and the Thank You note. Thank you for your effort, time, and great communication throughout the process."

Courtney (Instrumentation/Automation Engineer, Novelis Corp.) - "These look incredible."

Jason (Research Chemist, Prepolymers & Elastomer Product Development & Production Support, Carpenter Company) - "Thank you. Things look great thank you very much."

Terry (Senior Processor/NC Facility Lead, NC Reinsurance - Personnel Lines Auto, Nationwide Insurance Company) - "The resume and cover letter look great. It does bring out my strengths. Thank you."

Megan (English Teacher, Busan Metropolitan Office of Education (Sukpo Elementary School/Daecheon Elementary School)) - "Thank you for the documents! I'm really happy with them."

Adrienne (Human Resources Analyst III, Henrico County Public Schools) - "WOW! Everything looks great, thank you so much for revamping my resume and getting it back to me so quickly!"  

Kaia (Lead Logistics Planner, DHL Global Forwarding) - "I am reviewing them right now! Great work!  Thank you very much!"

Natalie (Mortgage Loan Originator/Processor Assistant, Social Finance) - "Thank you for your insight on my resume. I was able to land a job!! Thanks again!"

Ronald (Pharmacy Manager, Spectral Solutions) - "I am very pleased with both documents. Your word choice and usage is in many cases very similar to how I use language. Again, great docs. I am excited."

Jessie (National Recruiter (Remote), Market Connect Group) - "WOW!!!!! You are amazing. I glanced at everything but probably won't get a chance to look at it in detail until the weekend, since work is so hectic. At a glance, it looks GREAT! Please go ahead and send me the PayPal link for the E-Note and LinkedIn profile makeover. Thank you Matt, seeing this has made my day 😊 I have referred you to two colleagues."

Pawan (Senior Consulting Manager, Cognizant Technology Services) - "These look great. Thanks."

Viviana (Consumer Sales Manager, Vice President, Regions Bank) - "Thank you Matt. I loved it thank you! :)"

Brien (Shift Supervisor, Fibrant (DSM Chemicals)) - "I have carefully reviewed both documents. They look great to me. Thanks for your speedy work."

Eddy (Senior Network Engineer, Restoration Hardware) - "Wow Matt, Great Job!!!! I am satisfied."

Brittany (Production Controller (GS-7), Maryland Army National Guard) - "The resume looks GREAT.  I really appreciate your assistance!"

John (Producer, WINK-TV/Fort Myers Broadcasting Company) - "Looks good. Thanks."

Ross (Aircraft Mechanic, Turner Aviation) - "All looks great to me! You have it worded a lot better than what I could come up with. You’re the pro, if you like it then I like it!"

Henry (Fuel Operations Section Chief, US Air Force) - "Wow thank you, it looks and reads really well."

Jeromy (State Trooper, SC Highway Patrol) - "I love it. Looks great and thanks for delivering ahead of schedule. You have fulfilled your end of the bargain with excellent results. I will also be recommending you to two friends of mine so they may contact you soon."

Rafael (Electrical Technical Services Manager, Chicago Bridge & Iron Company) - "Thanks for such a good job on my resume and cover letter. I do really love it! Thanks, this one is a "home run," and I hope it helps me finding a good position! Thanks."

Amal (Program Manager, On-Boarding & New Hire Programs, In-Flight Service, Delta Airlines) - "Thank you for taking the time to work on this. Thank you!"

Ariel (Biology Teacher, Charleston Southern University) - "Thank you for taking the time to update my resume and fix my cover letter. I think this first draft looks great! Really streamlined it and made it easier to read. Thank you again for your help!"

Enrique (Sales Manager East/Account Manager/Marketing Specialist/Team Trainer for Blancpain, Swatch Group US) - "Thank you very much again!"

Sharon (Distribution Program Coordinator, KEMET Electronics) - "Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this! Thanks."

Richard (Director of IT, Liberty Healthcare) - "Thanks for putting this together quickly. I really like the layout and presentation. Thanks."

Dana (Autism III Teacher, Wake County Public Schools) - "Just a note to thank you for all you did. I made job hunting my 2nd job. I sent out 842 resumes from mid-January to mid-February. My job search took a little over a month. I became frustrated with LinkedIn, Careerfinder, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. My phone was not ringing. I got bogus jobs. I heard from lots of insurance or commission only positions. So I headed to company websites. My targeted jobs weren’t an easy sale when leaving public education back to the corporate world. I wasn’t jumping until I found exactly what I wanted. Believe me, It’s a hard sell when you’ve been a teacher 11 years. “Oh she’s a teacher...” My best investment was having you write my resume. I tweaked it here and there, but now I’m going to work for the #1 company in the industry. It’s an education materials company but it’s not sales and it’s a heck of a raise. I’ll work from home. The perfect job and new career found me. Thank you!"

Tonia (Early Career Criminology/Criminal Justice Professional) - "The resume and cover letter look awesome! I really appreciate your help! Thank you."

Mike (National Market Sales Engineer/Aftermarket Sales Engineer, Nederman/Mikropul) - "I am impressed with the content!"

Amirpasha (Teller, JP Morgan Chase Bank) - "They look good. Thank you."

Daniel (Information Technology & Facility Manager, Leidos Flight Service/Lockheed Martin Flight Service) - "Matthew, Thank you very much. Great work. I love it."

Heather (IT Work Study Professional, Rasmussen College) - "I think you did a fantastic job! Way above what I ever thought my resume could look like. It actually looks and sounds professional now. Thank you."  

Xuwei (Revenue Management, Marriott Vacations Worldwide) - "Thank you for your efficient service.  The resume and cover letter are excellent. Everything listed on paper is exactly me.  I was concerning a lot of things and wouldn't be able to share them in public. Thank you for helping me figure out."

Wayne (New Home Sales Associate, New Home Star) - "Thanks Matt. Looks great!"

Oune (HR Coordinator, CAT Resources/Composite Resources) - "Awesome turn around time. I like it. I do not see any revisions needed. Thanks Matt! Great Job =)"

John (Construction Manager/Inspector, Del-Mont Consultants) - "Everything looks great!"

Lea (Manufacturer Representative, Lea Taliercio Consulting) - "Thank you so much for the attachments...they look amazing!"

Holly (Office Manager, The Neighborhood Garage) - "Thank you for getting back to me promptly. I think it looks great. I greatly appreciate your time."

Kate (Social Studies Teacher, Swansboro High School) - "They look great. Thanks so much for your help in rewriting my resume and cover letter! I really appreciate it."

Jaideep (Senior Manager IS & Supply Chain Operations, Herbalife) - "Thanks Matt."

Laura (Corporate Trainer, HOA) - "I love Your work! Thank you again."

Elizabeth (Project Manager, Home Pro Environmental) - "My expectations were surpassed!! Matt did a phenomenal job updating my resume and even delivered it before the anticipated date. He did such a superb job with it that I began submitting my new resume the same day I received it and I got a call for an interview immediately."

Victor (Project Director, AECOM) - "Matt recently helped me update my resume, my cover letter, my executive bio, and LinkedIn profile. The documents were excellent. The proof is that I have accepted a job with Sachs Electric. Matt’s work certainly was a big part in getting me noticed. Thanks Matt."

Melanie (Bakery Manager, Publix Super Markets) - "WOW! MATT! That’s all I can say! You definitely captured EXACTLY what I was trying to say LOL but couldn’t. I love my cover letter too! Thank you so much. Thank you again!!!"

Lucia (Business Manager, Jordan Law Center) - "Thanks so much Matt! I would like for you to look at my LinkedIn profile and redo that as well."

Anthony (Tow Truck Driver, Accelerated Services) - "Everything looks good."

Eric (Project Accountant, PCL Construction) - Thank you for putting this together for me, I think it looks great! Thank you."

Nagaraj (Associate Director, ArisGlobal LLC) - "Documents look good. Thanks."

Ben (Distribution Operations Manager, Target Corporation) - "I love everything."

Tom (Divisional Vice President, Aarons, Inc.) - "Look good. Thanks."  

Colton (Proposals Manager, Siemens Wind Power) - "Thanks for sharing. I love the new resume format with the summary & key contributions! Never seen that before. Thanks."

Brandon (Vice President of Production, Pathway Learning) - "Thanks Matt! I appreciate it! Looks really good!"

Bruce (Podiatrist/Recovery Technician/Trainer, Southeast Tissue Alliance/Regenerative Biologics, Inc.) - "Thank you for delivering a great product and within the time-frame as outlined. The document looks great and I appreciate your expertise and hard work. Thanks."

Khalid (Undergraduate Research Assistant, University of South Carolina) - "All looks good! Thanks!"

Greg (Loss Mitigation Subject Matter Expert, Seterus, Inc. ) - "The format looks great. I believe the cover letter looks good too! Thanks."

Ryan (IT Program Manager/Sr. Project Manager, BSBCSC) - "I think the content is much improved from what I provided you with. Thanks."

Ryan (Emergency Operations Center Coordinator, Cobb County Emergency Management Agency) - "Hi, looks great! Thank you!"  

Alibek (Marketing & Sales Manager/Catalyst Leader-Tires Plus & Firestone Complete Autocare, Bridgestone Retail Operations) - "Looks good Matt, let's get the LinkedIn profile going. Thank you."

Karishma (Genetics Information Systems Post-Live Support Specialist, SCC Soft Computer) - "Thank you so much for your prompt response and work. It looks really nice! I appreciate your help. Thank you."

Lynn (Benefits Specialist/Renewal Coordinator, Omega Benefit Group) - "It looks good. Thanks."

Terry (Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer, US Army) - "The resume and cover letter look amazing! Thank you for the attention to detail and the work completed!"

Brandon (Claims Specialist I, Liberty Mutual) - "Thank you for all your work on this, you did an amazing job! Everything looks great!"

Kaveh (Aerospace Structures Instructor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) - "Thank you so much! It looks great."

Rolf (Vice President, Business Strategy and Intelligence (BI), TIAA-CREF/Nuveen) - "Thank you."

Trey (Vice President/General Manager, Building Research Systems, Inc.) - "I'm very happy with these! Thank you for your efforts."

Ryan (City President/SVP, Regions Bank) - "Good stuff, thank you. Thanks again for your assistance."

Bob (Senior Training Specialist, Liberty Mutual Insurance) - "Thank you so much for your work on this."

Dan (Associate Counsel, Guardian Pharmacy, LLC) - "Thank you!"

Hector (Principal Consultant/Senior Consultant/Project Manager, Ellucian Company) - "Thank you for delivering these documents on time.  It's obvious you have worked with ERP consultants before! Thank you again for your help! Great job!"

Brad (HOA/Property Manager, Associa) - "They are good, certainly an approach that I just couldn't come up with and that's what I wanted. Great writing."

Monique (Instructional Facilitator, Workforce One) - "Hello Matt, thanks so much love it. Thanks!"

Douglas (Vice President of Manufacturing, Greenfield Industries) - "Let me start by saying that your original resume was far better for use in today’s world than what I came up with."

Robyn (Store Manager, Alex and Ani) - "Thank you! All is good, it’s perfect."

Michael (Orion Governance, Director of Unstructured Data Solutions) - "This is a great. Thanks."

LePaige (Health Care Program Consultant III, Georgia Department of Public Health) - "Amazing! Thanks so much."

Marie (Staff Nurse/RN Charge Nurse, Regional Cancer Care Associates) - "It looks good."

Regan (Director of Food and Beverage, The Mills House Wyndham Grand) - "Thank you so much for doing these for me and truly utilizing the information I gave you. I think the content is solid. It's all great! You knocked it out of the park! Thanks so much!"

Sean (Director of Information Systems, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals) - "Thanks for the quick turnaround and it is definitely a huge improvement. Thanks!"

Loran (Legal Office Support Assistant, Los Angeles County) - "Just reviewed your work and it looks great to me. I really appreciate your work and professionalism. I will definitely recommend you to my friends."

Nadia (Technical Recruiter, Self-Employed) - "Matt, this looks amazing! I love it! Thanks :)"

Preston (Functional Rehab Coordinator, Complete Care Solutions) - "I was reviewing the cover letter and the resume changes, and I love it! I am very pleased! I love how you really highlighted some of things on there that I though wouldn't be as important, like the football camp, and some of the experience that I've had in working with some equipment at school,but I love how you put that as the main focus. I really like it and I am continuing to read it over, so I will let you know if I come across anything that needs to be fixed. But as of right now I love it Matt! Thanks a whole lot, I desperately needed the assistance!"

Ryan (Sourcing Cost Analyst, Oxford Industries) - "Thanks! Everything looks great."

Tracy (VP of Planning & Allocation, Variety Wholesalers) - "Everything looks good!"

Jaquavious (Intern/Shadow, Director of Patient Access Services | South Georgia Medical Center) - "This is perfect, much better than i ever imagined. Thank you for your excellent customer service."

Dwain (VP Manufacturing, Shutterfly/Fujicolor Processing) - "Thanks for the quick turn!   It looks awesome! Appreciate all of your efforts!"

Katharina (Controller, Cross Creek Subaru) - "Thank you! Everything looks great. Thanks you!"

Jimmy (Iraq Program Quality Control Manager, DynCorp International) - "Everything looks really great."

Enrique (Lead Systems Analyst - Quality Assurance, Alight Solutions) - "I reviewed both documents and they are excellent.  Wow! What a difference. I’ll make sure to add my review. Thank You."

Kyle (Director of Support Operations, Bridge2Solutions) - "Good as is. My wife, who used to be a recruiter, said she wouldn't change anything. I see how you constructed it to be modular so to speak, by replacing the target employer."

Todd (Senior Manager – Applications Development, Enterprise Solutions Online Systems, SAS Institute) - "This looks very good. Thank you."

Joshua (IT Manager, Applications & Services, Constangy) - "Thanks for this."

Thomas (Store Supervisor (SRP-Store Responsible Person), Lidl US) - "Thanks."

Ron (Team Leader/Engineering, Steripack USA) - "Hey Matt! Both documents look great. I don't think we need to change anything. Thanks again."

Logan (ScentAir, Senior Manager of Marketing) - "Thanks."

Sam (First Sergeant, United States Air Force) "It looks Awesome! Thanks again."

Devin (Closeout Specialist, SAC Wireless) - "AMAZING job. I love it thank you so much. Thank you."

Jackie (Executive Director, FreshLifeCo) - "Wow! That was fast...It looks great!  So succient and crisp! Thanks so much!"

Ted (eCommerce Manager & SEO Engineer, Cudesso, LLC) - "You really outdid yourself! I am shocked and impressed you were able to keep my resume down to one page yet make me shine. Absolutely awesome!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I know that with my background it’s quite difficult to find a focus point, however, you made it happen without risking conveying my “multiple talents” and versatility. I just read through everything and really don’t think that we need to change anything. I’ll read through it more over the weekend just in case I forgot to mention an important skill/experience, and will let you know before the weekend is over. Thanks again, you did an amazing job. Can’t wait to read your book. Thanks again."

Stephanie (Principal/Founder, DSE Associates) - "This looks wonderful, I love the layout it looks so polished. Thanks."

Amore (Group Sales Coordinator, Marriott at Research Triangle Park) - "I love the documents! Thank you! You were able to explain what I have been wanting to write on my resume. Thank you!"

Carly (Retail Sales Analyst, LeGrand North America) - "These look great! Thanks so much."

Natalie (Senior Brand Building Manager of Vanity Fair & Mardi Gras, Georgia Pacific) - "This definitely looks better than what I had. Thanks for your help!"

Tonya (Management Consultant, Navigatel) - "Thank you thank you thank you....I've only glanced over them but I absolutely love them!!! Thanks so very much!!!"

Dominick (Laboratory Technician II/Quality Control, Teva Pharmaceuticals) - "Looks great! Thanks."

Zainab (Team Manager – Sales Support, The Coca-Cola Company) - "Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. This looks excellent-I really appreciate it. Thanks again Matt! You did amazing work."

Ayanna (Securities & Corporate Paralegal, Investment Law Group) - "Good morning, Matt!!!I was able to review both last night, and they are amazing! I really, really appreciate all of your help. At this time, I do not have any revisions. I will be applying for positions very soon, and I will let you know how it goes. Have an awesome day!"

Steven (Ship Program Manager/Project Management Analyst/Operations Coordinator, Huntington Ingalls Industries) - "Thank you for your hard work!"

Charles (Product Specialist/Project Manager, Rockwell Automation) - "It looks really good, definitely better than I could have done myself. Thanks."

Mehul (Technical Executive of Marine Coatings, AkzoNobel) - "Thank you very much for making my resume brilliant. Thank you again."

Alexandria (Fiscal Director, Office of the State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit) - "Resume looks good. Thank you."

Isabel (Clinical Site Manager/Sub-Investigator/Unblinded Research Pharmacist, QPS-MRA, LLC/Miami Research Associates) - "I wanted to thank you for your excellent CV writing!  I am very pleased with the outcome. Everything is wonderful. Thank you. Thank you for being so prompt. You seem to have done the one page great!! I like what I see!"

Sabrina (Paramedic, United States Army) - “I appreciate this more than you know. There's absolutely no way I could have come up with what you did. No way. I wrote a ton of performance reports, which was similar language in some cases, but it's weird when you're doing it about yourself, and I have no idea how to do this for a complete career change. I can talk about my skills as a paramedic till the cows come home. And I can talk face to face about how they translate in combination with my degree. But I've gotta get to the face to face step. You're giving me that chance.”

Therese (Senior Commercial Production Manager, Photo Books & Enterprise, Shutterfly, Inc) - "Thank you!  These look great. Thank you!"

Daniel (Strategic Portfolio Delivery/Program Delivery Executive/Senior Vice President, TD Bank) - "Very nice work.  I wish you could stand in for me in future interviews as well – you make me sound very impressive!"

Tim (Director of Natural Gas Trading, Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation) - "This reads and looks phenomenal. I am very impressed with what you were able to put together. Thank you again, you did an amazing job!"

Martha (Emergency Department Team Lead/Intern Coordinator, Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners) - "Everything looks great!  Thanks for your help."  

Juli (Online Instructor, Virginia College) - "They both look great! Thank you!"

Aaron (Molecular Microbiology Laboratory Technologist, LabCorp) - "I think these look great, much tighter and more streamlined.  I can not see anything that needs correction. Thanks."

Ali (Lead Supervisor, Vigor Fab Seattle Harbor Island) - "It looks great! Thank you."

Melanie (Adjunct Faculty, Tidewater Community College) - "These look wonderful.  Thank you so much.  I’ll let you know how the future job additions go 😊. I’ll also make sure Mary knows how awesome your work is."

Daniela (Marketing Coordinator, New Image Labs) "Thank you so much!!! I LOVE my new resume! you did an awesome work. Have a wonderful day!"

Josh (Account Manager, Frankel Media Group) - "I like the changes and am satisfied with the cover letter as well. Thanks."

Travis (General Manager, Xchange Leasing, an Uber Company) - "Thank you Matt - I'm satisfied. Thanks again."

Brenda (Vice President of Sales & Operations, Pitney-Bowes Software) - "Hi Matt, I have to say that I am very impressed. The letter also looks excellent. Thanks."

Jolanta (Accountant-Utilities and Internal Audit, City of Largo) - "Thank you very much for outstanding work. I like everything. I really appreciate your help. Thank you."

JC (Finance Enterprise Business Systems Manager, Intuit) - "Once again, thank you. I was able to use it to submit my resume today to two different places, which means this first pass looked real good. Many thanks."

Daniel (Work Center Supervisor, Mid-Atlantic Regional Calibration Center, United States Navy) - "The resume looks awesome! I think it looks great! Thank you."

Dagmarie (Operational Risk Analyst, Citi International Financial Services LLC/Citi International Personal Banking) - "OMG wow!!! It looks amazing."

Tonya (Field Services Manager), LogistiCare Solutions) - "Everything looks great...again Thank you!!!"  

Tamika (Manager, Care Management, Riverside PACE) - "Thank you so much!  It looks awesome!"

Monita (Owner/Performance Consultant, Cultivating Excellence in Organizations, LLC) - "Everything looks great! Thank you."

Peter (Trader, Itau International Securities/Itau Private Bank) - "Hey Matt, looking good! Thank you!"

Cynthia (Data Abstractor – ACS NSQIP, Q-Centrix) - "These look great!"  

Gabriela (Inpatient IV Pharmacist/Medical Science Liaison, UF Health) - "Thank you so much! Many thanks!"

Cory (Web Developer, Flying Feet NC) - "I think everything looks great. Thanks."

David (Department of Psychology Researcher, Methodist University) - "The resume and the cover letter look amazing, and I look forward to submitting them in the future when funding for this position runs out. Thank you for your assistance. I will be telling all my friends about your services in the future."

Manbir (Embedded Systems Technology Lead, United Technologies) - "Thanks. I would like to appreciate the efforts you put in and the document you delivered. I couldn't have come close through my own efforts."

Ana (Teller, Citibank) - "I am satisfied with your work and now I feel more comfortable to apply to future job opportunities! I will keep your information saved for the future when I need further assistance and updated resume! Thank you."

Shamsi (Lecturer, Ithaca College) - "Thank you very much for sending me the documents so fast and sooner than what it was agreed on! It's just kind of you and I greatly appreciate your work on this. Both documents seem much more professional now! Thanks."

Leigh (Remote Adjunct Instructor, Maharishi University of Management) - "This looks great Matt!!!!"

Leigh (Media Director/Marketing, Affordable Care LLC) - "All looks great to me Matt. Thank you for your help!"

Gregory (Chief Litigation Counsel, Imergys USA, Inc) - "Thank you, this looks good."

Tiffany (Director of Commercial Segmentation, Coca-Cola Bottling Company) - "I'm good with this. Thanks."

Sandra (Assistant Manager, Quality, Performance and Risk Management Department, Americas, International Air Transport Association (IATA)) - "Thanks for the documents.I really like the way you wrote them."

Amy (Internal Audit Manager, Citi Trends) - "I think it looks great. Thanks."

Christa (Quality Improvement Biostatistics Graduate Intern, University of Florida) - "Thank you, these look good."

Juan (Global Sales Director, HIMI Products) - "They look great. Thank you."

James (Trainmaster, BNSF Railway ) - "It looks great. I am good with everything."

Brooks (Global Wholesale Banking Data Manager, Bank of America) - "Looks amazing, thank you Matt. Great work!"

Chase (Construction Project Manager, Larion Engineering) - "Thank you Matt. Everything looks great."

Brian (Store Manager, 7-Eleven, Inc.) - "Thanks so much! It looks great. I'm about ready to put this out there."

Dawn (Senior Production Manager of Motorsports, Jack Morton Worldwide) - "Thank you so much!  This looks really good and much better than what I had.  I love the cover letter. Thank you again!"

William (Project Manager, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare) - "You did me a solid getting it to me early, so I will do the recommendations for you. As a side note I have several peers waiting to see if I am happy with the end result of this with you. If I send them your way please take good care of them."

Kate (Counselor/Post-Master’s Fellow, Personal Assistance Service) - "They look great, and I so appreciate your delivering them ahead of schedule! Thank you!!!!"

Tom (Co-Manager, Wal-Mart Stores) - "Thanks Matt.  I'd hire me!  Very good job. Thanks again."

JP (Global Sales Director, HIMI Products) - "They look great. Thank you."

Rajiv (Data Engineer, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions) - "Once again thank you so much for the help! Thank you Matt."

Adeola (Early Career Healthcare Data, Research and Informatics Specialist) - "Hi Matt, I have gone through everything. And thanks alot. The resume is nicely done. Thanks."

Maharshi (Early Career Electrical Engineer) - "Thank you for upgrading my resume and cover letter. I read both of the documents and they seem to me very promising and professional at the same time after I read them. I would soon update my resume and cover letter to the new job postings and would try my luck out and it pretty much seems that I would soon land to a new job offer with the help of your new upgraded resume and cover letter. All thanks to you, as you created and sized it perfectly and that was all that I wanted from you as a Resume Writer. Thanks again."

Natalia (Project Management Consultant, Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services) - "The resume looks great."

Akessa (Student Volunteer, Delialio Elementary School) - "Wow this looks awesome and refreshing! I am so excited! I really love how this looks! I love my new resume!"

Dr. Tim (Associate Dean, Emergency Management/Criminal Justice/Fire Science, Kaplan University) - "These look good."

Dinesh (Senior Engineer, Quest Global) - "Thanks for your help, i got nice feedback about the resume my recruiters are appreciated the way resume was structured. Thanks."

Keith (Director of Information Technology, Visit Tampa Bay) - "It looks good. Thanks."

Miriam (District Instructional Coach, Broward County Public Schools) - "Thank you for your help. I recommended your services to a friend."

Claudia (Key Account Manager, Viajes el Corte Inglés Quito, Ecuador) - "It looks really really good. Thank you."

Nandini (Account Coordinator/Tier 2 Customer Service Specialist, Ahlstrom-Munksjö) - "Thanks for taking time and building such a wonderful resume. Thank you!"

Marjorie (Advanced Social Work Intern, Phoenix, LLC) - "Thank you so much for your beautiful work. You have presented me in a wonderful and professional way. I can see why you have so many positive reviews. Fantastic. Thank you so much!"

Nick (General Manager, Fenix Parts) - "I like the direction you went in. Thanks."

Barbara (Associate Director of Global Digital Strategy & Innovation, Novartis) - "Thank you so much!  It all looks good! Thanks again for your efforts.  I'm excited to use my new documents!"

Sebastian (Regional Sales Manager, John Bean Technologies) - "Looks great. Thanks."

Candice (Product Manager, Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute) - "I think this is great."

Christina (Charge Nurse/Emergency Department Manager, Eastside Medical Center) - "Thank you so much! I love your verbiage. Thanks! I love your work."

Christian (Supply Chain Director, AAR Landing Gear Services) - "Thank you so much for your help! The resume and cover letter came out great. Truly grateful! My fiancé is a recent graduate nurse practitioner, and she will be needing a resume as well. Thanks!"

Art (Content Director, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates) - "Thanks Matt, this is extremely helpful! Thanks."

Tracie (Branch Administrator, RBC Dominion Securities) - "It looks great. Thanks."

Tim (High Touch Operations Manager, Cisco Systems) - "Awesome! Made my Friday! Will review over the weekend and get back to you 😊 Thanks."

Loreley (Senior Administrative Assistant, RSM US LLP) - "I think it looks great!"

Ryan (Director of Government and Strategic Accounts, Academy Medical) - "Matt, everything looks great! Thank you!"

Haley (Freelance Writer, PineStraw Magazine and - "I looked through everything and it looks good to me! Thanks so much for your help."

Michael (Logistics Coordinator, BluJay Solutions) - "These look great. Thank you very much."

Tina (Associate Project Manager, Calix) - "This is a beautiful resume! Thank you!"

Greg (Owner/Business Optimization Specialist, Schooley Mitchell of Chapel Hill) - "I think both the documents look great."

Stephanie (Senior Business Analyst, Serta Simons Bedding) - "I really like it!! Definitely a better format and much better than what I had. Thank you very much!"

Ken (Materials/Planning Manager, Alevo Manufacturing) - "The resume looks GREAT!!! It put my draft to shame! Thanks."

Kimberly (Area Supervisor, Earl of Sandwich) - "WOW! I would even hire me with this resume! Thanks you."

Marcie (Lead Content Manager, JBS International) - "I think they look good. Thank you!"

Robert (Branch Manager, Halifax County South Boston Public Library) - "Thank you Matt."

Adam (Early Career Mechanical Engineer) - "It's looking great hard to believe it's about me."

Courtney (Early Career Legal Professional & Attorney) - "Matt! I am greatly flabbergasted. The joy I felt when reviewing my resume and cover letter is unattainable. I'm so overwhelmed in tears that I can't even read it all. I thank God for your talent. I will review the papers tomorrow and let you know if they need corrections. Hi Matt! I just reviewed my resume and cover letter without tears this time. It's awesome! I picked your proposal from the others, because you were the only one that understood my need to transform my experience in a way I could not. I'm so grateful. Thanks again."

Amanda (Mental Health Counselor/Clinical Therapist, Milestones in Recovery ) - "Everything looks great! Thank you!"

Tony (Senior Manager of Project Management and Program Implementation, AssistRx) - "Thanks for putting this together."

Michael (Early Career IT/Computer Science Professional) - "I have looked over the resume and really enjoyed the more positive and energetic writing style that you used. I also think combining the tasks from each job in the professional experience section is much better than finding new ways to say the same thing for each position. The style of the document itself is also much more professional and appealing to look at than what I had previously written."

Bryan (Construction Manager/Project Manager, Integra Advanced Management) - "Looks great! Thanks."

Ric (Athletics Administrator, The Citadel) - "At first glance everything looks great. Let me read over  in detail and lets revisit later today or Monday. However, based on what I’ve seen, I doubt any changes will be necessary, great job!"

Jack (Radio Host/Voiceover Artist) - "Looks great."

Luis (Mobile Financial Services Solution Architect (America’s Lead), Amdocs) - "Thanks, it looks great! It was a pleasure working with you."

Renee (Facility Administrator, US Renal Care) - "This looks good. Hope I can live up to it!"

Tammy (Veterinary Practitioner, Animalia Health and Wellness) - "Looks amazing.  Thank you so much."

Karen (Executive Director, Sequoia Parks Conservancy) - "This looks terrific. Appreciated."

Ken (ISP Contracts Vendor Supervisor/ISP Engineer, Calix Telecommunications) - "This looks good, thanks."

Kenasha (Site Startup Project Lead, InVentiv Health) - "Matt's work is outstanding. His processes are comprehensive and the turnaround time frame is exemplary. With the help Matt provided, I was able to find my dream job, in my dream location. I would highly recommend Matt to any job 'stuck in a rut' job seeker needing additional support. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true! Happy 2018 😀"

Michael (Senior Application Analyst, Infor/HCL Technologies) -"The resumes and cover letter look great. Thank you."

Christonna (SQL Developer, Delta Air Lines) - "Oh my goodness! I’ve never loved my resume until now! Thank you so very much!"

Jerry (Furnishings Small Business Owner) - "WOW, JUST INCREDIBLE 🎉😀 Just Wow..."

Steve (Technical Business Analyst/Telecom Engineer, IPC Systems) - "Matt you Nailed it. Great JOB!!! I am really satisfied with this resume version. I am also very pleased with the Cover letter and Thank you letter."

Yasser (Finance Manager, Metro Ford Dealership) - "Thank you very much! I think it is an awesome resume. Hopefully the employers consider it."

Dinesh (Senior Engineer, Quest Global) - "Thanks for your help and I feel confident with this resume it delivers the message with Short & Sweet. Thanks."

Karl (Senior System Administrator Engineer, Baker Hughes) - "These look fantastic. Thank you."

Tihut (Industrial Engineer Work Measurement Supervisor, UPS Corporate) - "Wow Matthew, well done!!! I really like the what you did here. Best investment of the year :) I really cant find anything right now that I would want to change. Thank you!!"

Don (Professional Services Project Manager, Calix) - "Matt: I think it looks awesome! Short will win better for sure. I love it! Thanks!"

Hyeyoung (Cost Analyst, SKC Inc.) - "Thank you for your amazing work! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!"

Hayley (Video and Digital Production Manager, Calix) - "Thank you so much! This is fantastic!"

Tim (Aircraft Mechanic, PDS Technical Services) - "This looks fantastic!"

Stephanie (Content & Social Media Marketing Director, Carnival Cruise Lines) - "Thanks Matt! Overall this looks really good :)

Madeline (Senior Account Manager, Yahoo! Inc.) - "I never thanked you for sending over so quickly. Thanks!"

Sarah (Theology Teacher, Cardinal Mooney High School) - "Thank you for your help."

Don (Director of Motor Carrier Operations, A.R.C. Transit) - "Thank you for getting this completed so quickly for me! I think it looks really good and tells the story."

Clint (Director of Logistics, United States Army, Maneuver Center of Excellence) - "Thanks for the quicker than expected turn.  The cover letter looks good and leaves flexibility for various jobs- thanks. Resume-I like the look and content. Visually more appealing than what I had."

Joe (Volunteer, Team Rubicon) - "Thanks again.  I appreciate your help with this. The cover letter is great too, thank you!"

Niranjan (Big Data Engineer, Cox Automotive) - "Everything looks fine. Thanks."

Shekhar (Chief Operating Officer, Quadrant 4 System Corporation) - "Looks good."

Chris (Shipping Lead, OPW) - "Looks good."

Brandon (Business Development Representative, Frankel Staffing Partners) - "Thank you Matt, it looks good. Thank you!"

Michelle (Assistant Principal, North Fort Myers High School) - "This looks great! Thank you!"

Morgan (Account Executive, Concentra Medical Centers) - "Thank you SO much for the quick turnaround, Matt! I love the content and how you best positioned my abilities. Thanks Matt!! :-)"

Venkateshwara (Early Career ASIC Design & Verification Engineering Professional) - "Thank you for sending me the resume at the time which I requested. I am going through the resume. It looks very neat and clear. Thank you."

Paul (Purchasing Manager, Quintiles Transnational) - "Hi Matt, Thank you so much for the excellent work! I am satisfied with the documents the way they are, and do not wish to request any revisions. This is great, and thanks again."

David (Section Manager, Bridgestone) - "I had a chance to look over the resume and the cover letter. There's only one problem I noticed on both... YOU MAKE ME SOUND FREAKING AWSOME! Lol. Obviously I am pleased as well as grateful for the time spent and level of detail displayed from your work. I haven't applied for any jobs since we communicated last week, so I am eager to give this new cover letter and resume a try."

Hezi (Vice President of IT Operations, JPay) - "Thanks for both resume and cover letter. I like it, you put it into words how I do. The information on the documents are accurate. Thank you."

Anand (Senior Apps Systems Engineer, Compunnel Software Group) - "Thank you very much. Documents look great. I'm very much impressed with the resume and cover letter. Many thanks :)"  

Mike (Training and Installation Specialist, ENG Infotech) - "Thank you Matt! I’m excited to put these to good use."

Gregory (Executive VP, Wells Fargo) - “Overall I think they look really good - THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

Mohit (Early Career Risk & Business Analyst) - "Thank You so much for your help. My resume and Cover Letter look so much better than before. I am very happy with it. I have been struggling to get calls and this would certainly improve my prospects.I am very grateful to you for your help. I would like to be in touch and keep you posted about any developments with my job."

Jason (Sales Associate, HMF Express) - "Thanks again for all of your help and I am sure I will be using you again in the future."

Austin (Early Career Business Analyst & Data Informatics Specialist, BlueCross BlueShield of SC) - "The cover letter and resume are incredible! I appreciate the time and effort you put in. I don’t think there is anything that needs to be revised. This is far better than anything I could have put together. Thank you!!"

Darryl (Customer Success Manager/Customer Project Engineer, EnergyCAP, Inc.) - "Thank you so much for the quick turnaround in getting the resume and cover letter completed.  I truly appreciate it! After reading the cover letter the first time, embellished was the first word that came to mind.  But I read it a couple more times and realized that it is written so well, but it's more of me not having the confidence that I should have in myself.  I do have quite a bit of experience, but am a little gun shy at the thought of leaving the technical field to pursue a career in a different path.  The change will accentuate my people skill, something that comes natural. The resume looks great as well! Thanks again for the quick turnaround!  You did an EXCELLENT job of cleaning up my mess and condensing my resume."

Matthew (Early Career Coding Professional, Wyncode Academy) - "This resume and cover letter are very impressive and I am very happy it. Thank you again."

Karthik (Product Manager/Agile Product Owner, Anthem Inc.) - "Thank you for managing this to accommodate in 1 page. You have done it quite nicely! Thanks much!"

Janeen (HR Analyst, Prairie Quest Consulting) - "Thank you so much, this was all amazing! Thank you so much again."

David (Operations Manager Level II, Nuance Communications Inc.) - "This looks great, I am very excited about how things are beginning to shape up on paper.  This will really help me get a foot in the door and move forward with my career. Thank you for all your help and guidance you provided."

Ted (Field Service Manager, Buchanan Technologies) - "It looks good! I will begin sending out."

Curtis (Production Superintendent, USAF) - “Mr. Warzel, I just wanted to reach out and give you a huge THANK YOU! I just secured my first post-military job as Manager, Technical Services for a local Charleston, SC Hydraulics company. I didn't even apply to this company but they found me based 100% on my resume. The VP of the company stated numerous times that he was overwhelmed with my resume and he was sure he needed to get me on his staff. I cannot state enough that your writing skill were instrumental in me being hired for this position. I start on 2 Jan! Thank you again and I will recommend your services to as many as I can. I appreciate your assistance!!”

Vanessa (Budget Analyst, Network Planning & Budgeting | NII Holdings, Inc.) - "Thank you for this, I am impressed. Looks great! Thanks."

Tom (Creative and Marketing Director, Praeses, LLC) - "Thanks Matt for getting this done so quickly. The documents look fine. I would like you to rework my LinkedIn profile too. Thanks."

Rahul (Environmental Technician, Missouri University of Science and Technology) - "Honestly, I liked both the documents very much. Great job! Thanks."

Todd (Commodity Lead, HAECO Cabin Solutions) - "It looks good. Thanks."

Xaveria (International Sales Representative, HTL-Strefa, Inc.) - "Thanks Matt! It looks great! Thanks again!"

Cindy (Project Coordinator, Verizon) - "Looks good. Thanks."

Troy (Inventory Analyst, Uncle Dan’s Outfitters) - "Thanks again. Very good job."

Jude (Customs Tariff Expert, Caribbean Technical Assistance Center) - "Hi Matt, thank you again for your assistance. Those are two fantastic documents."

Carl (Social and Economic Development MSW Intern, Global Social Development Innovations) - "I really appreciate your work. I just took a glance at it and I think it looks great. I am looking forward to putting the resume and cover letter to work and what comes out. I will keep you posted. Thank you again."

Mariana (Manager of Web Applications, Norwegian Cruise Line) - "Hi Matt! Everything sounds great. Thanks!"

Rick (Master Sales Trainer, Rick Lavender LLC) - "Top of the morning Matt! The resume looks amazing, Very nice job!"

Kathleen (Strategic IT Account Manager/Leadership Program, 5 Point Enterprises) - "The resume is great. Thanks, Matt!"

Alyssa (Assistant Editor, Lifestyle Media Group) - "Thank you for your work. All the best."

Carla (Data Science, UX Design and PMP Professional, Springboard) - "Darn, Matt. You made me much smarter than I actually am. Both docs look great! Thank you!"

Vernon (Human Resources Coordinator, Mondelez International) - "The resume and cover letter are great. I think you have captured my knowledge, skills and abilities very well. I'll let you know how the job search goes. Thanks alot!"

Zane (Financial Advisor, AXA Advisors) - "I really like it! I can definitely see how this hits on the key words a lot better. Thanks!"

Janet (Senior Director for K-12 Products and Services, InTeam Associates) - "Thank you Matt! I think it looks great. Thank you."

Michael (Communications Representative, Herc Rentals) - "THIS IS AWESOME!  Thank you so much, I love it and do not have any changes to these documents."

Manjula (Integration Manager (EDI), Vertiv) - "Wonderful Thank you Matt! Everything just looks great and better than I expected. And I would for sure want to write a review. You made my resume look more confident on the career change I am aiming towards. Thank you once again for all the effort."

Andrew (Senior Delivery Specialist, Dell EMC) - "Thank you very much! Everything looks improved over what I had before. Thank you!"

Armen (Vice President of Data Integration and Business Intelligence, Chartspan Medical Technologies) - "After reviewing the documents I don't have much of a revision. Cheers!"

Jay (Event Manager/Client Consultation/Territorial Sales, GMR Marketing) - "Thank you Matt. I think both documents look great. I really appreciate your help."

Tony (Pharmaceutical Sales Re-Entry Candidate) - "Hello Matt, This looks Outstanding and reads Extremely Well!! Thank You."

Celso (Senior Director of Global Sales Operations, Oracle) - "You’re the man Matt! Actually I like it A LOT. THANKS! THANKSSS!"

Michael (IT Business Analyst, General Insurance) - "I like what I see! Thanks for the extra promptness!!!"

Robbie (Warehouse and Shipping Area Manager, Pilkington BPNA) - "Looks great!  AWESOME!!!!"

Kelsey (Marketing Intern, Hardwood Floors & More) - "Looks great! Thank you so much! Love everything!"

MaryEllen (Clinical Quality Improvement Manager, FloridaBlue) - "This is AWESOME, Matt. Thanks so much!"

Valentina (Early Career Marketing Professional) - "Thank you Matt! It was a pleasure working with you. You made this as easy as possible and I will make sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for fast and professional service."

Marty (Executive Director, New River Criminal Justice Training Academy) - "Thank you for the very impressive body of information assembled and prepared on my behalf. Thanks."

Lee - (Dietary/Nutritional Coach) - "Thank you so much!!!! They look excellent. I will utilize you for more services. I might need help loading this to my linked account as well! Thank you so much for my new cover letter and resume. Your new client 😊"

Kelly (Director of K12 Market Strategy, D2L Limited) - "Thanks Matt.  This is excellent work.  You have a nice gift!"

Bianca (Client Relationship & Global Programs Manager, LatinFinance) - "Thank you so much for this, it looks great!"

Barbara (Manager, Strategic Performance Management Team , Pinella County Government) - "Wow!  Now I see why it’s a good idea to have someone else write your cover letter.  I would hire me! I'm happy and anxious to get these out! Thanks so much!"

Vivek (Senior Principal Professional Services, Manhattan Associates) - "Good Morning Matt - wanted to thank you for the amazing resume you've developed. I never thought of concentrating all skills and wording my experience the way it has been done now - excellent work! Thanks again - I'll begin applying to open positions now and hope the process moves forward."

Denise (Volunteer, American Red Cross) - "Very creative. You did a great job upselling which I really need."

Gabriel (Director of Treasury and Financial Operations, Vizant Technologies) - "Thanks Matt! Looks great!!"  

Christina (IT Development Manager at Global Payment and Securities Business Unit, INTL FCSTONE) - "Thank you very much. I do like both a lot."

Josh (Shop Supervisor, Arreff Terminals) - "Matt, I am so amazed at this. It is crazy to think that this is my career in black and white. Honestly I love it. I was once told that the best you will ever be is on your resume. It has in my opinion been my weak link. I have taken a peek at it and after work today will do a more detailed look at it. So far this has been well worth the money for me. Once again, thank you!"  

Ryan (Senior Director of Business Data and Information, Ferguson Networks) - "These adjustments look great! This resume really hits the spot now. Thanks for your help!"

Andrea (Multimedia Designer, Glassblowing Studio Advertisement) - "I love the resume! 🙌 You don’t know how thankful I am. It is perfect 😃"

Dena (Consulting Manager, TriBridge) - "Thank you, Matt. These both look great! Thanks!"

Ken (Plant Manager, Nippon Electric Glass) - "Great work, Matthew! Thanks for your assistance."

Kingsley (Senior Electrical Engineer, Club Car LLC) - "The resume looks great! Thanks."

Larry (Logistics Manager, DSV Road) - "Thank You Very Much, the resume and cover letter look great."

Dominique (BGCO Retention Team Analyst, Verizon Wirless) - "Thanks so much for the resume and cover letter, I thought you did an awesome job and I am so pleased.  I think it looks great, I would like to take advantage of the LinkedIn update as well."

Kathy (Vice President/Principal, McBee Associates, Inc.) - "Thank you!"

Lynn (Field Project Manager, Wal-Mart) - "I love what you have done. Thank you."

Aimee (Territory Manager/Marketing Representative, Bay Area Injury Rehabilitation Specialists) - "Wow!!! You accomplished all of this even during Thanksgiving? I’m totally impressed and so thankful for your prompt delivery!  I’m excited about the direction it’s going. I’m so incredibly thankful for your help and didn’t even think combining a resume that was teaching and now sales was even possible! You’ve done a wonderful job so far and I want to thank you. Thank you again!!!!"

Patrick (Operations Manager, Consolidated Moving, LLC) - "Look great, Matt. Thanks."

Stacy (Middle School Teacher, School District of Palm Beach County) - "Looks great, thanks! Thank you very much!  I love the new look you gave my resume!  Much "beefier" than my minimalist style.  :)"

Ali (Partner, ArchFold Asset + Capital) - "Thank you for doing an amazing job with my resume. Thank you."

Charlotte (Director of Marketing & Visibility, iCube Consulting Services) - "Looks great! Thanks."

Jamicka (Facilitator, Fulton County Schools) - "Matt!!! I absolutely love it. You have taken my resume and tailored it to the corporate industry and I am absolutely amazed!!! I am more than pleased with your work! I can't say thank you enough."

Sarah (Marketing and Communications Director, Cambell University) - "This is so helpful. Thanks."

Richard (Sergeant, Williamsburg Police Department) - "It looks great.  Thank you!"

Taylor (Pool Attendant, Tides Hotel Folly Beach) - "Everything looks great! Thanks."

Christy (Practice Consultant/Owner, Envision Healthcare) - "It looks good."

Chris (Account Manager BIM/CIM, Faro Technologies) - "This is outstanding work - very impressed! Perfect. Thank YOU!"

David (Project and Support Manager, Snell Advanced Media) - "The resume looks good. Thank you."

Jacob (Early Career GIS Programmer/Scientific Application & Database Developer) - "Excellent work. You really have a way of expressing my skills and tact."

Jeff (Technology Analyst/AP Supervisor/Legal Financial Analytics Supervisor, UPS) - "Thank you, It looks good."

Dee (Director of Sales & Business Development, TekMethods, LLC ) - “My husband found a job in medical sales!!! Thank you Matt. As soon as we get back on our feet, we both would like our LinkedIn pages updated, and I would like a new resume as well. I'm so glad God lead me to you. We were desperate. We used what little resources we had to this resume and it paid off. We look forward to working with you in the near future.”

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Nina (Customer Service Representative, Genuine Parts Company) - "Thanks for reproducing my resume. I'm highly impressed."

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Scott (Sales Manager, Comfort Xpress) - “Hi Matt,  thank you for your work on this.  It looks great!”

Hayes (Chief Technical Operations Officer, Georgian American Alloys) - “I don’t see anything that needs revised. It looks great. I am very impressed.”

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Yelipza (Foreign Affairs Officer, Security and Human Rights, US Department of State) - "This looks great! Thank you so much! Thank so much for your hard work!!! I really appreciate it."

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Rodney (Engineering Manager, AutoLoop) - "Looks good. Thanks for the quick turnaround!"

Stephanie (Business Development Manager, Select Physical Therapy) - "I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help!! Thank you."

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Alan (Entertainment Operational & Production Manager, Sea World Parks and Entertainment/Busch Entertainment Corporation) - "I think both documents look very good. I am very pleased how you have taken my Skill Sets and have it speak to more than just an entertainment community, both here and in the cover letter. That was a very difficult communication for me and you have done it beautifully. Thank you."

Janie (Account Executive, Tight Line Productions) - "Thank you for the resume and cover letter. It was a pleasure to do business with you."

Stephanie (Injury Claim Specialist, State Farm) - "These look great!!! I actually do not have any edits. Thanks."

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Chris (Associate Director, Field Communications, AT&T) - "Thank you for the hard work."

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Tishawnia (Project Manager, Carolinas Healthcare System) - "It looks great."  

Martina (Director of Operations, ICE Portal) - "Thank you for sending the resume and cover letter. Good work! Thank you."

Jessica (Online Sales Consultant/Digital Marketing Manager, Taylor Morrison) - "It looks amazing! This makes me look super awesome 😀 Thank you so much!"

Fred (Shift Supervisor/Console Operator, Solvay Specialty Polymers ) - "Thanks Matt."

Bill (Infrastructure Design & Planning Manager, MSC Industrial Direct) - "Nice job, thanks!"

Matt (Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company) - "Hi Matt, Great work - I did a quick review and I'm happy with this."

Kim (Senior Project Manager/Analyst, Systems, Projects and Support, American Red Cross) - "Very nice! I want to hire me right now!!!"

Tanya (Medical Records Office Transcriptionist, Tidelands Hospital) - "Both are extremely well written. Thank you so much!"

Philip (Curator, Bronze Kingdom African Art Gallery-Museum) - "Hi Matt! Wow, this looks great. Overall, light years better than what I had before! Many Thanks."

Alina (Operations Manager, Align Networks) - "This looks amazing!"

Martha (Intern, Federal Aviation Administration/Department of Transportation) - "Nicely done!! Thank you so very much!"

Wayne (General Manager of Strategic Business Development at Fidelity Information Systems, Global/Asia Pacific/Singapore) - "I believe I made the right choice in choosing you out of the half dozen experts that approached me. You work is excellent and this is the best first pass I have ever seen. I would like to study over the weekend and then perhaps have our call at your convenience next week. Thank you for you excellent effort of my behalf."

Sam (Owner, SSR Technologies, LLC) - "Hi Matt - My wife and I are reviewing and doing some minor tweaking. It has a strong, competent tone which I am particularly fond of - I appreciate that. Thanks and have a great weekend. I really appreciate the tone you set with the document. It is potent, yet one page which is ideal. Thanks."

Pat (Telecommunications/NOC Professional/Help Desk Support Specialist, Globecomm Systems Inc.) - "Awesome! You did a great job. Thanks."

Ivan (Material Readiness Manager, United States Army) - "Thanks for the help!"

Rama (Technical Project Manager, Yash Technologies) - "Thank you and I really appreciate your promptness. Good job and once again. Thank you for helping me out."  

Nurullah (IT Project Manager, NC Rare Disease Innovations Institute) - "Thank you very much. You did an excellent job. It will be a pleasure to write a review about your expertise. Thanks again."

Abbi (Engineering Program Manager, Calix) - "Matt, you are my hero! I think we are good. GOLD STAR! Thanks! Now, can you interview for me????? LOL."  

Joe (Northeast Columbia Manager/Assistant Vice President, Capital Bank) - "Matt - Everything looks fantastic!!!!! Thanks so much for helping me with this!!"

Rashida (Vault Director/Supervisor, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Foreign Currency Exchange) - "This is exactly what I had in mind. I am very pleased. Thank you!"

Uma (Self-Employed Mental Health & Drug Addiction Content Creator) - "Thank you so much for sending the documents. It's a complete transformation- thank you so much! I love it. Thank you so much for taking the time to transform my dull resume into something extraordinary!"

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Matt (Sourcing Director, Bulldog Hardware & Shur-Line/Newell Rubbermaid) - "Thanks very much for your efforts, these look great! You've framed this in a way that makes tailoring for different applications easy! Thanks!"

Gijo (Director of Pharmacy/Consultant-On-Record, Larkin Community Hospital) - "Thank you very much! Looks fine to me!!"

Deep (Sourcing and Product Cost Finance Leader, GE Power) - "Thanks!"

Helga (Special Assistant for Global Education, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction) - "Fantastic! I will review and get any edits to you over the weekend! Wow, did not know I sounded this good! Exciting!"

Na'Imah (Implementation Consultant/Benefits Manager, ADP) - "Thanks! Everything looks good! Thank you!"

Mat (Retail Support Specialist, Verizon Wireless) - "Thank you Mr. Warzel for the documents. I am very pleased with what I have."

Priscilla (Strategy Consultant Internship, Gentera) - "Wow, the documents are great! Thank you very much for being prompt -- I appreciate your services and will definitely recommend you in the future!"

Connor (Mechanical Engineering Intern, Gulf Controls Company) - "They look great! Thanks."

Daniel (Early Career Mechanical Engineer) - "This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!!! I really appreciate it so much and can't wait to apply with these! I honestly see nothing that needs to be added or changed. Can't thank you enough. I feel more confident now with these."

Robert (eCommerce/Operations Manager/Marketplace Manager, TelQuest International) - "I read over the resume and am very happy with the result. I ran it by a few people and there isn't much of anything we would like to change. Again, thank you so much!"

Venus (Administrative Manager, Grodi & Sons Aluminum, LLC) - "I read through the attached cover letter and resume. I am very pleased! Thank you again."

Michelle (Operations Consultant, Let’s Play Soccer Inc.) - " I had my first interviews after my new resume, so thank you. My boyfriend wants to have his resume redone as well. Thank you."

Megan (Managed Services Engineer, Fusion Managed IT) - "LOOKS AMAZING MATT!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH"

Shannon (Community Relations Coordinator, Senior Helpers) - "Thank you Matt. Looks great."

Wendy (Senior Inventory Manager, Neff Rental LLC) - "Thanks so much for the completed resume. Also, I have someone interested in using your services. Thanks."

Ki (Moldflow Engineer/Mechanical Engineer, Samsung Electronics) - "I've reviewed the documents. I think they are really great! Thank you for your support."

Karthik (Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University) - "I liked the work you have done on my resume and cover letter. Thanks."

Kenasha (Site Start-Up Project Lead, InVentiv Health) - "Thank you so much for sending these along. The new documents are fantastic! I am so grateful for your help."

Shontae (Early Career Sports Management Professional) - "The cover letter and resume looks amazing, your services are greatly appreciated."

Greg (Contract Legal Document Reviewer, Hire Counsel) - "I am very pleased with the resume and cover letter. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to write a functional resume on my own, so thank you so much!"

Harry (Delivery Driver, FedEx Ground) - "I have looked over everything and it looks great. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make my resume look more professional and understandable to the regular person. I have been trying to do this for sometime. If I come across anyone that needs help with their resume I will surly point them in your direction."

Seth (Worldwide Support Manager of Technical Support, Nutanix) - "Thank you."

James (Plant Manager/General Manager, LKQ Corporation) - "It looks great! I'm very thankful that you put together such a detailed resume and cover letter."

Dan (Marketing and Technical Consultant, DBW Consulting, LLC) - "Thanks for getting this done. Again, THANK YOU!"

Ka-Wai (Senior Project Manager, Michelin) - "Wonderful. Thank you so much! Looks great!"

Crystal (Manager of Billing Operations & Customer Support, Waste Industries USA) - "Thanks for the resume changes. Thanks and I appreciate your help!"

Ryan (Adjunct Professor, Florida International University) - "Thanks for the documents -- they look very nice! This seems to be quite a radically different document from what I have been sending out. Thanks again, and it looks great!"

Rebecca (Key Leader, lululemon Athletica) - "Thank you so much Matt, This looks great! Thanks."

Chris (Regional Manager, Performance Point) - You are the man brother."

Calvin (Network Manager, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School) - "That looks pretty good. Thank you for putting so much effort into the resume and cover letter."  

Lisa Ann (Senior Research Technologist of New Product Development, Imerys) - "I was just quickly perusing the documents you sent and they look lovely. Have a great night! Thank you."

Raghu (Graduate Research Assistant, Auburn University) - "I just completed reviewing the documents. I love the cover letter, it's beautiful. Just what I was expecting. Also same with the resume, I really like that you highlighted my skills right at the top. The professional summary in the beginning is great. You conveyed a lot of good information. Thank you for the awesome products."

Clayton (Early Career HR Coordinator) - "Thanks Matt, everything looks great!!"

Erick (Business Development Specialist, Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC) - "Thank you for forwarding the resume and cover letter as promised and meeting the deadline. I have reviewed both documents and they are outstanding. It is very impressive the way you captured by professional profile and personal character. Your talent is very appreciated! Thank you."

Michael (Business Development Manager, Seven Bridges Supply/Piedmont National Corporation) - “Looks like great stuff! Am every impressed with it, particularly in the manner with which you were able cull & clean the document. Also, the insertions of the old “played out” verbiage that is so stale and useless in most resumes. You supercharged it!!"

Chris (Senior Clinical Research Director, Orthosensor, Inc) - "First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to rework my existing resume and create such an impactful cover letter."

Abby (Executive Specialty Representative, Virology (Virus) Specialty Division (HIV & HEP-C), Merck Pharmaceuticals) - "You are TRULY TALENTED!!! WOW!! You exceeded my expectations and truly highlighted my career. THANK YOU kindly. Grateful."

Ric (Co-Founder/President, MANO Americas) - "he resume looks great! I really like what you did with it. Thank you."

Katie (Leadership Consultant, Mercer Research LLC) - "Thank you so much for your work here. I really appreciate it."

Hector (Operations Manager, Michaels Stores, Inc.) - "I read both documents several times in order to get a good feeling about both of them. Let me tell you, I am pleased with your description. I could have not described myself with those sentences, even though they reflect much of the work and experience that I have as an employee in the U.S and other countries. Even though I do not know you, I am really grateful for your professionalism."

Marisa (Organizational Development/Learning & Development Manager, PACE Center for Girls, Inc. HQ) - "Thank you so much. It looks fantastic. Thank you."

Brian (Northern Georgia Commercial Manager, Brown Forman) - "Thanks Matt! This looks great."

Sharon (Safety, Security & National Risk Field Auditor, Chipotle Mexican Grille) - "It looks great. I am looking forward to reading your book."

Reggie (Chief Data Architect/Practice Manager, DataClarity Corporation) - "Great job on the rewrite! Take care and many thanks."

Lee (Early Career IT Specialist) - "Looks great Matt! Exactly what I needed to focus on my current skills and hit the necessary keywords. Thanks you so much for such a quick turn around on this project! Very impressed with your services and timeframe!"

Todd (Sales Representative, Kellogg Snacks) - "These look very good. Thanks."

Mark (Video Game Desinger/3D Modeler, Fire Hazard Entertainment) - "Thank you very much, they both look amazing!"  

Scott (Heavy Equipment Operator/Record-Keeper, Sanders Lead Company) - "Thank you so much for the professional assistance and timely return. It looks great! I believe I will get much better feedback with this going forward. Thanks."

Lavanya (RF Engineer, Gibson Technical Services Inc.) - "I received my documents and everything seems awesome. Thanks for your help."

Bryan (General Manager, Thumper’s Inc.) - "These look really good. Thank you very much!"

William (Account Manager, Costen Floors, Inc.) - "Everything looks great! Thank you!"

Darrell (Regional Distribution Center Manager, Steelcase Inc.) - "This looks very good. Thanks."

Narendra (Senior Project, Cognizant Technology Solutions) "Thank You. The document looks really good. This helps me to move next level with recruiters. Thank you for your help."

Heather (Anesthesia Training Supervisor, Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners/Hope Advanced Veterinary Center) - "Hi Matt! This resume is so beautiful! I can't wait to utilize this! I am beyond grateful. Have an amazing week!"

Logan (Consultant, Customer Experience, Windstream Communications) - "Matt - Love the new look and approach! It certainly a different approach than anything I would have come up with (which is a good thing). Thanks for talking my input and crafting it into something professional. Thanks so much!"

Christy (Business Analyst/Project Manager of the Data Management Department, Howard County Public School System) - "Thank you so much Matt! They look awesome! Thanks again!"

Scott (Wealth and Investment Management Intern, Wells Fargo) - "Thank you!"

Modupe (Histotechnologist/Lab Consultant, Skin Cancer Specialists) - "Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it. I am still reviewing but everything looks amazing thus far!"

Ameer (Senior Principal Software Engineer (Remote), Dell EMC Corporation) - "Wow-- it looks great! Thanks. Cheers."

Elizabeth (Corporate Communications Manager, PPD) - "These look good! It definitely helps to have an objective pair of eyes on my information! Thank you."

Dean (Senior Technical Product Consultant, AXISPoint Health, a McKesson Company) - "Thanks Matt, looks great!"

Daniel (Digital Marketing Specialist, Chetu, Inc.) - "I am very impressed with the professionalism and layout of this resume and cover letter. You have shed light on my experiences in a way that I did not realize before. Thank you very much! Thank you for your help, Matt!"

Gabriel (International Business Development Manager, TSE International (Timberland Group-Canada) - "Thank you. Looks great."

Kurlan (Engineering Manager, Enrema Energy Resource Management) - "I'm very satisfied with the resume and cover letter. Thanks."

Antoni (Solutions Specialist, Verizon Wireless) - "The content and wording of both the resume and CL are outstanding."

Calvin (Senior Applications Manager of Solutions Design & Application Support, Berry Global Group) - "I reviewed the resume and the cover letter, you did a great job. Everything looks good!!! Thanks for your help!"

Robert (Director of Athletic Operations, University of Miami) - "Thank you Matt! I read over both documents and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into both documents."  

Kenneth (Program Transition Lead/Service Desk Manager, System Research and Applications International, Inc.) - "My wife and I have looked it over and like the way it is....thank you very much."

Brian (CFO/Corporate Controller, J&J Management Services) - "Matt - these look great! I Appreciate how quickly you turned them around. Thanks, Brian."

Spencer (Early Career Mechanical Engineering Design Professional) - "It looks great, thank you for your services."

Kelley (Project and Product Manager/Forensic Senior Consultant | Ron Smith & Associates, Inc.) - "Matt it is looking good. Thanks."

Kannan (Senior Consultant/Engineer, Ciena Corporation) - "Thanks for documents. I am happy with the content. There is nothing to change. Thanks."

Vanessa (Administrative Supervisor, United States Marine Corps) - "Everything looks great! I don't see it needed revisions. Thanks!"

Kristin (Instructional Design Specialist, Workplace Options) - "Thank you so much! Have a great evening!"

Jenise (Manager, Court Services, Palm Beach County Government) - "This is exactly what I needed Matt. Great job! Thank you so much!"

Jared (Founder, Primal Empowerment) - "Thanks, Matt. The lingo looks good. Thanks."

Yenchun (Audit Supervisor, Office of the State Auditor) - "Thank you! It looks good. Thanks again for your help."

Alanoud (Department of Pathology Intern, Moffitt Cancer Center) - "The resume and cover letter and everything you helped with. I owe you so much, thank you thank you. You literally helped me reach a goal i have been working towards since as long as i could remember"

Lake (Manager of Corporate Events, PowerPlan, Inc.) - "Thank you so much for doing this and getting back to me so quickly! It looks great and will hopefully be very helpful in my job search! Thanks again!"

Berenice (Assistant Manager/APCS Consulting (Global), International Air Transport Association (IATA)) - "Hello Matt! Thank you so much for sending these to me before schedule. It is greatly appreciated."

Alfred (Chief Commercial Officer Travel Networks/SNTME JV Chairman, Sabre) - "Looks fine. I appreciate your support and guidance, thank you again."

Kerry (Senior Offering Manager - Cloud Professional Services, IBM) - "I love it!! I'll take a deeper look of it tonight, but so far it looks great!! My dad also mentioned only putting the most recent positions with the most details and only mentioning the older positions. I like the way you did that!!! I'll reply later this evening with any questions. Thank you!!!"

Lakshmi (SAP Manager/Technical Lead, Syniverse Technologies ) - "Thanks Matt. This resume certainly looks better than what I had before. Thanks."

Andre (Director of Engineering Operations, Comcast Corporation) - "I like the format and I think you did a great job of highlighting my attributes and accomplishments. Thanks again."

Anthony (Salesforce Administrator/Business Analyst, Encompass Digital Media) - "First, you are certainly great at what you do! You've exceeded my expectations, I love the flow and the delivery. I am beyond satisfied with your work and even more with the fast delivery."

Tim (Technician/Business Unit Leader, Goodrich / United Technologies Aerospace Systems) - "Looks great. Thanks."

Cher (Fleet & Commercial Solutions Specialist/Service Consultant, Mall of Georgia Ford/Berkshire Hathaway Automotive) - "I love it! I would like to discuss other services and another resume geared toward something else I want to do!"

Li (Marketing Director - Greater China Region, Fishing League Worldwide (FLW)) - "Thank you for your reply. I have reviewed your work, it was very professional. Thank you."

Tiffany (Access Consciousness Life Coach and BARS Facilitator, Self-Employed) - "Wow! It looks great! It looks magnificent."

Andrew (Systems Support Technician, World Class Distribution, Inc.) - "All looks good to me...and incredibly well written. Consider the first version approved."

Jay (Critical Environment Instrumentation Program Manager, Schneider Electric) - "It looks really good. I didn't know I was that awesome. Thanks Matt."

Michael (Consumer Advocate, Virginia Disability Commission, Virginia General Assembly) - "Many thanks!"

Angela (Location Control Monitor, Walgreens Distribution Center) - "Hi, They all look great!!! Thank you very much, Angela."

Russ (Assistant Manager Operations, Homegoods) - "It looks very good. I appreciate the work on the documents! Again, thank you for your hard work."

Tara (Marketing Client Associate, Wells Fargo) - "Thank you Matt, it is gorgeous!"

Luis (Regional Manager, FSA Logistix) - "This looks great thank you!"

Somya (Instruction Designer/Online Instructor, Pennsylvania State University) - "Thank you very much. Looks good!"

Carolyn (Regional Operations Consultant, Zurich North America) - "Thank you for the excellent work!"

Joanne (Mortgage Loan Processor, LenderLive LLC-PHH Mortgage Services) - "Both docs are amazing!"

Salman (Dealer Services Analyst, Ford Motor Credit) - "Thank you so much, it looks fantastic!"

Evrena (Admission Representative/Recruiter, Florida Career College) - "What a phenomenal job you have done with my resume. I thank you so much for all your hard work. I have referred my brother to you to help him as well."

Regina (Pretrial Release Officer I, Fulton County Superior Court) - "I looked over the resume and I am excited about its potential. I think the resume and cover letter look great! As I receive calls from potential employers, I look forward to referring your services to my family, friends and co-workers. Thank you for your services it has been a pleasure"

Jeremy (Deputy Director, Jacksonville Onslow Economic Development) - "I think they are excellent! Money well spent. Thank you!"

Matt (Senior Vice President & Portfolio Risk Manager-Retail Credit Administration | BB&T ) - "Hey Matt, Love the layout and design. Thanks."

Rob (Logistics and Purchasing Manager, Pulp and Paper Division, Andritz Iggesund Tools, Inc) - "Definitely different from my resume format. 😊 Thanks."

Justin (Corporate Program Manager, CERTON Software, Inc.) - "Looks awesome Matt! this is exactly what I was hoping would come from this. Definitely satisfied and I will get your name out there to any peers that are in need of a resume touch up. Thank you!"

Dr. Bill (Owner/Partner/Plastic Surgeon, Hunstad Kortesis Plastic Surgery & MedSpa) - "I think that everything looks good."

Gordon (Producer, Shadefest Music Festival) - "First of all, these look terrific! I really appreciate it!!! Thanks so much again!!!!"

Luis (Partner/Director, Boulder Technology LLC/BTecnia Services) - "I want to thank you for an outstanding job, I'm really happy with the results so far."

Joe (President/Chief Operations Officer (COO)/Advisory Board Member, Geniecast Learning Platforms) - "Thanks Matt."

Porsche (Physical Access Controls Operations Analyst, Duke Energy) - "This is great, thank you so much!"

Deborah (Director of Wellness/Director of Active Living, Galloway Ridge Inc/Duke University Health System) - "Thanks so much Matt."

Alicia (IT Manager, Gaumard Scientific) - "Thanks!"

Jenny (Senior Medical Writer, Merck Early and Late Phase Project, ExecuPharm, Inc.) - "I have only had a chance to look this over briefly but it looks amazing. I'll look at it more closely in the morning and get back to you. Thank you SO much." (LATER) "I just looked these over more closely and I'm thrilled. I will get to writing your review today and will be recommending you! Thanks again!"

Wayne (E-7 (Sergeant First Class)/Operations Sergeant, Ministry of National Guard) - "Dude you are awesome thank you."

Pardeep (Global Manufacturing Manager, Kimberly Clark Corporation) - "Thank you providing the resume. This is much better than what i had before. Thanks."

Marco (Program Management Officer/Executive Direction and Management (EDM), United Nations HQ, Geneva) - "Very nice! Thank you!"

Galen (SAS IT Manager/SSOD Platform Administrator, SAS Institute, Inc.) - "I'm satisfied with what you've done with the resume and cover letter. I'd call me :-)."

Brandon (Digital Product Developer/Web Manager, Pilot Media) - "So I’ve reviewed the updates you have made several times and they are both just completely the total opposite end of the spectrum from what I would have done; which, in and of itself is just perfect and the reason why I retained your services in the first place because, obviously, what I have been doing has not been working. I can see where you created, massaged, copied, templated, flared, personalized, etc. and really changed it out from what it previously was. I see where you omitted certain jobs and dates and made an effort to focus around the core career goal in mind. I can also see how you changed fonts and styles to fit in a certain parameter; which, I’m assuming are for a particular reason; e.g. what works best when hiring manager’s review. With that said, I’m not going to change anything about either the resume or cover letter and put 110% full faith plus trust in you as you obviously truly believe in your work and take passion in delivering on time if not sooner. Thanks."

Brandon (Enterprise Modernization Consultant, Microsoft) - "Thank you Matthew. The resume and cover letters are excellent. Please let me know how I can leave positive feedback I will definitely recommend you to some of my colleagues."

Russel (IT Programs Manager, Florida Power & Light/NextEra Energy) - "Thanks Matt. Thanks so much for your services. I really appreciate it."

Carla (Industrial Specialist/Senior Continuous Process Improvement Specialist, Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic, NAS Oceana) - "I am good with the resume, and appreciate your services."

Tim (Shop Foreman, CIT Trucks) - "Looks good to me. Thanks."

Derek (VP of Finance, Altman Development Corp) - "Thanks, this is a great resume."

Scott (Administrative/Logistics Professional, JetBlue) - "It looks great and displays me in a very professional manner. Thank you."

Heidi (Sametime Advisory Customer Support Manager, IBM Corporation) - "Thank you! I do think they look really good and more in line with other external resumes I have seen. Thanks again."

Stephanie (Senior Event Meeting Planner, JW Marriott Marquis & Hotel Beaux Arts) - "Thank you so much for this. It looks great!"

Douglas (Warehouse Manager, Legendary Meats) - "I like the resume. Thanks."   

Ashlee (Senior Manager Internal & Executive Communications, Harris Corporation) - "This is great Matt. Thank you so much. I have reviewed and appreciate the hard work."

Joseph (Real Estate Paralegal, Piercey & Associates Ltd.) - "I finally got around to reviewing the resumes. Great job, btw! I'm satisfied with it overall. Thanks!"

Andrew (Vice President, Columbia County Chamber of Commerce) - "Looks good."

Anthony (Sales Performance Manager, YP) - "Thank you Matt! Read thru quick and WOW... glad I hired you! (LATER) First off.. thank you so much for getting this done so fast for me. I'm blown away at how good this looks. Please let me know where I should post a review for you. This is a bit shocking to turn this around so fast."

Hope (Client Services Manager, Franklin Street) - "Wow. Really, wow. So good. Thank you very much. Thank you!"

Elisa (Director of Marketing, Microsoft Inc., Latin America & Brazil) - "The resume looks great! Thank you."

Camilo (Senior Account Manager, GEMALTO) - "I really like the resume and cover letter."

Harry (CTO, Core Sound Images) - "Dude: You are so on my Christmas list for the year! I’m loving the bold format, etc. you have mastered. Many thanks again!!!"  

Alison (Oncology/General Case Manager RN, Florida Blue) - "Thank you again for stellar job on my resume. You know your market, and you have captured my talents well."  

Alex (Senior Account Manager, NEXUSIDEAS) - "Thank you so much for this material. I'm so impressed and glad about the result; I like the way that you exposed my profile and simplicity of the language."

Harry (Associate Dean of the College for Student Development and International Student Services, Moorehouse College) - "Good morning! I have to confess that you exceeded my expectations. The resume looks great! A confidant & recruiter said that I was too modest & needed to make a bolder statement in resume presentation - really selling my brand. Your work has given me that bolder edge I was looking for! Many thanks. You’ve done great work. Really like what you’ve done here!"

Luis (Controller, Breakthru Beverage Florida) - "Thanks a lot for this, it's a big step up from what I had. I've already started sending them out. Also, there have been a couple of people that have asked about your services so I'll make sure to let them know to mention my name so you know where they came from. Thanks again!"

Jasmine (Police Office I, Richmond Police Department) - "The documents were exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate your help."

Erik (Account Executive, Student Debt Doctor) - "Thank you so much Matt. Both the cover letter and resume look great."

Jon-Wayne (Investigative Research Specialist, U.S. Marshals Service) - "I think it looks good."

Nidhi (National Accounts Manager, Trade Show Supply) - "Looks GREAT...Thank you so much with gratitude."

Franco (Managing Member, Craving Crusher LLC) - "Thank you Matt!! Thanks again I will be referring you more business!!!

Diane (Licensed Foster Parent, Self-Employed) - "Thank you Matt, You make me sound like I'm ready to get a CEO job! Thank you again!"

Cliff (Safety Data Officer, FlightSafety International) - "Thank you."  

Leslie (Sales and Service Account Manager, Sapa Extrusion North America) - "Thank you!! I think it is fantastic. So grateful for the wording and identity you have shaped for me. Thank you."

Melissa (Director of Business Development & Provider Recruitment, TinkBird Healthcare Staffing) - "The resumes look great."

Todd (LTL Refrigerated Trucking Route Manager, Refrigerated Express, LLC) - "Your skill and professionalism are truly demonstrated in the documents you have provided. Your ability to condense many years of random work experience into a logical formatted representation of my accomplishments is that of a master. Thank you very much! Thanks again, Great work...."

Ravindra (Senior Oracle DBA Consultant, Alltech Consultancy) - "Documents Look Perfect. Thanks a lot for your help."

Saugato (Senior Principal, Infosys Management Consulting) - "It looks good. Thanks."

Jennifer (Human Resources Specialist, UT Foundation ) - "These are great. Thanks Matt!"

Dawit (Project Engineer, Michelin North America) - "The cover letter and resume are really great! I like how you are able to say so much with so little words :) Thanks.:"

John (Intern, Emory University) - "Everything looks good. Thank you for all you have done."

Jeremy (Staffing Assistant, Holy Cross Hospital) - "I’ve gone over the documents and everything looks great! Thank you!"  

Vanessa (Manager, Bojanini Art Gallery ) - "The cover letter and resume are perfect! I have no edits. Thank you very much for all your help!"     

Ralf (Product Manager of Engineering, Cisco Systems, Software, Systems & Operations) - "Thanks for sending this. I like what you did with the resume! The brevity is great and was badly needed! Cheers!"

Brian (General Manager, Great Wolf Lodge) - "Thanks Matt! These look great. Stellar work and am happy to write a recommendation to colleagues!”

Moses (Senior Analyst, HCL Technologies) - "Thank you for delivering a clear and perfect resume with an outstanding format! It really brings up what was missing while selling myself out. I will definitely recommend you on LinkedIn for your skills in presenting the hidden information out of people’s experience. I will start to apply for jobs with confidence now. Many thanks."

Liz (Technical Account Manager (Remote), Badgeville) - "Everything looks great! Thanks."

Mike (Executive Director of MIS, Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) - "Don’t know if I replied to this email saying thanks. I was happy with outcome. Appreciate your help."

Suchit (Statistical and Research Analyst III, Department of Medicine, MUSC) - "I appreciate your efforts on preparing my resume. It looks great. I had only a vague idea what it might translate into. The shortened version is more appealing than the original. Thanks."

Charles (Estimator/Project Manager, Moss-Marlow Building Company) - "Just wanted you to know that I shared your work (both versions) with a counselor at NC Jobs Career Center. They provide services such as résumé assistance and résumé review. He was very impressed! In fact, he raved about how well you were able to condense the long version into the short version. I'll include this experience in my LinkedIn review. Thanks so much."

Lucía (Site Manger 1 - Late Phase Research | QuintilesIMS) - "Wow Matt! Thank you so much, it looks super professional and I couldn't do it better. I'm starting to use this format right now. Have a nice week! Hope to work with you soon."

Falak (Senior Engineer, Quality One Wireless) - "Thank you for putting wonderful resume together. Thank you."

Bob (Manager of Information Systems, Dollar Express, LLC) - "The resume looks good. Thank you."

Jared (Mechanical Design Engineer, GE-Hitachi) - "Everything looks great!"  

Joseph (Special Projects Engineer, International Component Repair) - "Good afternoon Matt, thank you for doing a great job with the resume and cover letter! Everything looked really good, and I don’t think I will require any changes. Thank you again."

Chuck (Development Consultant/Development Manager/CON Preparation/Construction/Renovation Manager, Affinity Living Group) - "You’ve made me sound pretty awesome! Thanks."

Annie (Freelance Contributor, Reductress) - "Hey Matt, this is great!"

Karl (Project Office IT Business Consultant, BB&T) - "I am simply "blown away" by the resume and cover letter! They are nothing short of spectacular! Thank you, thank you."

Holly (Outpatient Services Counselor Intern, DACCO) - "The resume and cover letter sound great! Thanks."

Clint (Area Operations Manager, First Coast Security) - "These look great! That cover letter is amazing. Thanks."

Dayna (Director of Elections, Cleveland County Board of Elections) - "The resume and cover letter look great. Thank you."

Nilvette (Care Navigator, Planned Parenthood of New York City) - "Thank you very much for taking the time to write both my resume and cover letter, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you again for your assistance."

Christopher (Senior Account Manager, Retriever Merchant Solutions) - "I wanted to first say thank you for your help. As someone who's tweaked his resume several times, none of my tweaks could come close to the resume you created for me here. This resume gives me the confidence I've been waiting for to go out into the job market and land my dream job. Thank you again for your help!"

Damon (Intake Manager, Department of Veteran Affairs) - "Thank you for the excellent work on the resume update."

Harry (Technical Support Analyst, Convergys) - "Great job! You took 3 pages of confusing details and provided a concise summary of my accomplishments and goals. I will post my recommendation on Linked in as well. I know it is hard for older professionals with a lot of experience to present themselves in a specific manner for a target audience. I gave you my resume and my goals and you delivered. Thank you again."

Delsy (Assistant Store Manager, Tumi Stores, Inc.) - "I am back from vacation, and I took the time to go through the Resume. Looks amazing, I really loved it. It is so much enriched. Thanks a lot! Your are amazing!"

Nick (Early Career Mechanical Engineer) - "Everything looks great! I am completely happy with the documents."

Cynthia (Substitute Teacher, Gwinnett County Public Schools) - "Just completed review of both documents! Wow.......excellent!!! I love it!!! Thank you so very much!!!"  

Jonathan (Assistant Category Manager, Harris Teeter Inc.) - "This is great! I'm very impressed."

Richard (Materials Administrator, Lufthansa Technik) - "You did an outstanding job with my resume, thank you sir!"

Jennifer (Assistant Operations Manager, CORT Furniture Rental) - "Thank you! I am very happy with your work!"

Duke (Purchasing, Logistics and Production Planner, SK Fingerjoint) - "This looks amazing! Thanks!"

Pete (Ship Superintendent, Gulf Marine Repair) - "They look GREAT!!!! Thank you!"

Shirley (Self-Employed Property Manager) - " I like how you updated the resume and made it "current" to what employers are looking for."

Mike (Senior Manager Production Planning/Master Scheduler, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company) - "Looks good, thanks."

Joshua (Director of Sales, 3N2 Sports) - "Thank you very much for the work. I really like everything."

AJ (National Sales Manager, FOX Sports/21st Century FOX) - "Thank you. It looks great. Thank you again."

Slate (Field Technician, LQT) - "Looks great."

Chris (Lead Consultant, Comsys, Inc.) - “All I can say is, Wow!  You provided exactly what I was hoping for.  I review hundreds of candidate resumes a year, and there are probably only 4 or 5 that are truly well written.  This is one of those!  I was afraid that I would need two different resumes, one technical and one business, but you’ve successfully combined them into one fantastic resume.  And extra points for 2 pages!  I have a theory that any resume over 3 pages means trouble from a candidate. Anyway, thanks again for the incredible job, and the amazing turnaround time.  I’ll certainly be happy to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn, and wherever else you like. By the way, the cover letter is fantastic too!  I gushed so much about the resume, I forgot to thank you for that as well.”

Bill (Technical Lead, Envision HealthCare Solutions) - "Matt, everything looks great!"

Shawn (Senior Vice President, R.E. Harris Holdings, LLC) - "Wow. I am blown away by this. I love all you have done. I would hire me." 

Aaron (Clinical Trial Project Manager/Project Coordinator II, Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)) - "Many thanks for your help."

Donna (Manager of Engineering, Wacker Polysilicon North America) - "The resume and cover letter are accurate and well organized. I wish I had taken the time to consult with a professional resume preparer before. I appreciate you assistance. I have to admit, you make me sound like the right person for the job."

Tory (Entry-Level Museum Professional) - "Wow! These are amazing! Thank you so much! Thank you for getting these to me in such a timely manner and I really appreciate all of your hard work!"  

Bill (Technical Lead, Envision HealthCare Solutions) - "Matt, everything looks great. Thank you."  

Melanie (Vice President III-Client Management, Mortgage Specialists International, LLC) - "I think the resume looks really good! Thank you so much! I am referring a friend and coworker!"

Bridget (Emergency Services Communication Specialist, University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center - Emergency Medical Services) - "You make me sound intelligent and very capable! I cannot thank you enough, I feel like these are strong representations of the skills and characteristics that I want employers to notice and hire me for!"

James (Shop Foreman, O’Briens HVAC Service Company) - "Everything looks great, you know how to word things."

Dan (Tactical Action Officer - USS Abraham Lincoln, United States Navy) - "Thanks so much for your assistance with this. I think it all looks great and reads really well. I don’t see anything that needs edited at this point. I appreciate your fast work and professional approach."

Juan (Sales Supervisor, Michael Kors) - "Thanks a lot for the great work. From what I can tell everything looks good! Thanks."

Michael (Software Development Intern, iRepertoire, Inc.) - "These look beautiful. I will let you know if I have any concerns. Thanks."

Hassan (Chief of Operations, United States Army) - "Thank you very much, it looks great. You did an amazing job."

LeeAnn (Director of Marketing, University of Miami) - "This is truly fantastic! Thank you! Very happy with your work."

Padma (Technical Support Manager, SumTotal Systems) - "The resume looks good. Thanks!"

Michael (Assistant Operations Manager, Tamraz’s Parts) - " think you did an outstanding job with the resume/cover letter and wanted to thank you for a job well done. I'm not sure any revisions on your end are necessary. Again, thank you for your time and dedication, I feel much more confident sending out my new resume to perspective employers!"

Chris (Millwright/Plant Maintenance/Machine Mechanic, Romac Industries) - "Hey Matt, looks great! This looks really nice."

Angel (Loss Prevention Specialist, The Home Depot) - "It looks good. Thank you again."  

Martha (Senior Mortgage Underwriter, Agfirst Farm Credit Bank) - " I did get an offer with your new resume for due diligence and have accepted. Thank you!"  

Jamie (Volunteer Patient Transport, Wellstar’s Kennestone Hospital) - "Everything looked fantastic."

Sandeep (Lead Consultant-SAP BW/BI/HANA, Infosys Limited) - "Hi Matt, Really appreciate your efforts in drafting my resume. I did get call from my targeted company, with the resume you prepared. Thanks once again!"

Jacoppo (Field Safety Supervisor, ECI) - "Thank you."

Mary (Customer and Business Coordinator, Computer Information Systems, Inc.) - "It looks amazing, thank you so much for your work."

Matt (HR Professional, PalletOne, Inc.) - "Hey Matt, this looks awesome."

Dylan (Inbound Operations Manager, Toys R Us Logistics) - "Wow looks great Matt, thank you."

Jeffrey (Senior Enterprise Manager, Spectrum Enterprise Solutions) - "This looks very good."  

Jesse (Southeast Account Manager, Zebra Technologies) - "Matt this looks good."

Tyler (Senior Supervisor Operational Support, XPO Logistics) - "Looks good, can wait to get it out there. Thanks."

Mike (Instructional Designer and Project Specialist, Cisco Systems, Inc.) - "I like what I see!"  

Susan (Interim Director of Administration, Ohio Dominion University) - "I think it's perfect! Thanks!"

Raul (Customer Success Service Manager, Juniper Networks) - "These look excellent! I appreciate your services and will be sure to refer my fellow friends/previous colleagues to you that are currently in the job hunting market."

Tien (Game Designer, Glu Mobile) - "I have an onsite interview with Amazon in 2 weeks, so things are moving rather fast for me. I really appreciate that help you guys have given me in terms of strengthening my resume."  

Yannick (Project Manager, CNB Beneteau Group) - "I just got the documents. It looks perfect for me! Done and well done! Many thanks for your work and reactivity."

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Stephen (Project Director/Consultant, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions) - "Matt, thanks for bringing my resume and cover letter into the 21st Century. The wording and layout are very much improved. Like your blog, too! Thanks for everything! I'm recommending you to a friend in case they are still looking."

Susan (Senior Customer Insights Strategist, SAS Institute) - "I have reviewed my resume. Very nice job!"

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Brett (International Business Development and Account Manager, LUVU Brands) - "Thank you for sending these back to me. Overall I am very happy with how it all sounds."

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Lee (Entry-Level Aircraft Mechanic) - "Thank you, Matt."

Megan (Product Specialist, ModCloth) - "Matt was wonderful! Thanks!"

Debbie (Senior Costume Artist, Concept Art/Production Art) - "Speaking with Matt this morning went well. He was easy to talk to, and the notes he left for me on my resume where easy to understand, and he answered all my questions. I'm working to make the edits he suggested and fix the format of my resume today (which is already looking better), and he offered to look over the edited version too. All in all: he's great so far. Thank you for asking and for all the help so far!"

Tim (Equestrian Business Director, Tim Forster Equestrian) - "Excellent. Perfect, thanks for that. Great job. Very happy client!!!"

Nonny (Customer Relations Representative, S:FLEX) - "Thank you so much for your work. This is heads down what I wanted to read! Thanks Matt."

Matt (Site Supervisor, Securitas) - "Thank you for your diligence at producing quality documents."

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Dave (Senior Analyst, Total Wine and More) - "Wow!  That is amazing! Thank you so much!"

Rebecca (Training Intake and Project Manager, MedExpress Urgent Care/United Health Group) - "Wow...these docs are amazing!!! Thank you so much!"

Marco (Sales and Marketing Manager, Piedmontech LLC) - "Thank you so much for the attachments. They look very professional and good."

Komninos (Associate Manager, Golden Corral) - "I reviewed my resume and think it's really great and worded perfectly."

Steve (Team Foreman, Ericcson) - "Looks and sounds fantastic! Matt, thank you for once again hooking me up. You and your organization are simply the best. Cheers!"

Tony (Specialty Sales Representative-CPAP/BIPAP Division, United Medical) - “First of all I would like to thank you for your help with my resume and cover letter. They look really good!"

Ty (Acting Manager/Marketing Representative, Advanced Imaging Centers) - "Thank you, I never would have thought to put it together this way. It's very well spoken."

James (Team Leader, Toyota Boshoku) - "It all looks great! Just want to thank you for the time and effort you put into my resume and for your advice and insight. I will use this and the cover letter going forward."

Endre (Electrical Inspector, NYC Department of Buildings) - "Hi Matt, excellent job. The cover letter and resume are fantastic. Thanks."

Eric (Environmental Health and Safety/Operations Intern, Parker Hannifin) - "Good afternoon, over the weekend I reviewed the documents and realized that all the correct information was there. There were few minor modifications I made in terms of organizing it, but the information was spot on. I really appreciate the help. Thanks again."

Anoir (Group Director of Marketing and Sales, Al Rashid S. Al Rashid & Sons) - "Thank you Matt, it looks much better."

Sean (Warehouse Supervisor, Interstate Warehousing) - "Thanks for the resume and cover letter.  They both look great. Thanks."

Cherise (Manager, Morgan Stanley) - "Thank you Matt for my tuned Up resume, wish I would've done this a months ago."

David (Partner, Mars Realty LLC) - "Thank you for all your help. The resume and cover letter are fantastic. I'm very pleased with the service you provided. Best to you."

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Joseph (Outside Sales Representative, Costco Wholesale) - "Thank you very much for your services. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter look amazing and incredibly versatile. I am going to start applying to some great positions very soon."

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Roger (Engineering Teaching Assistant-Dwight Look College of Engineering, Texas A&M University) - "I really appreciate the quick delivery and I am extremely happy with the finished product. Thanks."

Christianna (Program Coordinator, New York City Bar Association) - "It's really good! This looks really nice! Thank you!"

Gina (Client Services Manager, Unicom Systems) - "The resume, cover letter and LinkedIn look great to me. Fantastic. Thank you for your assistance."

Matthew (Owner/CEO, AMBRO Style, LLC) - Resume is super solid. Great job Matt."

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Louis (Entry Level Finance Student, Manhattan University) - "Thank you so much!!!"

Patrick (Reserve Analyst, PM+) - "Thanks! The resume and cover letter look great."

Charles (Independent Consultant/Senior Business Project Manager, ICARE) - "Great job. The resume is taking shape and looking great."

Ariel (Regional Operations Manager/Equipment Operator-California and North Dakota, Union Hydro-Excavation) - "Hi Matt, Just wanted to let you know that after submitting my impressive resume just 2 days after it was finished, I already have an interview scheduled for an area manager position. By translating my skills and experience into the proper wording, your resume writing skills placed me well above my peers! I feel confident that I will be selected and I just wanted to again say THANK YOU!"

Dylan (Operations Manager, Certified Drivers) - "Thank you so much it looks great."

Dexter (HPE Virtual Private Cloud – Quality Assurance Manager II, Hewlett-Packard Company) - "Thank you for your wonderful job."

Yuliang (Operations Analytics Intern, Sunlight Financial LLC) - "Hi Matt! I saw your finished document and I like it a lot!!! Thanks Matt!"

Kavir (Petroleum Engineering Trainee-Production Operations, Petrotrin) - "The resume is fine as is now. Thanks again Matt."

Randall (Customer Sales Associate, Lowe’s Home Improvement, LLC) - "Got it! Looks great! Thank you, thank you!"

Rayden (Implementation and Client Services Intern, ADP, LLC) - "I don't think that I'll be needing any changes because everything looks great! I'm sure I'll do just fine job searching thanks to you! Thanks again."

Troy (Loss Control Representative, IAT Insurance Group) - "Man the resume and cover letter look great. Exciting times!!!Thanks for all your help Matt! I really feel hopeful working with you during this unexpected period of personal discovery."

Liz (Director of Philanthropy, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research) - "I am super happy with the resume. Thank you!"

Lori (Principal Sales Representative-Western Michigan, Medtronic) - "Viewed the finished resume….it looks great. Thanks!"

Steven (Regional Operations Manager/Equipment Operator-California, Husky Hydrovac LLC) - "I was able to review my resume and I think you've done an outstanding job!!! I also had my colleague and a couple of hiring managers within our industry to give me their feedback from a hiring management perspective and they said it was really comprehensive and a useful foundation to pull from when you prepare tailored resumes to specific job postings. I'm extremely excited with the results so far and I appreciate your help!"

Chris (Branch Manager, SGS N. America, Inc.) - "I like the resume and cover letter a lot. Thank you."

Sharon (Director, Human Resources, Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC) - "Great job, thank you!"

Karen (General Manager, Serenade Leather) - "Thank you for written up my resume. How could you summaries 10 years of work experiences and point out my professional skills within 2.5 pages? It is amazing! Look forward to seeing the cover letter."

Jennifer (Chief Deputy Registrar, Kenosha County Register of Deeds) - "Thank you for sending me my completed resume.  I am pleased with it. Very nicely written summary. Thank you for your time."

Ambra (Dental Hygienist, Shwetha Rodrigues DDS, PC, Chester Dental Care) - "The documents look great.”

Kyle (Merchandising Manager, Lowes) - "Thanks."

John (Freelance Art Director/UX/UI/Product Development) - "I can see an improvement in the language. Thank you kind sir!"

Rebecca (Registered Nurse – Oncology, PeaceHealth Medical Group) - "Everything looks great."

Robert (CEO/CFO/COO/Sales, Private Client Resources, LLC) - "I reviewed the first draft and like it a lot. Thank you in advance."

Patricia (Consultant/Business Analyst, Cargill Competitive Excellence) - "It looks great. Thank you."

Antonio (Director at the Premier Sports Campus, Premier Sports Campus/LWR Sports, LLC) - "Matt looked over the paper work. Over all looks good. Thanks again for your help."

Haonan (Data Analyst, Fahai Risk Control Company) - "Thanks for writing my resume so beautiful."

Larry (Scaffold General Foreman/Superintendant, Brand Energy & Infrastructure LLC) - "Looks good Matt, thank you for your hard work."

Nicholas (Outreach and Admissions Coordinator, Convalo Healthcare International) - "You helped me a while back to write a resume, and it was impeccable. Thank you!"

Carmelitha (Accounting Manager/Senior Fixed Assets Analyst, Southwest Water Company) - "I hope you had an amazing holiday. Thank you for the quick turn around on my resume. It looks awesome! Thanks."

Marshall (Bay Area Business Development Manager, Badger Daylighting) - "I have had time to review my new Cover Letter and New Resume. The new format looks great. Am very excited to have this new set of tools for job hunting 2017! Thanks again."

Emily (Customer Service Representative, OtterProducts) - "Thank you for your patience with getting back to you regarding my cover letter and resume over the busy holiday weekend. The overall appearance and word flow of my documents are nicely done and I like the layout. I am happy with this draft. Thank you!"

Anik (Manager, RaceWay/Highland Petroleum Inc.) - "Hi Matt, I really appreciate you taking the time to work on my resume and make it look a lot more presentable. I am currently uploading it on job sites like LinkedIn and and applying to openings. Thank you once again."

Scott (Sales Engineer, Contech Engineered Solutions) - "I like what I see in the resume."

Jude (Senior Project Manager, Excelsior Management Consulting) - "Thanks a lot. I think it looks good and I am happy. Thanks."

Manish (Senior Service Engineer/Service Engineer, Yahoo!) - "Thanks Matt."

Drenda (Radiologic Technologist | KERLAN-JOBE Sports Clinic) - I really like the way you put my resume together. Thanks Matt!"

Frank (Senior Vice President of Marketing, Entertainment One Films) - "Thank you sir. Looks great!!"

Kenny (Owner/Operator, Cabo Taco Baja Grill) - "Thank you, just what I needed, I should have used your services a month ago. Now my resume fits the craft beer industry I am after. I am also going to need a resume and cover letter for the restaurant industry, I will be applying for restaurant management positions as well. Can I request that you do them for me?"

Jared (Freelance Advertising & Marketing Copywriter) - "The new resume is great and a lot more personable. Thank you."

LeeAnn (Retail Consultant, Sprint) - "The resume looks great!"

Mercy (Entry Level Flight Attendant) - "Thank you Matt, I really love the way you described me as a professional waitress and customer service rep. Now I need to get this translated in French. Ciao for now."

Fatih (Senior Project Manager, Det-Tronics (UTC BIS) - "That is it! Well done! Thanks a lot!"

Nichol (911 Dispatcher, Elgin Police Department) - "Kudos on the stellar job on my resume!! I’m highly impressed with your skills. Thank you so much Matt!"

Elizabeth (Assistant VP/Mortgage Production Project Analyst/Pipeline Manager, BB&T) - "I did get a chance to read over the resume and cover letter. The information is great, you made me sound waaay more important than I actually feel most days, for sure! I realize I have a lot of sales and team management experience. Thanks!"

Jordan (Operations Manager, Rejuice Nutrition) - "Matt was extremely helpful and did a great job with my CV. Thanks for the great customer service, it doesn’t go unnoticed."

Judith (Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Genoptix Medical Laboratory, a Novartis Company) - "I was very unhappy with the resume that another writer put together, this one is much much better. THANKS SO MUCH!"

Stephanie (Part-Time Faculty Director of the Collaborative Theater Practice, The New School University's College of Performing Arts) - "Thank you so much for sending the draft! I am sorry I did not realise it was up so many days ago, I apologise for not getting back to you sooner. The proficiencies and professional profile terms are wonderful. You Sir, are a resume language genius! Thank you so much for your time!"

Lisa (Special Assistant to the CEO/Notary Public, Educator's Advancement Group) - “MATT! THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! YOU GUYS ROCK! LOVE THIS RESUME & COVER LETTERS! I completely love both my new resume and cover letter! I love what Matt wrote!! I appreciate all your help! Sorry this is so short (i’m actually at work on a break!), but this is the very first chance I've gotten to see it!  So totally happy and excited! Thank you for making me look like a rock star!  I could never put into such beautiful words what it is that I do!  You have such amazing gifts of writing! Thank you again!  I'll yelp ya!  Both times I've asked MJW Careers to help me out -  I have been in awe!  But this time, even more so!  I love that you changed it up so perfectly!   Thank you for running with it - and knowing what is best!  So many people say what an outstanding resume I have in the way it reads as well as the appearance! Thank you again!  Blessings and love to you!”

Brian (General Manager, ServiceMaster Restoration by Calwest) - "I think it looks great."

Max (Senior Hacker, SAP) - "Good! Good organization, lots of good content. Thanks."

Franklin (Core Network IP Backbone Support Expert, Shabakkat) - " I received the completed document and I am happy with it. Simple and elegant. Let's see how many job interview I am going to receive. Thanks."

Glen (Project Manager, Boaen Mechanical Contractor, Inc.) - "They look good thank you!"

Mike (Master Automobile Technician, General Motors) - “Thanks again for your help and quick work!”

Bindiya (Senior Director of Global Revenue Delivery, Mode Media) - "Thanks for this!"

Joaquin (Surgical/OR Pharmacist, Orange Park Medical Center) - "Looks awesome. Great job!"

Peter (Mortgage Trader, Seaport Investment Management) - "Hi Matt, i received the resume. Thank you. I think it looks really good Matt."

Sonja (Director, Live Strategies Group) - "Thank you so very much. I'm pleased with what you have written. I will share with a few people to see if I should make any changes but to me it's perfect it. Thank you so much."

Lissette (Office Manager, The Homeschool Connection) - "Looks great! It's perfect! Thanks so much and a very Happy Thanksgiving!"

Angela (Senior Account Executive, Novo Nordisk, Inc) - "Thank you for this. I can see you made definite changes and added valuable content. Thank you again."

Emily (Management Trainee, Enterprise Rent-A-Car) - "Thank you for your wonderful work."

Thomas (Security Officer, Boeing Company) - "Looks Great!"

Richard (Director of Culinary Services, Community Rehabilitation) - "Thanks for the quick turn around on my resume, it looks good. Thank you."

Jason (Director of Executive and Employee Communications, Sprint) - "Thank you for your help with this."

Steve (Technician, Pacific Telemanagement Services) - "Everything written sounds decent. Great job thus far."

Mohamed (Operations Manager, Murabaha Finance) - "Great job!"

Abdullah (Prosecutor, Kuwait Ministry of Justice) - "The work on my CV was excellent. Matt's work was fantastic! I ordered the work to be done in two days, he did it within two hours!! Professional work!! Thanks Matt!! Thanks!!"

Raghu (Senior Solutions Architect, Coke One North America) - "Thanks a lot Matt. Looks good."

Michael (Assistant Operations Manager/Commercial Manager, Tri-k Inc.) - "Perfect resume. Thank you."

Alan (GS-13/Budget Coordinator, Social Security Administration) - "Both of the cover letter and resume look really good. I read through both and there's nothing initial that I can think of that needs any tweaking. The new formatting and highlighting of skills rather than tasks performed is exactly what I needed. Thanks for the hard work."

Chongmin (Entry-Level Budget Analyst) - "Your works look so great. Thank you for your great work!!!"

Sonta (Supply Sergeant/Procurement Specialist-Senior Noncommissioned Officer, US Army) - "I love my government resume. Thanks."

Alexandra (Sales Operations Manager of Global Payments, Blackbaud) - "Thank you again for your help with this.  This is a HUGE improvement. Thank you so much."

Suyesh (Software Developer, New York City Department of Transportation) - "Very awesome!"

Jacen (Associate Recruitment Manager, Pearson) - "Everything looks great!"

Nick (Field Avionics Technician, General Atomics-ASI) - "The documents look outstanding! Thanks for the great work and thank you for the prompt reply! I look forward to submitting my resume next week."

Lewis (Station Manager, WLVF Gospel 90.3 FM) - "Both documents look great! Thanks for your service & expertise."

Sylvia (Owner and Operator, Tease Salon) - “I received all the documents. Everything looks great! They’re perfect and I am very happy with all three documents, and thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service!”

Dirk (Technology Advisor, Newgistics) - “I thought the resume sounded really good.”

Sarah (District Manager, ALDI) - "Hey! The resume looks great!"

Yevgeniy (Senior Software Engineer, EPAM) - "Thank you for wonderful resume. Have a great day! Thanks."

Alex (Global Business Solutions and Strategy Consultant, Netcracker Technology Limited) - "Looked at the CV, it looks great. Thanks."

John (Project Manager, Alternate Techworks) - "The resume, cover letter and thank you letter you sent to me look great."

Heather (Independent Executive Chef) - "Hello Matt, looking over the resume and it's all good. Thanks."

Sheldon (College Applicant) - "Thanks for the wonderful draft."

Isral (WellView Data Integrity Specialist, Well Lifecycle Resources, LLC) - "Hi Matt! Love the resume! Thank you so much! I appreciate all your work."

Susan (Senior Operations Quality Analyst, MetLife SBC) - "Very personable and fast. Pleasure working with Matt."

Amy (UX Designer, MSC Industrial Supply Company) - "Thanks Matt, looks great! Thank you very much!"

Devon (Director of Sales, WiredTree) - "Thank you for getting back to me on the weekend; it’s greatly appreciated! I’ve reviewed the resume, and think it’s extremely well written and very close to what I had in mind. Thank you!"

Justin (Project Manager, Irwin Industries) - "That is well written Matt."

Shivali (Entry-Level Pharmacist) - "Thank you so much for your help! Thank you."

Dustin (Postal Support Employee Analyst, United States Post Office) - "Thank you for the expedited services. The words flow much more eloquently after your revisions."

Elizabeth (Business Analyst, First Derivatives) - "Thank you for doing such an awesome job on my new resume."

Otis (Vice President of Clinical Research Services, ICON plc) - "Thank you very much."

Joel (Project Manager-WellView Data Integrity, Well Lifecycle Resources, LLC) - "Matt - I love the professional look you did on my resume, thank you so much. Thanks for all your help!!!"

Megan (Senior Consultant/Technical Writer, Dynamic Pro, Inc.) - "Received, thanks so much! The resume looks great. Thank you!"

Jesse (Buyer/Planner II, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.) - "The cover letter and thank you letter look great!"

Bryan (Assistant Front Office Manager, Hilton) - "Thank you both so kindly for all your team work and efforts. I truly appreciate all the efforts and am very pleased thus far. Thank you kindly."

Paola (Co-Founder/CEO, Bread Empire) - "That was fast Matt! Thank you!"

Brian (PKE Engineer III, Engility Corp.) - "Thank you Matt. The resume looks good, thank you very much for your help."

Ellen (Patient Biller III, UCLA Department of Medicine) - "Thank you so much for the draft, it looks fresh and updated. Thanks again!"

Flavio (Senior Exchange Specialist, Algar Tech) - "Thank you for your patience and dedication. I am from Brazil and the KSA term is new for me. Have a good day and all of it's officially done :)"

Jessica (Pre-K (Aged 3-5) Teacher, Expressive Beginnings) - "Thank you for your hard work."

Taryn (Senior Marketing Specialist, APL Logistics) - "I think the resume and cover letter look good. Thanks! ;o)"

Suzanne (VP/Group Account Director, 360i) - "Thank you again for the work on my resume!"

Steve (Freelance Conference Speaker and Workshop Presenter, - "Much better, Matt! I think we are good!"

Andy (Warehouse Manager/Inventory Control, Activeon Holdings Inc./RCA Electronics Inc.) - "I received your package this morning, thank you for adding professional wordings to my resume."

Indah (Legal Assistant in Research/Acting Case Manager-Office of the Prosecutor, United Nations ICTY) - "Thank you so much for the drafts. They look excellent. Thank you again and have a great day!!"

Courtney (Entry-Level Nursing Student) - "I really appreciate your help. This CV is so much better than the last."

Eleanor (Intern on Angel Investment Team, YuanSheng Group) - "Thanks for your work!"

John (Co-Founder & Managing Partner, FORCE23) - “Thanks so much, looks and reads much better. Once again that you for addressing my initial concerns and getting this turned around as quickly as you did.  You’ve got a satisfied customer who would be glad to give a positive recommendation.”

Alfonso (Program Manager-United States Patent and Trademark Office, PHACIL, Inc) - "Thanks!"

Reagan (Senior Capacity Coordinator, XPO Logistics) - "This is amazing - thank you so much! I really appreciate your work.  Thank you so much - you make me sound amazing!!"

Samantha (Acting Department Manager, Nordstrom) - "Thank you so much for the resume! I looked at both and think it looks perfect, I think I prefer the format of the first one it's a little more structured and more my taste.  I wouldn't change a thing; I think you captured everything I've done perfectly. Thank you again!"

Jorge (Senior IT Security & Compliance Analyst, Alaska Airlines Inc) - "This looks great. Thanks."

Derek (Project Manager, Sheet Metal Manufacturing Contractor) - "The resume looks great."

Chris (Orientation Facilitator/HR Compliance, Swift Transportation) - "Thank you so much Matt with helping put the fine details that I was missing. With the prompt service I received and help getting started in a direction, this all was very important to the development of my perfect resume."

Mike (Owner/Operator, Colorado Soda Blasting, Inc) - "I think the resumes are well written. Thanks."

Emmanuel (Certified Flight Instructor, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) - "I am seeing a good resume and cover letter. Thank you."

Lauren (Entry-Level Instructor) - "Thank you for the excellent resume and cover letter."

Michael (Logistics & Distribution Manager, Peabody Energy) - "Everything looks wonderful. Thank you."

Tariq (Field Engineer II/Site Team Lead, Ericsson Inc.) - "I have received the Resume and it looks good. Thanks."

Mary Grace (Manage Print Specialist, Carolina Office Systems, a Xerox Company) - “So I put the resume you created for me up last Wednesday on LinkedIn. I got a call from a CEO Friday. Interviewed Monday, took testing Tuesday and signed my employment agreement Tuesday at 5pm. He is giving me the salary I requested, a gym membership to concourse, one month paid vacation per year plus holidays and semi annually bonuses based on gross profit and referrals. Honestly, to God be the glory because this has far exceeded my expectations and the time frame has been so quick. I literally officially moved into my new apartment in Buckhead a week ago from today. I want to thank you for helping create a resume that would get the attention of a man like my new boss. I am working with someone who I respect he is also an entrepreneur like my father and yourself. He owns a leadership consulting firm in the King building. I am beyond excited to learn about his industry and help him in any way I can to increase is business. Thank you, thank you, thank you again. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone needed resume help. All the best life has to offer.”

Rachel (Office Manager, The Mendoza Company, Inc) - "The cover letter and resume look great! Thank you."

Kevan (POS Admin/Inventory Manager/Assistant Manager, Boulder Vapor House) - "I really liked what you put together. Thanks for delivering great work, I am really impressed."

Carl (Co-Founder, Epitome Apparel LLC) - "Love the resume, thank you for helping me out with that!"

Jiayi (Entry-Level College Student) - "Thank you so much!"

Joshua (Service Technician/Installer, Home Integrated Systems) - "Dang Matt you did that quick!! For sure will bring you business."

Lonnie (Operations Trainer (OPT)/Organizational Learning Specialists (OLS), Walgreens Co.) - "It looks great!  Super pleased with it! Again, I am super pleased with the work you have done!  Huge thank you!!!"

Sherry (Morning Executive Producer, Raycom Media (WECT)) - "After 12 years in the TV News business, I decided to change careers. So, I needed a new resume. Matt was fantastic! He met me in person to discuss what I wanted to focus on.  He turned the new resume around in just a few days. I was blown away! I wanted to hire me! If you are looking for a new resume that will impress employers, this is the place to go! Also the best prices in town! I will use his services again!"

Nabil (QA Manager, Total Aviation Academy) - "Thanks for the good job on my resume."

Rakim (Airport Manager, Hertz Corporation) - "It looks real good. Thank you so much for taking the time."

Andrew (Pharmacy Technician, UMass Memorial Hospital) - "Got the draft, and everything looks great! Thanks again."

Jonathan (Sales Associate, Uniqlo Garden State Plaza) - "The resume looks great! I don't see anything that needs revision at the moment. Thank you for everything!"

Andrea (Manager, Brisk Delivery) - "I just checked out my resume. Thank you it looks great."

Rahul (Head of Finance & Strategy, Sigma-C Infrastructure) - "Overall, I think it looks good. Thanks."

Adriana (Associate Consultant of Competitive Intelligence, Prescient Healthcare Group) - "The resume looks great! There is no way I would have been able to put something like this together myself."

Emily (Technical Support Representative, Baker Hughes Inc.) - "Thanks a lot!"

Jingwen (Data Analyst Intern, Tellon Trading Inc.) - "Thank you for your revision of my resume and also the cover letter!"

Harriet (Client Services Assistant Manager – Structured Finance, Virtus Partners LLC) - "I am satisfied with this draft. Thanks for your assistance."

Maen (Infrastructure Project Manager/Program Manager, NaviSite) - "Resume looks great. Thanks again Matt!"

Rick (Sales Associate, Goodin Company) - "I really love the sales resume and the cover letter is perfect. Thanks for everything."

Lauri (Department Assistant, Loudoun Water) - "Thank you! I think the resume looks great!"

Joseph (Security Incident Response Engineer, Comcast) - "I like what I'm seeing."

Daniel (Diabetes Therapy Sales Associate, Medtronic) - "I love what you have created so far. it really shows several of the ideas and concepts I have been attempting to get across. I really like the cover letter and so far do not see any revisions or changes to it. Thank you."

Erin (Clinical Nurse Navigator, Baptist Medical Center Beaches) - "Thank you!! It looks great! I appreciate it!"

Nancy (Iterim Tuberculosis Controller, City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services) - "This is fabulous!! Thanks."

Becca (Youth Ski League Coach/YSL Director, Big Sky Ski Education Foundation) - "Thank you for the resume you made and your time with my resume."

Kyle (Technical Recruiter, Stillwater Human Capital) - "Thank you for sending the Linkedin write up along. It looks really good. Thanks again."

Melissa (Certified Trainer/General Manager/Recruiter, Speedway/Hess) - "Thank you for putting together this fantastic resume and cover letter. I am extremly happy with the results. Thank you very much for your time in this matter."

Heather (Child Development Faculty, Seton Montessori Institute) - “You’re amazing and fast!!!”

Caley (Writing Coach, University of Mount Olive Writing Center) - "I took a look at the resume and cover letter, and they both look great! I don’t really think any changes need to be made! I really appreciate your help and how quick it took! If there is anything else I need to do, please let me know!Thank you again!"

Chad (Sales Support Specialist, Airgas) - "Looks great. Thank you."

Ashley (Consultant, InfoTrends) - "I hope you are both having a nice weekend. Matt has done an excellent job with creating a resume that describes my skill set and applies to a variety of positions. I am very please with the way Matt has developed the resume so that the focus is not on market research nor is it on my short time at InfoTrends. Great job!"

Kevin (Assistant Battalion Logistics Officer, United States Marine Corps) - "Thank you, your work is great. Again, thank you for the help."

Greg (OR Representative, CPM Medical) - "It's looking good. Thanks."

Kecia (Entry-Level Counselor) – “The resume is beautifully written. Thank you.”

Chuck (Operations Engineering Manager, Deposition Sciences, Inc.) - "I definitely like how they both read.  I appreciate your help with this!"

Ise (Education Manager, Sephora) - "Love the resume! Thanks so much!!"

Michael (Manager of Information Technology, Tri-States Automotive Warehouse, Inc.) - "Everything looks good. You did a great job! Thanks."


Aditi (Administrative Coordinator, QSAC) - "Thank you so much!!!"

Taylor (Entry-Level Sales & Marketing Representative) - "The resume looks great. Thank you!"

Leslie (Price Quote Coordinator, Domtar) - "Thank you for sending the new resume draft. I really love the new format! Thanks again for getting it to me so quickly."

Laura (Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Patient Care/Chief, Saint Anthony Hospital) - "I am very pleased with the resume."

Chris (Senior Advisor, US Army) - "Looks good, thanks again."

Philip (Field Sergeant, Los Angeles Police Department) - “Thank you very much for all of your hard work on this resume. Overall I am very pleased with the resume! Thank you again for your time and energy on this.”

Jian (Director of Product Development, Mobile Broadcasting Holding Corp.) - "All in all I am so very happy with your work. It's outstanding!"

Michelle (Portfolio Compliance Officer, State Street Global Advisors) - "I would like to thank you on a job well done! My resume looks amazing! Thank you again I truly appreciate it."

Ivan (Operations Manager, NT Solutions) - "I like you CV, thanks."

Shane (Western Regional Sales Manager, FirstLab) - “Thank you for taking the time to design the initial changes of the cover letter and resume – It was definitely in line with what I was seeking! Thank you!”

Loubens (Administrative Fellow, St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital) - "Thank you for giving my resume a face lift. I think the content is great. Thank you again."

Pablo (Information Technology Professional, Smyth Jewelers) - "I like what I see. Thanks."

Liliane (Instructional Development Specialist, George Washington University) - "It looks great!!!! Thanks!"

Brian (Production Manager, Coburn Pressworks) - "★★★★★"

Stephanie (Management Analyst, Minnesota Department of Revenue) - "I'm really impressed at the speed at which you wrote these!  I read it and couldn't believe it was about me. Thanks again for all of your hard work."

Tracy (Marketing Manager, North America, REV’IT! Sport USA) - "Thanks for all the hard work. I was extremely impressed with where you've taken the resume already, and am fully confident this is going to come out great!"

Mark (Purchasing Manager, John Ryan Performance, Inc) - "Overall, I like the content of the resume very much."

Desiree (Clicklist Associate, Kroger) - "I appreciate your help and thank you."

Zsazsa (Marketing Department Assistant Manager, PT. MC Living Essentials) - "I've downloaded and read the resume draft that you wrote and I liked it, thank you very much!"

Aaron (Internship-IT Department, Renton Technical College) - "Everything looks great."

Kate (Director of Business Affairs, Capital Directions) - "I love the new format! Thank you."

Eli (Sales Engineer Manager, QuickBase) - "Good evening Matt! I received the drafts and they look great!"

Aaron (Intern, Renton Technical College) - "Looks great overall!"

Jeff (President, Highstreet Advertising, Incorporated) - "Thanks so much for all of your hard work on my resume."

Peter (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Senior Badge, United States Army) - "Overall looks really good and I had no issues with the cover letter so ill just keep that."

Marcia (Labor and Delivery Nurse, Highland Hospital) - "Thank you so much for the beautiful work that you did on my new resume.  It’s great."

Michael (Security Officer, G4S Security Solutions) - "Thanks Matt, it looks awesome. I could never even. Thanks I hope you have success thanks again."

Keri (Domestic Engineer, Smith Family Trust) - "The resume looks really good. Thank you for your time."

Mohammad (Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley) - "Thanks for CV and cover letter. I am receiving several interviews (~5 phone interviews per week). Thanks in advance and best regards."

Vernita (Implementation Specialist II, Sprint) - "I love the resume. Thank you again."

Jacob (Contract Machinist, Strom Engineering) - "Looks good. Thank you."

Autumn (Transplant Financial Coordinator, Dignity Health) - "LOOKS GREAT!!!!"

Dolores (Marketing & E-commerce Management, Madrona Distribution Inc.) - "Just read through the docs you've uploaded. Thank you!!"

Alyssa (Playdate Supervisor/Social Media Director, Doggy Dates) - "I think it looks great! Thank You again Matt, I'm feeling so much more relieved about my upcoming job search!"

Greg (Project Engineer, AZZ Switchgear Systems) - "Everything looks good. Thank you for all your help."

Nithin (Director of Finance Operations, Comcast Cable Communications, Inc) - "The resume looks really good.  You did an awesome job bringing everything together. Thank you."

Kevin (Film Director, Zoic Studios) - "Hi there! Great work! Looks really good. Thanks."

Sharon (Car Sales Consultant/Sales Representative, DARCARS Kia) - "Everything looks really good."

Ankit (Senior Process Consultant III, Health Care Services Corporations) - "I definitely like the cover letter. As for the resume I am really excited with the new fresh look. Thank you. Great job."

Jis (Sales Manager/Branch Manager, Allegro Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd) - "Thank you so much for your fast delivery."

Ian (Director of Operations, Crown Gold Exchange) - "I received the resume and cover letter.  It's all looking great. Thank you!"

Brenda (Front Desk Receptionist, Metropolitan Mental Health Clinic) - "I am happy with what has been composed."

Nicholas (Staff Pharmacist, Prime Healthcare) - "Hi Matt. Everything looks great. Thank you. Thank you much for all your help. I appreciate it!"

Sebastian (Senior Advanced Technology Engineer/Project Manager, BMW Group Tech-Office) - "You did an awesome job highlighting my leadership and cross-organizational skills. That's absolutely great."

Derrick (Outside Sales Representative, BlueLine Rental) - "I looked over the Resume this morning, very well written, I appreciate that. Thank you for the help."

Vicki (Part-Time Keyholder, Origins (An Estee Lauder Company) - "Thank you Matt. I really like it. Thank you so much."

Chuck (Assistant Vice President-Support Services, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security, The Pep Boys) - "It looks good."

Rob (Residential Program Worker, The Institute for Human Resources and Services) - "I love my new resume, excellent job. Thank you!"

Shenika (Patient Registrar, Symphony Placements Temporary Agency) - "OMG Matt! I am truly impressed and happy with the results! You guys are AWESOME! I feel much confident now to apply for jobs, thank you again!"

Ingrid (Summer Session Internship, Department of Financial and Administrative Management Services-Organization of American States (OAS) - "I am happy with the resulting resume and cover letter. I like that Matt understood perfectly where I wanted to go with my resume. Again, thank you so much for helping me with it."

Jade (Senior Purser, Cathy Pacific Airways) -"I am so happy with how my cover letter and resume came out! You did a great job highlighting my experience and skills! The resume format and wording came out so great that I am at awe. There wasn't anything I saw that needed to be revised."

Tia (Loan Officer, The Federal Savings Bank) - "★★★★★"

Laura (Account Manager, C1 Partners) – “Sorry it took a while to respond. I just had a chance to fully read through this resume and it is amazing. Matt, you killed it! It's definitely top notch and exceeded my expectations! I am more than happy with it. Again, thank you so much. This is some seriously strong work. Thanks!”

Nathan (IT Sourcing, FedEx Services) - "Thank you both, these look excellent."

Ally (Director of Investigations & Information, Better Business Bureau) - "I received the draft and love it! Thanks!"

Jory (Maintenance and Property Manager, American Multiplex) - "It all looks good, you make me sound like a rock star. Thank you Matt."

Lauren (Credentials Coordinator-Credentials Verification Office/Medical Staff Services (Gulf Coast Health Ministry-Providence Hospital and Sacred Heart Health System)) - "Overall, I am incredibly pleased and can't thank you and your team enough!"

Jackie (Adult Ed Teacher (ESOL), Palm Beach County Schools) - "I received my resume. I think it looks great. And the cover letter looks good too! Thank you."

Melvin (Manufacturing Supervisor, General Shale Brick) - "The draft looks great. Thanks."

Dervel (Deputy Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer) - "I am thankful for your assistance in drafting a technology management resume from the information provided in my original resume. It is definitely a change from the former resume. Thanks again!"

Dan (Founder/President/Small Business Owner, DHS Group, Inc.) - "Thank you. I had a quick view. It looks impactful and meaningful. It looks like the resume tells a good career story."

Paula (RN, New Hanover Regional Hospital) - "You created an awesome resume for me back in November of 2014 and ultimately I ended up getting a great nursing position."

Paul (Account Executive, Jefferson Smurfit Corporation) - "I love it, it is perfect for the 2 positions Im interested in, and seems like it would be easy to modify for other areas of interest as well. Thank and you and well done!"

Janet (Inside Sales/Customer Service Sales/Account Manager, Employerware) - "Thank you for updating my resume! At first glance, it looks great!"

Rachael (Outreach Director, Trio Animal Foundation) - "Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts in creating me a resume and cover letter that will undoubtedly help with my career change--I think they both look fantastic! You did an awesome job of capturing the responsibilities I had in the education industry and translating them into experiences that apply to professions outside of the education field."

Tyrell (Safety Inspector, Verizon) - "Thank you Matt, I greatly appreciate it! You are a great help and punctual, I might add. I am very satisfied with my resume and cover letter, as I feel it reflects my interests and capabilities. I appreciate the time you set aside to help me, again Matt!"

Stephanie (News Producer, KCTV5 News) - "The resume and cover letter look great! Thank you."

Fiston (Supply Chain Manager/ICT Officer, Avocats Sans Frontiers Beligique) - "Thank you so much Matt, I really appreciate it! Cheers!"

Chris (IT Director, Revenue Collection Bureau, Inc.) - "I wanted to reach out and discuss the resume what was written up for me. I definitely feel an excellent job was done and it did get my foot in the door and opened up other opportunities. Thank you!"

Amanda (Teacher/Counselor Team Member, W. Edward Balmer Elementary School) - "I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thank you Matt so much for your help. I don't have any revisions that I want to make."

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Joseph (Middle Office Trade Support, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co, LLC) - " I love the new format, the resume looks sharp and a lot better than what I had before. Thank you."

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Alex (Producer/Co-Host, KCSP 6:10 AM Sports Radio) - "Thank you for your prompt work."

Scott (General Manager, Hometown Buffet) - "Thank you for the amazing translation of my professional skills. When I first looked at my old resume I knew it needed to be professionaly rewritten.  I am not a linguist nor do I claim to be. :)  The resume is exactly what I need and I appreciate your time and thought that went in to writing it. Thanks again!"

Brian (Operations Manager, Shakelton Automotive/Napa Auto Parts) - "Looks excellent."

Amber (Entry-Level Research Specialist and Neuroscientist ) - "Thank you so much! It looks amazing."

Stephen (Software Information Technology Architect (SWITA), IBM) - "Thank you Matt. This is a good document that I can use to customize."

Fadel (Operations Manager, SH&H for Trading & Marketing) - "I would like to thank you!"

Charlie (Administrative Coordinator, Marshalls) - "Fantastic! Both documents look great. Thank you for your hard work and quick turnaround."

Aaron (Active Trader, Self-Investment) - "I truly appreciate this! Both look great! Thank you."

Patrick (Intel Service Delivery Manager, Dell Halle GmbH) - "Thanks for your help."

Khwaja (Agency Director, Al Mulla Insurance Brokers LLC) - "Thanking you. The document looks nice."

Ferdous (IT Manager, Arch Reinsurance Company) - "This looks great! Thank you, Matt! Now lets see if I'll grab the attention of these hiring managers.  Thank again to you both! ★★★★★"

Ari (Intern/Business Development Team Lead, 123 Patient Portal Inc.) - "Thanks for the resume."

Diana (Intern at the Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics (OEDA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) - "Thank you for the draft! Thank you!"

Jim (Plant Manager, Adams Products) - "You're the BEST!!! Thanks!"

Kathryn (Field Specialist/Intern, Africa Media) - "I would like to thank you for your hard work! I am extremely happy! Thank you so much again for your work."

Kevin (VPI Service Engineer, Cummins Fuel Systems Quality, Cummins, Inc.) - "Great job on the resume. It looks fantastic. I’m very pleased. Thank you."

Erin (Strategic Account Manager, Outsell LLC) - "Thank you for the help!"

Nimrode (Lead Retail Servicing Operations Specialist, K. Hovnanian American Mortgage) - "Thank you so much! I have read the resume. It looks very nice."

Ramona (Director of Development (Volunteer), Wright Flight) - "Overall, it looks great!"

Bruce (Director of Sponsorship, MI-Silicon Valley & PMI SFBAC) - "I do appreciate this wonderful layout and the work that was done."

Brent (World History Teacher/Assistant Boys Varsity Soccer Coach/Head JV Coach, Frisco High School) - "Everything looks great! I appreciate your services. Thanks."

Wendy (Region President/Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank) - "This looks great!"

Colin (Marketing Assistant, Barnacle Media) - "Perfect! Thanks for all your help Matt I really appreciate it."

Tricia (Owner/Manager, T Brost Dressage) - "Good morning Matt, I love the resume…thank you!"

Jodi (Marketing Associate, Ingenuity Marketing) - "I know I have already raved over my resume and cover letter, but nothing compares to the results your service has delivered. I officially accepted an offer just three weeks after I sent my resume online! Not only is it exactly what I was looking for, it was a significant salary jump. I did have three interviews, however I am certain none of this would have happened if I didn't enlist in your services. I will be forever grateful for choosing your company from the other 10 that quoted me on Thumbtack! By the way, I have referred several friends your way that are going to be job hunting very soon! Thank you, again!"

Joe (Inventory Supervisor/Supervisor of International Logistics, Mack Trucks, Inc.) - "I pleased with the cover letter and resume. Thanks."

Jonathan (Sales Associate, BMW of Bloomfield) - "Thank you!"

Gordon (IT Analyst/Network Administrator, Lhoist North America/Franklin Industrial Minerals) - "My resume never looked so good. Again thank you very much!"

Wendi (Founder/Owner/Operations Manager/Professional Photographer, Wendi Collins) - "Thank you so much for your hard work on my resume project."

Ryan (Community Support Specialist/Policy and Data Coordinator, Georgia State University’s Center for Leadership in Disability) - "I loved the resume. I am thrilled with the results – a big thank you Matt! I’ll be sure to let you know how things turn out."

Jeff (On-Air Manager, Turner Broadcasting Inc.) - "This looks really good.  Thank you so much!"

Kyle (Spine Sales Representative, Stryker) - "Thanks for sending this over!"

Sobia (Freelancing Sales Specialist, Kate Somerville/Tarte) - "Thanks."

Lisa (Office Administrator, C2S Consulting Group) - "Hi Matt! That certainly looks much better than mine! Thanks!!"

Brett (ProductionSupervisor, EVRAZ) - "Matt, these look fantastic. Thank you Matt.  I will give you a great review and also recommend you to my co-worker that are getting laid off also. Thanks again."

Samantha (Freelance Event Coordinator, L’Shanell Events) - "Thanks for the quick turn-around on my resume and cv! The content is great, and better than I thought it would turn out. Thanks again for your time!"

Katherine (Receptionist, Hair Atelier) - "Good Afternoon Matt, I got your awesome work, well done :) You made me an excellent worker! Thank you for your help!"

Ken (USC-STOP Product Leader, DuPont Sustainable Solutions) - "This looks great! Thank you."

Mike (Master Electrician/Foreman/Project Manager, Filar Electric Inc) - "Resume looks good to me but I’m no expert, we’ll see, if it gets me some interviews I’ll know you nailed it. Thanks."

Kevin (Director of Aircraft Contracts, Boeing) - "Thanks, Matt!  I am really pleased with the final product. Thanks!"

Erica (Preschool Teacher, Patch Barracks Child Development Center) - "It looks great! Thanks!"

Richard (Adjunct Part-Time Professor of Mass Communications/Advisor, Cal State University) - "Nice work. Thank you!"

Heather (Registered Nurse, Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth) - "I received a copy of the resume draft. It looks great. Thanks!"

Andrew (Marine Sales Associate, Bass Pro Shops) - "It looks pretty good."

Vincent (Summer Analyst Intern, NAI Brannen Goddard) - "I really liked the resume that I received, I think it looks clean, organized, and I liked the wording you used. Thanks."

Patrick (User Experience Research Intern, Boston University) - "Just got the Resume! It looks wonderful!"

Matthew (Owner, DeZign Apparel, Inc.) - "Looks good. Thank you :)"

Barbra (Senior Human Resources Manager, IndraSoft, Inc.) - "Thank you so very much for changing the layout.  It looks much better and the resume is good to go.I believe we are ready for the LinkedIn update."

Cheryl (Finance Manager/Operations Manager, Orthopedic Care Physician Network, LLC) - "This looks great!"

James (Sales & Marketing Professional, Samsung Electronics HQ) - "Thank you very much for sending across the 1st set of documents. I do like the layout, the additions for key contributions, and the introductory portion!"

Ronald (IT Manager, BCD Travel) - "Looks great."

Luis (Network Engineer, Scholastic Inc.) - “I think the resume looks good."

Tommy (Production Manager, Policierres) - "Thank you so much for finishing and sending me resume.  It looks very professional."

Linda (Underwriter and Recovery Manager, Automatic Finance) - "Thank you much better than I had!"

John (General Manager, East Cooper Heating And Air LLC) - "This looks good. Thanks."

Meghan (Catering Coordinator, Panera Bread) - "Thank you!"

Udaya (Finance Director, Life Alive) - "Thank you for quickly sending the first draft."

Sherry (Morning Executive Producer, Raycom Media (WECT)) - "Woah! This looks great! Thanks again!"

Matt (Health and Physical Education Teacher/HS Baseball Assistant Coach, Collegium Charter School) - "Both documents look great Matt."

Seema (Engineering Section Manager, Secure Products Group) - "I am pleased with the overall format of the resume. It is well organized."

James (Diamond Drill Section Leader, Acacia Mining PLC) - "I have looked at the documents and think they are good."

Nanette (Director of Vinyl Supply Chain, Universal Music Group) - "Thank you so much. The VP at Disney Music has been waiting. So glad I could finally get this to her today!"

Luca (President, Del Records) - "★★★★★"

Justina (Benefits Consultant/Independent Agent, Aflac) - "Thanks."

Dan (Driver, CTL, Inc.) - "This looks good. Thanks."

Marion (Senior Director of the IT PMO, The Standard) - "Once again, thanks for the turn around on my resume."

Tyler (Baseball Coach, New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra University) - "Thank you."

Jennifer (Office Manager, Rehab Without Walls, Inc.) - "Thanks for getting this done so quickly!"

Payam (Founder/Owner, Fondoctor, LLC) - "Thank you for the great work."

Becky (Business Manager, Terrace United Methodist Church) - "Thank you for creating a new, higher profile resume for me."

Traci (Administrative Assistant, Freedman and Goldberg CPA’s) - "I got the documents, thank you, Matt."

Jessica (Payroll Coordinator, The Briar Group) - "Thank you so much for this, it looks great!  I am so impressed!  Reading this draft really boosted my confidence and has made me feel good about the prospect of starting a new career :) I am very pleased with both the resume and cover letter. Can’t wait to start sending it out! Thanks again."

Lori (Store Manager, Sports Authority) - "Thank you for the quick response. The cover letter is great. Great job on the resume. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you."

Alison (RN Cath Lab Nurse Supervisor, Lubbock Heart Hospital) - "Thx so much!"

Marina (Interim Manager of Volunteer Programs, Meals on Wheels of San Francisco) - "This is fantastic! Wow. Thank you so much."

George (Owner, Lou’s Sportsman Café) - "The resume looks great. Thanks again."

Brian (Registered Nurse, Cleveland Clinic Foundation) - "Wow, it looks fantastic! Thank you so much. Looking good Matt!"

Jodi (Producer and Marketing, Beacon Insurance Group) - "This looks absolutely fantastic! I truly appreciate your time and effort! It is better than I could have ever done! Have a great day!"

James (Financial Advisor, Perennial Financial Services) - "Thanks for this great work."

Teresa (Household Manager, Griffin Family Services, LLC) - "Thank you so very much. It looks great. Very happy with it. I really appreciate your help."

Dita (Program Coordinator, Consumer Direct) - "Hello Matt! You helped me by composing a beautiful resume last spring and I obtained the job I wanted in June! I have found another job for which I am interested in applying and I need an updated resume tweaked with verbiage for the new position."

Serah (VO Actress) - "Overall I like what you did."

Kristen (Unmanned Systems Flight Instructor and Flight Test Engineer, The Boeing Company) - "Looks Great!"

Maryanna (Unit Supervisor, Birchwood Tendercare) - "Thank you Matt."

Marcy (Volunteer/Fundraiser) - "Thanks so much."

Mariam (Volunteer Coordinator/Communications Assistant, Quebec Federal Campaign) - "Hi Matt, everything seemed great to me. Thank you so much once again for the great work."

Susann (Barista, Starbucks) - "Everything looks amazing. Thank you very much for your great work!"

Brian (Senior Corporate Tax Manager, Smart Modular Technologies, Inc.) - "I was super pleased with your resume. Thanks for the super job.  I’m really happy with how you’ve made me look."

Alexandria (Inventory Coordinator, BMW) - "It’s perfect. Thanks so much!"

David (Support Site Specialist, WilmerHale) - "Thanks Matt!  They look great!  I appreciate the work you put into it!"

Lauren (Staff Psychologist/Clinical Mentor, Vericare) - "I think we have an amazing resume. Thanks so much for all your help!"

Weston (Real Estate Sales Representative, Wagner Realty) - "I appreciate the quick response.  Thank you for the very professional and expertly written resume'.  I will definitely be calling you in the future for any resume help or needs.  Keep on making us look good! Thanks again!"

John (Dean of Adult Studies, Simpson University) - " I think you did a nice job with the LinkedIn!"

William (Operations Quality Control Manager, Aramark Metlife Stadium) - "Thank you, looks good to me. You can tell you took time with this. Hopefully this will get me an interview with Amazon. Have a great week."

Carrie (Sales Director/Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Inc.) - "Thank you for you services. Have a great day!"

David (Regional VP, Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc.) - "Thanks Matt. This looks great."

Nuria (Sales Representative, Express Labs) - "Everything looks good. Thank you."

Carlos (Accounts Payable Specialist II, HERE North America LLC) - "Thank you for the quick turnaround, it is appreciated."

Janet (Bank Teller, Bank of America) - "Thank you so much! I will look it over closer when I get home but glancing over it, looks really good!"

Weston (Real Estate Sales Representative, Wagner Realty) - "Thank you for the resume."

Wendy (Senior Project Manager, Gorman Health Group) - "I do appreciate your efforts and Matt did a great job for a first draft."

Gloria (Jewelry Consultant, Zales Jewelers) - "Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my resume! Thank you so very much!"

Shashi (Director of Global Professional Services, TIBCO) - "Thanks for this. Love the new format."

Louis (Regional Sales Manager, Gulf Coast Biomedical) - "Thank you Matt."

Frid (Hotel Manager, Chicago Marriott Downtown) - "Thank you for the quick turnaround."

Rebecca (Client Services Manager, Apperson) - "You do good work!  Loved the cover letter and resume! I am absolutely SHOCKED that this is what I do? I had no idea I could look so smart - THANK YOU! :)"

Marjorie (Underwriting Assistant-Professional Liability, Jimcor Agencies) - "Thank you Matt!"

Servet (General Manager/Managing Director (Turkey and Iran), Robert Bosch Group) - "Thank you for the CV and LinkedIn profile."

Kevin (PTCB Board and State Licensed Senior Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Manager, Walgreen's) - "Looks amazing! Thank you!! Thank you very much!"

Marcella (Entry-Level Astronaut) - "Thank you for writing a great cover letter."

Stacy (Business Manager-Office of Planning and Budget, UC Santa Cruz) - "Thank you for these. They definitely look more attractive to corporate America than my homegrown documents."

Renee (Integrated Product Team Lead-Software Systems/Chief Software Engineer, Harris Corporation) - “I reviewed the documents and absolutely love what you did. I love the fact that my age is not revealed as part of this resume; something which I forgot to mention to Matt as one of my concerns.  As well, it very much highlights my managerial experience. The resume/cover letter "I" wrote pales in comparison to these.  I'm glad I sought out professionals to help me with this task. As far as I am concerned, Matt, you can proceed to my Linked In Profile.  I really have no revision requests.  I would not change a thing. Thanks!”

Jill (Retail Sales/Administrative Assistant, Agri-Valley Irrigation) - "Just reviewed resume, thank you, very pleased with it. Best to you."

Jennifer (Beauty Advisor, Yorkdale Chanel) - "Thank you so much for your help."

Elizabeth (Supply Corps Officer, United States Navy) - "Can't say thanks enough."

William (MTS Applications Engineer, Maxim Integrated) - "I really liked the resume and the way it captured that and portrayed my skills in that area. There is no way I could have done that."

Kayla (Vendor Specialist/Web & Marketing Liaison, Scheels Corporate Office) - "I was skeptical using MJW because I had used a similar service in the past & was not happy. But, my resume & cover letter are professional looking & I am more confident in myself & in the fact that I will be hired. Thank you so much!!"

Mark (Systems Administrator, Agios Pharmaceuticals) - "Thanks, I'm very happy with this."

Katie (Entry Level Criminal Justice) - "The cover letter and resume look amazing!!! I thank you both so much for your hard work and I am so grateful to you for helping me to market myself in such a great way! I will certainly recommend you to any one I know!"

Lauren (Events Coordinator, Events with Benefitz) - "Hey Matt! The cover letter and resume look great! Thank you so much for your help!"

Troy (Interim Academic Dean, Concorde Career College) - "The resume look good. Thanks."

Dylan (Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, - "Thank you for your prompt work.  I like much of what you have done on the resume."

Ruben (Global Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics, CDK Global) - "Thanks Matt!"

Stephen (Principal, Gray & Yorg, LLC) - "I like what you have done.  Thanks."

Michael (IT Quality Analyst III, Dignity Health) - "Thanks again, Matt. Okay, I had an opportunity to review and critique the documents. Impressive work! I certainly feel "honored" by the professional resume and linked-in page; the overall presentation is, well, rather captivating (and nicely condensed)."

Dave (VP Contracts and Procurement, L-3 National Security Solutions) - "Matt, thanks. Appreciate the quick turn."

Jason (Associate Director, Respiratory Health Science Executive, Boehringer Ingelheim) - "Thank you for creating my CV and Cover Letter.  Both look great and I was able to use them to set up an interview with the hiring company.  Passed 1st round of interviews today!"

Matthew (Senior Consultant/Project Manger, PHH Mortgage) - "Looks great!"

Lisa (Biology Instructor/Research Assistant, SoongSil University) - "This looks good to me.  Thanks a lot."

Kayla (Vendor Specialist/Web & Marketing Liaison, Scheels Corporate Office) - "Thank you so much for the work you've done on my resume! I could never have made it look so professional and polished. This is a huge weight off my shoulders.☺"

Tony (Registered Nurse III, State of Hawaii/Department of Human Service/Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility) - "The resume looks great! Thanks Matt, I definitely like how you got it to fit into two pages!"

Tiffany (Conference Director, Centerforce) - "Thanks for sending the initial draft. I really like the layout and fonts you have chosen. It looks really clean and showcases my strengths before looking into my actual experience. I also really like that my key contributions are right in front of my professional experience too."

Omar (General Manager, Firewood Grill at SFO) - "First off thank you very much for the extension. I completely understand that it is your business and you cant have projects lingering on into the new year. I actually really like this first draft. All of the descriptions under each job fit perfectly. You hit on the information I gave you."

Michael (Senior Financial Analyst, Team Lead iPhone, Apple Inc) - "Overall, I like the resume!  Great format and good content.  Really like the signature strengths section and I think you did an outstanding job combining all my current strengths into something for a new role.  Really well done."

Zach (e-Commerce Sales and Service Leader, Walt Disney World) - "Matt I just wanted to thank you on the work you did on the resume and cover letter."

Tigran (Senior Program Manager, Synergy International Systems, Inc.) - "Thank you Matt! I appreciate you keeping this on your radar with such short notice. All looks good."

Jun (PhD Research Assistant-Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois) - "Thanks for rewriting my resume! In overall, I am very satisfied with the new outline and it looks pretty nice! As a professional writer, I think you are the best to help. Thanks."

Anise (Inside Enterprise Account Manager, Anixter, Inc) - "This looks unbelievable! Is this me?? Haha!"

Christoper (Bartender, Hyde Park) - "Hey it looks great thank you."

Angelica (Logistic/Inventory Coordinator, Omnilife, Inc USA Corporate) - "Excellent Work. My resume is clear, at the point and very professional. Thanks MJW Careers Team for the great job!"

Dante (Enterprise Network and Cyber Security Director, AES Global) - "Great job!"

Jayna (Legal Recruiting Coordinator/Summer Associate and Lateral Attorney Recruiter, Kronish Lieb Weiner & Hellman LLP) - "Thank you so much for taking the time to work on it.  I do like the formatting. Thank you!"

Mina (Asian Colleague Resource (CRG)-Core Lead Team Member, Cigna) - "Thank you for providing me with a copy of my resume. This looks really good."

Thinh (Manager/Technical Lead, Violin Memory) - " I really like the resume format.  It looks more "modern" somehow. Removing my address from the resume is a good idea.  Why didn't I think of that :)"

Jim (Partner, Bionic Giant Agency/Red Horse Media) - "I am very pleased with the overall look and feel of the resume. Thanks again to you and your staff for your hard work on this!"

Edwin (Prepress Technician, 4over, Inc.) - "I reviewed the resume and overall it's good."

Patricia (Sales Representative/Satellite Manager/Territory Manager, Lifetouch National School Studios) - "Thank you again! Nice job!"

Jitendra (Senior Manager Information Technology, Intuitive Surgical) - "I reviewed the resume. Looks great!"

Hussein (Product & Manufacturing Engineer, Reems Technology Ltd.) - "Thank you for the resume."

Stanford (Facilities Manager, Bahamas Hot Mix Company) - "I am very pleased with the high quality and standard of service delivered by MJW. Matt did an excellent job, and was able to deliver a professional letter and resume in less than 24 hours. I will highly recommend Matt and MJW to persons.”

Mohammed (Financial Analyst, Saudi Cable) - "Thank you Mr. Matt for your wonderful work."

Dawn (Telemetry/PACU Nurse, Community of Huntington Park Hospital) - "MJW Careers was amazing! I have not needed to improve my resume in over 15 years and to say I was a little out of the loop was an understatement! Matt was able to update my resume and cover letter in just about two days! It has given me the confidence to get out there and promote myself! Thanks MJW Careers!"

Aya (Marketing Manager/Analyst, Toranoana, Inc) - "It looks great! Thank you!"

Dave (Vitamin Clerk and Consultant, Sprouts Farmers Market) - "I think between the resume and this LinkedIn profile I am very employable, LOL. Thanks!"

Dawn (Math Instructor, Wyzant Tutoring) - "Wow!  That was quick.  And my resume looks amazing.Resumes are DEFINITELY not like they use to be at all!I know I would never have been able to write one like what you sent me. Thanks again for all your time!"

Joe (Consultant/Director of U.S. Finance and Administration, Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S) - "I think the resume looks great and I am starting to utilize it to apply for positions.  I am hopeful that I get some call backs soon."

Eyad (Channel Marketing Manager, Verizon Wireless) - "Thank you for sending my document in timely manner. It looks fine to me! Thanks."

Meghan (Sales Assistant, Tri-Coastal Design-Wholesale Manufacturing Company) - "Thanks for getting it to me so quickly! I think it looks great & very professional. Thanks so much!"

Victor (Project Director, Abengoa) - "Looks good, Thanks!"

Alanna (Entry Level Veterinarian) - "Hi! Oh my gosh. This resume is SO much better. Thank you."

Prashant (Restaurant Owner, CurriBox) - "Thank you for getting back to me in a prompt time. Resume looks great overall!"

Annmarie (Department Head-Strategic Business Unit/Account Manager, MDW Insurance Group) - "Thanks again for your time on this!"

Jody (Clerical, Harmony Transportation) - "I received the resume, Thank You!"

Max (Marketing Intern, Jordan Capital Finance) - "The service I received from your company was exceptional. The support staff were the most helpful and competent representatives I have ever dealt with. I have never written a review for a company but I felt that it was essential after the quality of service I received. The resume and cover letter were written EXTREMELY well. The service was very fast. I sent the writer two resumes and a letter of recommendation. I am in shock with the quality of work he crafted in these two documents that I received. I dealt with another company prior to yours and was extremely upset with the quality of work that I received. Once again, I want to thank you for hiring such an amazing group of people. Matt was AMAZING at helping me with everything and is excellent at his work. I am extremely grateful for having him as my writer.  Thank you so much for having such an amazing business. I will recommend your company to everyone that I know."

Michael (Emergency Medical Technician, Rural Metro County Ambulance) - "Thanks so much for all of your help. What we have looks great so far!"

Steve (Senior Agency Sales Representative, Progressive Insurance) - "I received my resume. Thank You, and nicely done!"

Johnny (Financial Advisor Intern, Paul Padovani Asset Management) - "Thanks for creating my son's Resume. It was a great job. Thanks again for all of your help."

Juan (Signal Support Systems Advisor, US Army Embassy in Panama) - "Thanks again for your time and effort."

Hari (Director of Customer Service, DHI Telecom) - "I am very glad with the CV and appreciate you for taking time to make it as strong as possible. I am glad I chose your service for the CV. Thank you."

Rebecca (General Manager, Odd Toes Music Memorabilia) - "Thank you so much for your help and time. My sister, Autumn, just graduated yesterday (12/19) so I will pass your information on to her!"

Cynthia (CEO, Banner Research) - "Thank you."

Taron (Retail Area Manager, Wine Warehouse) - "This looks great - thanks very much."

Robyn (Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Cisco Systems, Inc) - "Thanks so much."

Laszlo (COO/CTO, Compressus, Inc) - "Great job. I very much appreciate your work products, and thank you Matt."

Dustin (NCOIC, US Army) - "I like the resume."

Nebil (Volunteer, Grameen Foundation) - "Looking very good. Thanks a lot Matt"

Tracy (Accountant, Transleasing) - "Thank you so much the PDF worked and the resume and cover letter are awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

Rebecca (Business Coordinator & Trade Compliance Analyst, Microsoft Corporation) - "After reviewing the resume & cover letter, I am pleased with both and do not require any revisions be made. Thank you for all your help. Happy Holidays!"

Angela (Registered Nurse/PACU, The Medical Center of Aurora) - "Looks fantastic! Everything looks great! Thank you so much!! I sound fantastic! Thank you again!"

Matt (Senior Product Development Engineer, MMR Technologies Inc) - "Thank you so much for the work you have done so far on my resume and cover letter it looks really good."

Josh (Owner/Operator, Srub Cleaning Services) - "Heck yeah my friend. This looks amazing. I didn't know I was so qualified."

Leo (Director of Supply Chain Innovation and Business Intelligence, Gap, Inc) - "Got this, thank you Matt - Looks great."

Bobby (Technical Recruiter, Stillwater) - "Thank you for your help with my LinkedIn profile, Matt!"

Jennifer (Team Lead and Business Systems Analyst, Navy Mutual Aid Association) - "I'm very comfortable with the products. Thanks for all your work!"

Diana (Product Management Consultant, Wells Fargo Virtual Channels) - "Wow the changes are quite dramatic, in a very good way. I like it a lot. Thank you Matt. I think the new format looks great."

Robert (Field Service Engineer, Hitachi) - "I read through everything and I must say that I'm very happy with the result. Thanks again."

Rickey (District Sales Manager, Sage North America) - "Thanks it looks great!!! I do not see any issues. MJW did a great job on my resume I posted it online and in two days I caught the eye of a recruiter for a position that I had already applied for with my old resume and I didn't receive a response. The new resume caught their attention immediately. My job search is complete!!""

Neal (Director of IT, GRF, CPAs) - "Thanks for the documents and thanks for the great work!"

Thomas (QA Sourcing Consultant) - "I think it looks good. Thanks for your help."

Sam (Project Coordinator, North of the Border Basketball Association) - "I received the work you did on my resume. I love the format of it and the info you put in. Thanks!"

Patrick (Inside Sales Representative, Dell Federal) - "Thank you."

Chris (Area Manager, Distribution Construction LLC) - "Awesome buddy thank you very much. I will be sending some people your way. Thanks!"

Steven (Senior Project Manager, BTFG Technology) - "The resume work was great, was very happy with it and have already referred another person to your company to have theirs done."

Megan (Staff Pharmacist, Rite Aid Pharmacy) - "I’m reading over it all now and everything sounds amazing!!!! SO SO much more than I hoped for and all within a couple hours?? Thats pure genius status!! Cannot thank you enough!! Pretty sure this should attract some recruiters so I’ll let you know if you got me a job :) Hope you have a wonderful night!"

Sheila (Co-Founder, Spoolee) - "Everything looked pretty awesome! Thanks again for your help!"

Nathan (Controller, Jack Rouse Associates, Inc.) - "I think the resume and cover letter look great. "I think the resume and cover letter look great. Thanks for everything.  I'm sure my chances of getting interviews and job offers will greatly improve.  You've given me the extra confidence I needed to pursue a new position.  I'm looking forward to getting started."

Randa (Claim Adjuster, VDART Inc) - "Thank you VERY much, you have done a great job creating the resume, cover letter and follow-up letter!"

Yvonne (Communications Manager, Missouri Department of Transportation) - "Thank you so much. The documents look great."

Coreen (Special Education Teacher, Locust Valley School District) - "I like the cover letter and feel like it is a good representation of who I am as an employee. Thank you."

Dan (Country Merchandise Manager, Cotton On Kids USA) - "Made a few changes but overall very happy."

Radwan (General Manager, Al Saqer Conferences & Exhibitions) - "Thank you Matt, for your efforts which really I appreciated so much."

Carol (Family Service Worker, Hamilton County Educational Service Center) - "Everyone looks great."

Lars (Product Trainer/Customer Support Representative, NEOGOV) - "It looks great! I am excited to start trying this out on positions that fit the job criteria we discussed."

Erin (Talent Relations Manager, Corbis Entertainment) - "Just received. Thank you!!"

Jon (Regional Operations Manager, Kellermeyer Bergensons Services) - "Matt I received the resume today and it looks good."

Anthony (Mathematics and Physics Teacher, Shenandoah County Public Schools) - "I've reviewed the resume with a few people, it looks great!"

Lori (Executive Assistant, Styker Neruovascular) - "Looks great. Thank you."

Steven (Senior Project Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation) - "Thank you very much for those documents, they do look great!"

Shawn (Parts Manager, Keystone Dodge, Kia & Isuzu Trucks, Inc.) - "Looks all good to me."

Emily (Director of Platform Quality, IgnitionOne) - "Thank you! Overall, I think it's great!"

Cheryl (Product Support Account Manager, Gregory Poole Equipment Company) - "Thank you so much for all of your hard work!"

Terri (Financial Support Worker, Jefferson County DHR) - "Thank you. The resume and cover letter looks great! I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Thanks for your help! I will definitely let your company know when  this resume helps me in my job search."

Lenora (Nurse Educator/Auditor, Aetna) - "Thank you Matt for your help on this!"

Michael (Advanced Repair Agent, Best Buy/Geek Squad) - "These are incredible! Thank you so much!"

Michelle (Operations Coordinator, Campus Apartments) - "I am good and happy!"

Raj (Director, Chief Architect & Strategy, Panera LLC) - "You have done a great job with the resume. Thank you."

Felipe (Creator-In-Chief/Director, Letters & Makers) - "Looks really good! Thank you very much, Matt!"

Lenora (Nurse Educator/Auditor, Aetna) - "Great resume!"
Carol (Research Assistant, Brown University) - "Thanks so much for the golden touch. I love them a lot!"

Jeanmarie (Advisory Operations Specialist, ValMark Securities) - "Looks Great. It is ready to go. Great job! Thank you."

Anthony (Co-Owner, West Coast Construction) - "Looks really good!! Overall, very well done. Thx."

Trish (Administrative Manager, Majic Plastics, Inc) - "The resume looks good. Thank you."

Schuyler (Managing Partner, Appraisal Pro Solutions) - "Cover letter looks great. Thanks."

Bob (Talent Acquisition SME, CRGT) - "Looks good."

Anne (Director, Sanctuary Cosmetic Center) - "Thank you so much! It looks great."

Zaquis (City Commissioner, City of Newcastle) - "Amazing service! My resume, cover letter and LinkedIn account, stands out from the crowd! Thank you Matt!"

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Yan (Network Architect, ViaSat) - "I checked the resume and it looks fine."

Korrie (Senior IT Project Manager, Multnomah County) - "Thank you Matthew!"

Audrey (Healthy Eating Educator, Whole Foods Market) - "Thanks for getting these back to me - you definitely have a way with words! Thank you so much! These look great - I feel very prepared to pursue new job opportunities! :) Thank you!"

Stephen (Business Development Partner, AGUA Holdings) - "Everything looks good."

Rebeca (Registered Nurse, Acute Rehab, Redies Rehabilitation Center) - "I like it. Thank you."

Griffin (Laborer, New River Office Supply) - "Looks great! Appreciate it."

Datubo (Entry Level Supply Chain Professional) - "I like it! Good job, thank you."

Corinna (Lead Technical Analyst, Tritech Software Systems) - "May I just say that you and your staff are AWESOME! You make me look good! Holy schmiggidy! Thank you so much for doing this for me. Wish me luck!"

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Jeff (Director of Human Resources, MidCentral Energy Services, LLC) - "The resume looks great!"

Christopher (Administrative Chief, United States Marine Corps) - "The cover letter is perfect and the resume is right on point."

Donna (Sales Coordinator, Courtyard Marriott) - "Thanks a billion!"

Chen (Entry Level Graphic Designer) - "The cover letter looks great! Thank you for your help."

Momoko (Student) - "The resume looks fantastic!"

Andreas (Director of Product Management, Milestone Systems) - "I really like the results. Thank you in advance for a great service!"

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Edward (Forklift Technician, National Carriers Inc.) - "Wow that's impressive."

James (Instructor, General Dynamics Land Systems) - "Thank you very much for your hard work and thank you for your time and professionalism."

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Debby (Chicagoland Market Director, Nerium International) - "★★★★★, Thanks!"

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Chris (Mechanical HVAC Design Engineer, Life Science and Education Group) - "I opted to have MJW Careers write both a cover letter and a resume based on both their price as well as their positive reviews on this site. I had both items returned to me within days of speaking with their representative over the phone for only 10 minutes. I was very satisfied with both items."

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Hussein (Airframe Structures Manager, Design & Stress, ICON Aircraft) - "Thank you Matthew."

Daniel (Entry Level Video Game Designer) - "Thank you very much for creating my cover letter and resume."

Hiroyuki (Translation and Localization International Sales, Media Research Inc) - "Thank you for your hard work, Matt, and thank you so much for your support!"

Chris (Mechanical HVAC Design Engineer, Life Science and Education Group) - "I wanted to first say thank you for your time and the effort that you put into this. I greatly appreciate it and can't say enough good words about the resume and cover letter."

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Shalom (Office Manager/Studio Manager, Edge Studios) - "The resume and cover letter look great! I took some time to do some trial edits and the format and layout work great for that purpose. The big thing for me is having a great base to work from and edit to job etc. You’ve accomplished that for me!! Thanks again!!"

Karen (Network Operations Manager, NeighborWorks America) - "Hi Matt, Thanks again for your work on my resume. I'm very pleased with the result - it helps me to see my work experience from a different perspective and I'm sure it will catch the notice of recruiters and help me make the first cut for interviews."

Roseline (Retail Sales Manager, MRS Oil Nigeria) - "Thanks Matt!"

Micah (Infantry Squad Leader, United States Army) - "Thanks so much it looks great. I really am thankful for your hard work. Take care!"

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Karen (Manager of Network Operations, NeighborWorks America) - "I received the resume - thanks!"

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Brooke (Infant Development Specialist, Ascend Rehab and Life Steps Foundation) - "Thank you for getting these to me so quickly. Thank-you so much!"

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Greg (Entry Level Financial Analyst) - "Excellent work on the resume, I am very happy. You seemed genuinely interested in learning about what I was about and where i was interested in going-thus creating a very solid product. Thanks again!"

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Kim (American Sign Language Instructor/Interpreter, Douglas County School District) - The resume looks perfect!"

Debra (Logistics Coordinator, BP) - "Got them, thank you!"

Patrick (Director of Business Process Engineering, Navy Mutual) - "Thanks so much!  I've already updated my profile and sent the revised resume to some contacts.  I have been pleased with your service so far and will be recommending you to some friends.  Please let me know if you have a preferred method for referring new customers to you."

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Lakosta (Administrative Assistant, Richter & Sons Trucking) - "Thank you so much, this is great! Thank you again."

Alexis (Manager, Mattress Firm) - "I love it Matt its great!!! I know you probably do a lot of resumes for lots of people. Just wanted to share with you I already had an interview from the resume you created recently. It's definitely more of what I'm looking for; not sure if this job will be the winner just yet but hoping it is!!! YAAAY!! Just thought for good energy in the universe I would tell you. I mean how can we not be curious about the end result of our efforts!! The whole point is I'm getting responses. Keep Rockin it out!!!"

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Anne (Communications Advisor, Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management) - "Thank you :) I would like to stress that I think everything you put in the CV sounds really nice."

Sylvia (Development Services Office Systems Lead, Seattle Public Utilities) - "I like the documentation. Thanks!"

Allison (Director of Special Events, Aramark) - "This is awesome.  You did such a great job on the resume. The cover letter is awesome too.  I don't think we need to change anything there. Thanks so much!"

Aaron (Paraprofessional Accounting Technician, Newbill & Company) - "There isn't anything further really to improve on as I think you hit the nail on the head with matching the job descriptions up with my strengths. Thanks again!"

Michael (Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Novartis) - "Good afternoon guys and I hope you are doing well.After a couple months using the newly formatted resume you created for me, I just wanted to give you some feedback that I have received. First and foremost, I will say that I am getting more attention, interviews and phone interviews in the last two months. The cover letter makes a big difference."

Stephanie (Senior Account Executive, Com Corp USA/WEVV CBS 44/FOX 44) - "I had no idea how quickly and professionally my experience in finding a resume writer could be! From the moment I first had contact with Matt until he delivered was under a week. I now have an amazing new cover letter and look to my resume that would have taken me months to complete! Thank you MJW Careers!"

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Anthony (Senior Content Specialist Science, AAAS) - "Wow! Thanks for the quick turnaround! The resume looks great. I've been trying to think more like a hiring manager, so I've been reading and comparing different sample resumes. Your resume is by far the most readable and I think the layout is very considerate of the HR of person, while also being the most informative. I like that the cover letter is clear and succinct, while the resume is detailed and informative. In the past, I did that backwards. Thanks so much for you help with this."

Anne (Director of Human Resources and Operations, Alzheimer's Association) - "Several months ago you re-vamped my resume.  I would like to let you know that I have had several interviews since that time. Actually, I have an interview on Friday for a well-respected nonprofit."

Holly (Administrative Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, New York Medical College) - "Thank you for the resume, it looks very good."

Danielle (Realtor, Keller Williams) - "Thank you so much for your speedy turn around!  Everything looks great. I cannot thank you enough for personally sending my resume over!!  I will be sure to go to each of your sites and leave you a testimonial!"

Terry (Pharmacy Manager, Walmart) - "Please advise Matt I accept this excellent cover letter and thank you for a fine job."

Jose (Independent Graphic Design Artist and Illustrator) -"Just received the Resume and I got to tell you...GREAT JOB...I love it man. It is amazing!"

Craig (Regional Sales, CE Filtration) - "Everything looks good. Thank you."

Carey (2nd and 5th Grade Teacher, Starside Elementary) - "This is perfect. Thank you!!! I really do love it. All ready to post. You saved me. Thank you so much!"

Kris (Partner and Regional VP of Property Management, Slavin Residential) - "Thanks for all your help."

Jammieca (Full-Time Adjunct Instructor of Voice, Sam Houston State University) - "Thanks a million for the document. Thanks for your help!!"

Tejan (Personal Banker, Citibank) - "Thank you for the resume it looks great."

Betsy (CEO/COO, Medical Billing Management) - "I think it looks great.  Thank you for your good work."

Vijay (Senior Manager of Mobile Division Product Strategy Team, Samsung Electronics) - "My resume and LinkedIn summary look much better than before. Thanks so much Matt. Thanks for a splendid job! Irrespective of whether interview calls come in, I am super happy that resume could be polished with honesty...Will be happy to recommend your services either at your company site or some place else."

John (Vice President of Fleet Operations, Lucas Construction Group) – “Great job on the resume, looks fantastic!”

Billy (Systems Engineer, The Boeing Company) - "Matt provided me with a great looking resume that I feel will represent me well while highlighting my current accomplishments as well as my future goals. I would recommend their work to anybody."

Lakshmi (Senior Associate, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership) - "The team was great. Impressed with the end product. Thanks for the help."

Ryan (Area Sales Manager, UPS) - "Very responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable. Responded to my needs immediately and effectively. Highly recommended team of professionals!"

Lisa (Access Lead, UPMC-Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center) - "The resume and cover letter were exactly what I was looking for. I actually was going to contact you, my husband would like to get his resume updated as well. Thanks."

Andrea (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Specialist, US Army) - "Great job on my resumes thank you very much."

David (Inside Sales Representative, Eddie Marine Inc) - "We like the letter. My wife left Matt a message saying that I had received it already! Thank you!"

Kimberly (Product Definition & Change Planning Spec Level 4, Boeing) - "Thank you very much for the resume. I think it looks good. Much improved."

Terrance (Product Engineer, ACRM) - "Mr. Warzel was professional from beginning to end. He delivered the finished project to me exactly when he promised it would be completed. My resume and cover letter were perfect "the first time" so there were no edits, changes, etc! I have already recommended Mr. Warzel to six people -- and there will be more! He is outstanding! I highly recommend him!"

Patsy (District Manager, HealthPort) - "The resume and cover letter is professional and reads well."

Pirie (Executive VIP IT Support Local Service Desk Supervisor/Team Lead, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) - "Thank you Matt so very much it looks great, job well done and excellent turn around time on the edits. I will make sure I recommend you to my friends should they need to get a Resume makeover. Thank you Thank you! It looks great! Best Wishes."

Kwame (Audit Manager of Hedge Funds, KPMG) - "Thanks. This looks great! Again thanks for your help, I am impressed. Thank You!"

Kimberly (Account Manager, Red Devil Equipment) - "Thank you for this awesome resume, it really is nicely written. Thanks."

Nicole (Client Services and Events Manager, York Solutions) - "Hi Matt, thank you for a wonderfully written CV, I don’t have any edits for you. I think you have created a wonderful document and i hope it helps put me at the top of lists for a formal interview. Thank you!!!"

Eden (Show and Education Coordinator, Conair-RUSK/BaByliss Pro) - "Thank you!!"

Keisha (Global Marketing Operations Leader, Marketing & Product Development, Lennon International/Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration) - "Thanks for your assistance. The reads well which is good. Thank you!"

Jon (Senior Manager of Social Marketing, Seagate Technology) - "Hey Matt! Got the resume tonight. AWESOME JOB!  Unless you have any specific recommendations I don't want to change a thing!  Thank you so much, I really appreciate you making me sound so awesome."

Paul (Senior Project Manager, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC) - "Thank you so much for the quick work.  I've already started using it."

Susan (Regional Director of Operations, Extended Stay Hotels) - "I like it, Matt! Thank you! Great response time and turnaround on services. I'm good with this."

Sandra (Internet Sales/Finance Manager, Holt Auto Group) - "Looks great! Thank you for you help."

Trudy (Intern Nutritionist, WIC) - "Thx Matt!"

Carey (President/CEO, The Production Source, Inc) - "Wowsa! I would hire me! Is this me?? Everything looks really good.  I am very pleased.  I would have never been able to put that all together like that. Thanks so much. I will follow you on FB and will give you a nice review on Yelp!"

Brittany (Public Affairs Journalist, Air National Guard) - "Thank you Matt!"

Dita (Medical Social Worker, Hospice of Virginia) - "Thank you so much.  The cover letter and resume are absolutely EXCELLENT!  I truly appreciate the work to did and the professionalism of the end result.  There is nothing to revise!  I greatly appreciate it."

Jim (Compliance and HR Strategy Consultant, Alpine Compliance and Risk Management Services) - "I really like what I see. Thank you."

Dan (Corporal, Milton Police Department) - "Matt, Thank you for the resume and cover letter help. Both have the professionalism I was looking for."

Michael (Director of Seat Operations, Seat Riot) - "I appreciate the updated resume. I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much."

Mary (Senior Analyst for International Trade Compliance, UTC Aerospace Systems) - "The resume looks great!"

RoAnna (Executive Director of the Marcus Neuroscience Institute, Boca Raton Regional Hospital) - "Thank you Matt!"

Paula (House Manager, Kennemer Care Home) - "I love the way it looks! Thank you again!"

Keely (eCommerce Sales and Service Leader, Walt Disney Travel Company) - "They are absolutely fantastic!"

Jorie (Head Event Planning Assistant/Office Manager, Hyatt Regency Chicago) - "Thank you SO much with the resume and cover letter! I am absolutely impressed and will recommend you to any friends looking to revamp their resumes. Thanks!"

Christopher (Legal Student, Fayetteville Technical Community College) "Hi Matt, thanks for an excellent resume!"

Yimei (Assistant Director of Health and Insurance Benefits, TRS) - "Thanks for the quick turn around!"

Mark (Assistant Manager/Trainer, Precision Fitness) - "Just wanted to thank you for writing my resume! You did a great job! Thanks again!"

Peter (IT Systems Analyst, The Kennedy Center) - "Great. Thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you guys to some friends. Thanks again."

Michael (Senior Industrial Designer, Intersection-Inc) - "Thank you for your work.  It reads really well. It's a very refreshing change.  I have almost been laid off three times and it's really damaged my resume.  The way you structured the new resume really helps minimize that. Thanks again for your help."

Aimee (Medication Management Specialist, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy) - "The resume really does look beautiful. Matt was professional, prompt with any suggested changes, and courteous! He made me look like a Rock Star! Thanks to my friend for recommending them to me! Thank you."

Mark (Vice President of Sales, Roche Diagnostics) - "Nicely crafted here. Looks great!"

Shawn (Director of Client Services, HGS) - "The cover letter is awesome and I like the Linkedin profile. I reviewed the resume and I think it looks good. Thank you for these. I had a wonderful experience working with Matt! I was impressed with the time they spent doing their due diligence to understand my work experience and what I really wanted to convey in my resume. I am extremely happy with the resume and cover letter they developed and would recommend them to any person seeking assistance with their own resume.""

Samuel (Owner, PR Medical Resource Corporation) - "The resume looks great! Thank you."

Ruta (Home Care Administrator/Certified Nursing Assistant, Providence ElderPlace) - "Thank you for my resume and cover letter! Can't wait to see what you do with my LinkedIn page!"

Muthu (Principal, Booz & Company) - "Resume looks really good! Thanks so much for your help! Best regards!"

Megan (Account Director, StayWell) - "Happy Monday. Thank you for the work you've done to date on my resume. Thank you."

Chris (Production Assistant, Film Industry Freelance) - "Matt did an amazing job with my resume. Made it look more professional and stand out more then just a regular resume. Very quick turn around and great work with. Highly recommend."

Zac (Data Acquisition and Circuitry, Electric Commuter Bicycle Capstone) - "Looks good!"

James (Tanker Driver, ULM Oilfield Services) – “The resume looked awesome! Thanks a lot bud.”

Sharon (NPI Control Coordinator, Esterline Control Systems) - "I have to tell you I absolutely love the resume and cover letter you created for me. I will be using them promptly to ensure a move to a new position with a new company. I can't thank you enough for spending the time to create these documents for me. I have referred quite a few people to evolution-coaching already and I will continue to do so. Thank you again."

Dominick (Financial Manager, Dee-En Electrical Contracting) - "Resume looks great! I am good on my side."

Sarah (Owner, The Seasoned Table) - "Thank you so much for your very quick turnaround on these. I love the layout of the resume and really like some of the language you've included and am feeling a bit more confident with the idea of using a functional resume."

Mike (Senior Vice President of Business Development & Technology Services, Point 2 Point Global Security) - "Looks great! Thanks again for your help on this!"

Silas (Director of Sales, Buxton) - "These are much better! Thanks for your help!"

Crystal (Accounts Receivable Specialist, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) - "Thank you so much for writing a cover letter for me. I really appreciate your assistance in furthering my successful future. I cannot thank you enough. With sincere appreciation."

James (Partner, Celular Premier S.A. De C.V.) - "Looks great! Thanks you for all your help."

Zelina (Police Services Technician, Oakland Police Department) - "Perfect!! I love it!! Thank you so much!!"

Teri (DC Supervisor, Big Lots) - "The resume looks good! I couldn't have asked for a better firm/person to handle my resume. I will definitely refer to any one seeking to have their resume done. I am a person who expects feedback through out a process without asking, and Matt did just that in a very timely manner! Personal thanks to all involved in handling my needs and understanding my personal concerns. Thank you!"

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Laura (Americas Marketing Event Manager, GMC Software Technology) - "Matt - you are AWESOME! It looks fantastic.Thank you so much!!"

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Michael (Signaling Technician, United States Army) - "I was excited to see the results."

Kenneth (Security Shift Supervisor, Allied Barton Security Services) - "Thanks for the documents, they look great."

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Shane (Assistant Store Manager, Walgreens) - "I am very satisfied and, although I had doubts, I now see I hired the right team. One of the most difficult skills to master is following up. I see people fail at it all the time. So I was super pleased at the follow-thru I received at every step of the process hiring Matt. Before I even decided to hire them, they were contacting me to follow up on my project request and asking if I had any questions or concerns. None of the other companies that were contacted through thumbtack did that. I paid for a resume and cover letter. They delivered in 2 days after telling me exactly what they needed from me to make my resume shine. I am very, very, very pleased with their company, service, team and final product."

Gary (Construction Supervisor/Safety Officer, Enfield Builders) - "The resume looks great! Thanks for everything I think it’s perfect!"

Messan (CEO, DaxaData, Inc) - "Thanks Matt!"

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Sadaf (Account Manager, CDW-G) - "Looks great, thanks so much!"

Nicholas (Freelance Graphic Designer) - "Thank you so much for getting these back to me so quickly. I think they are written beautifully, and does a great job I feel of really selling who I am and what i want to achieve. I love the wording, and feel it will help me go a long way. Thank you for your time."

Farrah (Systems Engineer/Administrator, United Negro College Fund) - "I received the cover letter today and I am very happy with the outcome."

Thea (Executive Administrator, St. Charles of New York) - "Looks good!"

Mayyadah (Pharmacist, Medscript Pharmacy) - "Thank you for your fast process. I looked at it and it looks great. They work as an experienced team with a great answer for each question.I would recommend this online service for every one. In general, it was a fast and efficient professional service."

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Janita (Materials Expediter, New York Air Brake) - "OMG. Heeeeeeyyyyy, I'm super excited. Thank you so much. :-) I really love my resume. Thank you all so much. Greatly appreciated."

Nikki (Operations Manager, McMaster-Carr Supply Company) - "I think the presentation of the resume is great!  I'm very pleased with the emphasis on my proficiecies and the de-emphasis on job titles. Thanks!"

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Kristina (Entry Level Nurse Anesthetist) - "I just read my CV and it looks great! Thank you."

Diana (Lead Teller/Service Manager, Wells Fargo) - "It looks perfect! Thank you so much Matt, you're awesome!"

Kok (Radiation Therapist, North Coast Cancer Care Institute) - "Thanks again. It looks awesome so far!"

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Olivia (Freelance Graphic Designer) - "Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our resume. Thanks again!"

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Casey (Program Manager, The United States Department of Commerce) - "Thank you so much for this, and especially being so timely. Thank you!"

Robert (Network Administrator, Franklin Templeton) - "Thank you so very much MATT"

Anthony (Compliance Manager, Primus Solutions) - "Thank you SO much! It is excellent!"

Megan (Student Exchange Program Manager, 4-H International Exchange Programs) - "Wow, I wish I had contacted a professional years ago! Darn. Thanks!"

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Whitney (Patient Recruitment Associate, INC Research) - "First of all, We all love your work! They were so happy that I chose you to do this for me and they complemented your work. This made me happy for you and for me! :) By the way- they both praised the LinkedIn creation too! Excellent!As always, thank you so much for all of the help. Is there a way to obtain business cards from you? I would love to pass them around. Thanks you so much! Absolutely wonderful service! Matt not only wants to deliver a professional and perfect resume, but he also is encouraging and uplifting for young adults, like myself, who are entering the professional world. I would highly recommend his work to anyone looking for professional development of LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and resumes."

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Lilia (Oracle DBA Administrator, HP Enterprise Services) - "Thank you very much for the resume, I hope to get the job in USA, I will tell you if this happens. Thanks and have a good day!!"

Tyra (Outreach Admissions Counselor, New Haven Job Corps Center) - "I skimmed over my documents and I am really excited.  I will review them in detail after work, but thus far I am really, really happy.

Kate (Director of Development, Independence Center) - "I love my new resume. Thank you."

Terrance (Product Orientation & Training Manager, Kovatch Mobile Equipment) - "Outstanding!"

Marty (Teacher, Akron City Schools) - "I can't tell you how pleased I am with my cover letter and resume from Matt.  They both are amazing and I truly appreciate the hard work and effort that he and your organization do for this service. I especially like that I can go ahead and change my cover letter to personally address to an organization and that it matches my resume. Outstanding. Thank you again and I will show my colleagues the great job your organization did should they also require their resumes to be completed."

Ellen (Executive Director, Tutoring Plus of Cambridge) - "I really like the resume. Thanks so much!"

Abel (Material Handler II, Teva Pharmaceuticals) - "Hello Mr. Warzel. I am thoroughly pleased with my resume. If I have any changes, I will let you know but as it stands everything is great. Thank you, everything looks great."

Ethan (Leading Petty Officer, United States Navy) - "It's awesome, thank you!"

Laurie (Key Account Manager, Adidas) - "Thank you for the very fast turn around! Looks fantastic! Looks great! Well done."

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Ursula (Ad Quality Rater, ZeroChaos) - "Thank you for this draft. It looks very impressive! Thank you very much- you did an amazing job!"

Cyndy (Cable Splicing Technician, AT&T) - "My resume is very impressive, great job! Thank You."

Nicole (Client Services and Events Manager, York Solutions) - “First off thank you for all of your work! I really really love how you have put together the information. Thank you very much this looks so great!  I really love how all of this has come together thank you! Thank you very much!!!”

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Angelique (Trade Show Coordinator, Bottomline Technologies) - "Thank you for the resume and cover letter.  It looks great!"

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Sean (Broker, American Senior Benefits) - "Matt it looks great! A lot better than I could’ve done. Thank you for taking the time to make it look professional! Thanks again."

Chuck (Director of Aircraft Maintenance, McCormick & Company, Inc) - "Thanks for getting the resume to me ahead of schedule. That will help me greatly. Overall it looks and reads very well. I think I would hire that person (if I didn't know him so well)."

Derek (Vice President of Sustainable Resources, Four Seasons CFL ) - "Hi Matt, great work! Thank you. I really appreciate the detail and organization you put into your writing. I might need help with a cover letter next. Again, I appreciate the help."

Michael (Vehicle Acquisitions Supervisor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car) - "Matt things look great.  Thanks for your hard work and professionalism."

Bob (Founder/President, Fallen Heroes MC New York Chapter) – “Holy smokes that looks great!”

Davon (Senior Compliance Auditor/Staff Accountant, Salter & Company, LLC) - "Thank you for the quick delivery.  These look amazing!"

Casey (Clinical Analyst II, Universal Health Services) - "I like the first draft of the resume a LOT. Thanks again. I'm already very pleased with how this is coming!"

Marty (Educational Aide, Vision Quest) - "My resume came out Amazing. Great job and thanks. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job.  Definitely going to let my coworkers know about your services and also show them the end product."

Jesse (Enlisted Soldier/Army Scout, United States Army) - "Thank you so much, the resume and cover letters were superb!"

Jill (High School English, Writing and AP Psychology Teacher, Torah Academy of Bergen County) - "It looks great, Matt!"

Justina (Lawyer, The Cermele Law Firm) - "Matt the resume is amazing.  I won't lose the product you so amazingly helped create for me."

Lisa (Implementation Project Manager, Quality Technology Services) - "Thanks for everything, the cover letter, thank you letter and resume look great."

Brian (Distribution Center Manager, American Tire Distributors) - "I am extremely pleased with the resume. You did such a good job. Thank you so much!"

Lindsay (Senior Marketing Manager, Crocs) - "Thank you, Matthew!I look forward to putting these out in the market and see how they do. Thank you for your help and time."

Eden (Administrative Coordinator for Stem Cell Biology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) - "I wanted to let you know that I really really like what you did."

Natalia (Leasing/Brokerage and Marketing Administrative Associate, Franklin Street Real Estate Services) - "Thank you for a quick turnaround! Everything looks great."

Zach (Electrician Apprentice, Gillespie Electrical) - "Thank you, everything looks great! It's perfect! Matt was great. My resume was based solely on my transition from the military to a civilian career. I actually took an entirely different career path and I am now an electrician apprentice, so I didn't know where to start with modifying my resume to make it more accurate. Matt created an incredible resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile geared towards my new occupation, and I could not be happier. It was also very easy to communicate with him, and my payment was processed quickly through PayPal. I highly recommend!"

Gina (AVP of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, First Niagara Bank) - "Thank you soooooo much for cleaning up my resume, looks amazing. I definitely had too many words. Thank you again."

Chunlin (Global Service Operation Specialist, State Street Corporation Boston) - "Thank you for the work! Best!"

Ryan (Contract Manager, ANHAM USA Limited) - "Thanks fort he quick turn-around. Overall I'm impressed and satisfied! thanks to your help."

Chester (Project Management IT Integration Specialist, Delta Solutions and Strategies) - "Thanks for the quick turn for me.  It looks great. Great job!"

Michael (IntelaTrac Database Administrator, Shell Canada Limited) - "Hi Matt, Thank you very much for writing my resume. I should learn to give myself some credit because the stuff that's in there does make sense. I guess I've always been modest. Thanks again for your help! It is greatly appreciated."

Khurram (Field Marketing Coordinator, Speedway) - "Looks good. Thank you very much for your help."

Carlos (Admitting Representative, Hollywood Presbyterian) - "Wow, that was extremely fast. Thank you again Matt. I liked the work you did on my resume and eventually I got the job and position I wanted... Thank you!"

Anthony (Operations and IT Manager, Fiscal Tax Company) - "Thank you for your time Matt, I am truly think I needed this to be more effective in my job searching."

Leslie (Nurse Manager, Auburn Oaks Care Center) - "Perfect!  I think that is the one! The resume looks great. These look wonderful. Thanks again!!!!"

Darren (Minister, Villisca Advent Christian Church) - "Thank you for your excellent work on my resume."

David (Senior Sales Executive, Marriott Vacation Club) - "Great Job Matt."

Katheryn (Administrative Assistance, Norsouth) - "It looks wonderful. This is perfect. Thank you for your assistance."

Jessica (Senior Partner Program Specialist, Symantec Corporation) - "Thanks so much for all your hard work on my resume."

Daniela (Cost Control Specialist, Volvo) - "Thanks for your work, I'm really glad with the results."

Sarah (Field Service Engineer, NxStage Medical Inc.) - "I definitely recommend having Matt do your résumé. He revamped mine and it is strong!"

Becca (Senior Preservation Manager, Cyprexx Services) - "Thank you so much for your hard work on this! I am very happy with the product that has been produced. Thanks so much!"

Mike (Supervisor, Madras Farms) - "Awesome job, well done Matt!"

Oreana (Entry Level Business Professional) - "Yes, that resume is perfect,  thank you so much!"

David (Producer/Editor, ECG Productions) – “Matt did a wonderful job with my resume. I sent him the information and he took care of everything else. He completed the project very quickly, which was even more impressive considering how professional he made resume look. His email correspondences were always personal, and I never once felt like I got an automated message. I would highly recommend MJW Careers services. Great job all around!”

Steve (Inside Sales Account Executive, Zila Dental) - "Resume looks awesome! AWESOME!!! Thank YOU"

Carrie (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, PRN) – “Hey my resume looks great! I like how I can plug and play around going forward. Well done.”

Eddie (Nurse, Pine Valley Hospital) – “Thank you. It’s a beautiful resume.”

Michele (Director of Military Programs, American Council on Education) - "Thanks for the vote of confidence! Insert a wink and a smile! Appreciate your help!"

Greg (Sales & Marketing Director, Home Savings) – “Outstanding job! I will refer you to everyone I know and will let you know when I land a new job. Thank you!”

Rafael (General Sales Manager, Saturn of Oakland) – “Awesome!! Thank you very much!!”

Greg (Assistant Store Manager, The Home Depot) – “I hired Matt to help me write my current resume and cover letter. Not only did Matt jump right on it, he closed the gaps I've been working on for quite some time. I am currently on a job search following his advice and using the work he provided for me. I highly recommend Matt in anyone's job search.”

Kellee (Teacher, Lenoir Community College) –  “No edits needed! I want to leave as is! Thank you for your help!”

Marc (Recruiter, Johnson Controls) – “When I was downsized earlier this year, Matt from MJW Careers helped me to get back on track by refreshing my old resume and making it more impactful. He was great to work with and also gave me some terrific job search and interviewing advice. I have since recommended his services to several friends and colleagues who have been laid off or feel like they will be soon.”

Michelle (Recruiter, Johnson Controls) – “Man…this looks so good…I would hire me! Thanks Matt, you are the man!”

Mary (Strategic Marketing Manager, TranS1) – “Hi Matt, I received an email back from the perspective employer and he said ‘what an impressive resume!’ good news! Also, he wants to meet with me this Friday so I am thrilled!”

Emilee (Public Relations Professional, Maximum Design & Advertising) – “Thank you for doing my resumes. They are great and I have been getting lots of responses! I am referring you to my spouse!”

Lewis (Branch Manager, Carhartt) – “Looks great! Thanks for all your help.”

Hilary (Teacher, Midway Middle School) – “Looks great! You have been super easy to work with especially since I gave you bare minimum.”

Brad (Account Manager, John Deere) – “Looks great, thanks!”

David (Service Manager, Cintas) – “Thanks again for your help with this. I know now that I need to keep this thing updated yearly.”

Terry (Assistant Maintenance Manager, Chateau Terrace Apartments) – “You’re awesome! Thank you very much! Hopefully this will get me a job soon!”

Danielle (Designer Consultant, Self-Employed) – I like it! I just read through it all pretty quick and it looks good to me. I like the changes you made and the bio. I’ve never hired someone to do my resume before but I’m glad I did. You exceeded my expectations.”

Dan (Superintendent, Masonboro Country Club) – “I wanted to let you know that your resume helped me land a head superintendent job at the age of 25. A 25-year old superintendent is unheard of this day of age and I feel your resume set-up helped me land this job. Whenever I hear of someone needing help with their credentials I will refer them to you. I want to truly thank you for your help.”

LaToya (Medical Specialist, Undergrad) – “I forgot to tell you thank you for fixing the things I had in there. Everything was great and I really appreciate all your help. Thank you so much!”

Laura (CNA, Care Providers of Wilmington) – “Thank you so much for a good looking resume, Matt. You really have done a great job! Thanks again.”

David (Video Production Manager, StarQuest International) – “This looks great! Thanks a bunch! I am going to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn.”

Deb (Owner, Krasuna Professional & Residential Cleaning Services) – “Thank Matt for everything. Everything looks awesome. You are really good at this. Thanks!”

Dan (Driver/Warehouse Operator, Donby Packaging) – “Matt, I am happy to tell you that probably in part to the resume you compiled for me that I have accepted a position which I start in April. While you may feel what you did for me was small, was huge in stature. I will never forget you for the wonderful job you did for me in a very upsetting time for me. Matt, thank you for your help, I can never repay you for what you did. May God shine a light and bless you. Thanks Matt!”

Chrissie (Student Supervisor, High Point Academy) – “I got the position yesterday! Thanks for your help.”

Marilyn (CNA, Liberty Commons Rehabilitation Center) – “I am very pleased!”

Nikki (JV Cheerleading Coach, Brooklyn City Schools) – “WOW!! How fast and how awesome!! Everything looks great!”

Kristi (Operations Assistant, US Army National Guard) – “WOW THANK YOU! That was quick and very good work. Again, thank you.”

Aileen (Pool Coordinator, City of Wilmington) – “It looks fantastic and is an accurate representation of the work I’ve done. I’ll keep you posted on my search.”

Colleen (Intervention Specialist, Hamilton Middle School) – “Looks amazing! Thank you!!”

Eric (Plumbing Assistant, Muller’s Heating & Plumbing) – “Everything is great! Thanks for all your help.”

Tara (Sales Distributor, SurgiCore) – “Resume looks great, I think we are all good! Thank you so much!”

Colin (Lead Security Controls Assessor, Department of Defense) – “Thanks so much for your help! Resume looks awesome! I’m going to send your information onto some friend :)”

Jessica (Management Intern, Saks 5th Avenue) – “Hey I love it! Thanks! Great job!”

Kimberly (Business Operations Manager) – Thank you so much! This is great. Wish me luck!”

Angie (Manager, Tim Hortons) – “I can’t thank you enough for such an exceptional sales resume. I really do appreciate the help and I will definitely follow you on Twitter and Facebook.”

Erin (Director of Operations, Huntingtown Childcare Center) – “Thank you, this is really AWESOME! I am going to send this out to a few jobs today. I will definitely leave you a nice review on Yelp!”

Chris (Grounds Crew, Oakmont Country Club) – “Looks good, I appreciate all your assistance.”

Anjel (Bank Teller, National Capital Bank) – “You did a great job. Thanks again.”

Susan (Fire, Safety & Security Officer) – “Thanks for re-doing my resume and cover letter. I looked over all the documents that you re-did for me and they look great! I appreciate all of your hard work. Thanks again!”

Dimitri (Owner/Operator, Little Nicky’s Bakery & Deli) – “Awesome! Thanks!”

Crystal (Buyer/Customer Care Representative, Baxano) – “Wow.”

Derek (Financial Consultant, Siler Wealth Management) – “The resume looks great! I am very impressed. Thanks!”

Richard (Aircraft Mechanic, DynCorp International) – “Matt, it’s good and I’m 100% satisfied. Thank you so much.”

Guneet (Mobile Core Team Specialist, Nokia Siemens Networks Ltd.) – “Every application was great. Thanks for your help and support. Thanks.”

Rob (Field Team Instructor, US Marine Corps Special Operations School) – “It looks awesome. Thank you!”

Jerry Lee (Assistant Manager, Casual Male) – “Everything looks great!”

Laura (Accounting Team Lead, Nextitle) – “You do great work! My brother is interested in your services as well. Thank you.”

Nicholas (Film Production, Self-Employed) – “It looks great, really, really great!”

Matt (Field Property Claims Representative, Westfield Insurance) – “I appreciate your help and quick turn around!! Thanks.”

Megan (Box Office Manager, Cucalorus Film Festival) – “Thanks it looks great and I will give you great reviews!! Thanks so much!”

Lindsay (Service Clerk/Customer Service, Ralphs) – “Thanks Matt! This is so helpful. You have the touch. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.”

Mason (Events Management Assistant, Tampa Marriott Waterside) – “Thanks again for the documents. Looks great. Thanks again, I actually just applied today for a job using the new resume and cover letter.”

Tabitha (Clinical Nurse Assistant I, WakeMed Hospital) – “Thank you so much. The resume and cover letter look amazing. I passed your information onto a few people that could use your services. I will definitely give a positive review of your work.”

Michelle (Customer Care Director, Marpac, LLC) – “Wow! I feel so much smarter. Thanks! This is fantastic. I will post a review for you soon.”

Marietta (Treatment Coordinator, Dr. Browning Orthodontics) – “Wow, you made me look dreamy :) THANK YOU! Thank you x 100000 :)”

Helene (Private Practitioner, Self-Employed) – Thank you Matt this looks phenomenal! What a difference formatting can make. Thank you for helping make re-entry hopefully more smooth and successful!”

Mary (Administrative Assistant, Pitt County Memorial Hospital) – “Thank you sooo much!! It looks fantastic! I just sent it via email and will be hand delivering one later this afternoon. Thanks again Matt! I’ll keep you posted :)”

Marcel (Certified Medical Assistant, Evergreen Behavioral Management) – “I’m glad I got this second resume done by you. The last one you did for me was fantastic and this was right on par again.”

Paula (RN Case Manager, Well Care Home Health) – “Great job on the cover letter and resume, makes mine look elementary. I appreciate your services, have a great day!”

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