Outplacement Individual - Scott (Senior Financial Analyst, Baxano) - “Matt did a very nice job. I got hired on as an employee at PPD, working as a Sr. Financial Analyst with the financial reporting group.”

Outplacement Individual - Crystal (Buyer, Baxano) - “I start a new job on Monday! I interviewed yesterday morning and they called me back wanting me to start next week. I think it was them seeing that awesome resume you typed and the excellent interview training!”

Outplacement Company - Wieland Electric (Jean, HR Manager) - “I accepted a position with BorgWarner in Asheville. I am moving there next Wednesday and start my job on Thursday! I thank you for your services. I got many compliments on my resume, interviews with 5 companies and 2 offers. You did a great job and offered good advice!”

Outplacement Individual - Lisa (HR Manager, Baxano) - “WOW. I sound important and would totally hire myself! This is great.”

Outplacement Individual - Nestor (Senior Technician Specialist, Baxano) - “Thanks for the updated resume. Looks awesome.”

Outplacement Individual - Kathleen (Senior Commercial Operations Representative, Baxano) - “I got the job! Thanks!”

Outplacement Individual - Tom (Sales Engineer, Wieland) - “I do want to say how very much I appreciate all of your help and guidance. The resume you crafted for me was superlative and I definitely feel like it made all the difference. I’ve received lots of positive feedback on it. The other information, counseling and job search services you provided were just as important and effective. They really made my job search easier and finding my ideal job possible. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

Outplacement Company - Tod (HR Manager, TranS1) - “We used Matt’s service twice. On both occasions, he treated our exiting EEs with dignity and respect they deserved. He took a personal interest in their careers and getting them back on track.”

Outplacement Individual - Paul (Staff Accountant, Baxano) - “You worked with me during my transition out of Baxano Surgical. Got some good resume help which definitely helped me land a new job. Thanks!”

Career Coaching Individual – Blake (Photographer, Self-Employed) – “Matt is a real down to earth guy. He is very professional and knowledgeable and will always go the extra mile for someone.”

Career Coaching Individual – JD (Film Producer, Self-Employed) – “Short of well short of nothing honestly, I must correct myself; a place where you will find higher quality and excellence provided by Matt Warzel and MJW Careers Outplacement-is non existent.”

Group Discussions Individual – Jill (Recruiter, Aerotek) – “I have engaged in group articles information sessions with Matt and I find him to be knowledgeable and his information relevant.”

Career Coaching Individual – Brooklin (Actor, Self-Employed) – “Matt Rocks!”

Career Coaching Individual – Ricardo (IT Technician, Toshiba) – “Purely awesomeness! Matt Warzel keeps me motivated and excited to start and conquer my day!”

Career Coaching Individual – Dean (Agent, IRL Talent) – “Matt’s a true professional and an expert in his field. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of professional services.”

Career Coaching Individual – Kelly (Administrative Assistant, Warner Inc.) – “5 STARS!”

Career Coaching Individual – Emily (Sales Manager, Brewster Homes) – “Very professional and provides excellent service.”

Career Coaching Individual – Mike (Talent & Recruitment Expert, Alliance Search Solutions) – “I have been in the recruiting industry for the last 5 years. I come across a lot of candidates who need career advice. The first thing I do is tell them to contact MJW Careers. Their services include resume writing, interview preparation, and career coaching. Everyone that I have referred to MJW has walked away satisfied. I am glad to have the opportunity to partner with MJW. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Career Coaching Individual – Brooks (VP of Secondary Markets, Home Savings and Loan) – “I was unhappy with my previous job and was looking for something new. Matt was excellent at relaying what type of skills employers were looking for in a new employee. Within a month of talking to Matt I received a new job offer. In a down job market, knowing someone with the career placement expertise like Matt is invaluable.”

Career Coaching Individual – Ray (Voiceover Actor, ESPN) - “I first came across the founder of MJW Careers at a conference in LA in 2007. He's bold and funny, and he left quite an impression on me. When my seasonal job ended, I contact MJW and began working directly with the founder. His personality demonstrated absolute fearlessness, creativity in problem solving, and expertise with the ins and outs of career development. MJW had me landing interviews for my current career, but more importantly, finding related career paths that I was also qualified for. I've since successfully branched out using the MJW tactics, and haven't needed to use their services again. MJW did their job a little too well I think. No complaints here. If you're going to work with MJW Careers, be sure to request to work with the founder if he's available.”

Career Coaching Individual – Dave (Wholesale Marketing Consultant, OE Connection) – “Matt is incredible at what he does and it's very obvious why he's so successful. I've looked to Matt multiple times for advice in my search and he has brought great results every time. Everyone knows the importance of his offerings in the job market, but not everyone utilizes them as they should. I'd recommend giving him a try.”

Career Coaching Individual – Keith (Legal Assistant, Social Security Administration) – “ “I was fortunate enough to consult with Matt. I was struggling to find a job. A friend told me about MJW Careers. I went to Matt and he reviewed my resume and gave me tips to get back into the work force. He helped me land an internship. After working at the internship for four months, I was able to build connections and network. I feel I will land a full-time job very soon. I have Matt and MJW Careers to thank for that. Matt is a very hard and dedicated employee and is also always good for a laugh. I would definitely like to have a guy like him on my team.”

Career Coaching Individual – Jamie (Hair and Makeup Artist, Self-Employed) – “Matt's one-of-a-kind personality shines through not only in his personal life, but also in his work life. Those who get to experience it, such as myself, are the lucky ones. Matt works hard non-stop; I know, because I witness it everyday. He is extremely bright, literally and creatively. Matt truly cares about his clients, first because he is just naturally a caring person, and second because he understands firsthand what it is like to be laid-off and out of work. He really wants to help people, and treats each client as if they were the only one. For example, Matt knows exactly what a good resume contains and produces the final result in barely no time. Matt does not rest until you are completely satisfied. Matt's experience comes from years in business, HR and recruiting across numerous industries. He uses this knowledge for the greater good. Trust Matt because you can. You will enjoy him as a person and as a client.”

Career Coaching Individual - Mary (Strategic Marketing Manager, TranS1) – “You are very good at what you do and I hate to say it but I was surprised how much you have already empowered me and become a partner in unveiling my steps to find out what my next steps in life will be. Again it is very important to me that I can speak candid to you and I believe that you are really listening and will stand by your non-disclosure which helps build a trust and respect for you. Thank you for everything and I look forward to our next meeting.”

Interview Coaching Individual - Katie (Entry Level Student) - "Oh my God, that went so much better! Thank you so much!"